Salvation - Marendar Concept

Hello everyone on the Boards!

A while ago I did some concept sketches for Marendar.

That post has a lot of explanation on my various takes on the Toa-killer, but one of them stuck out to me recently. That was the ninth version I created, which I simply called “Salvation” based on the Agori translation of Marendar’s name.

The quick run-down of that concept was to really run with the idea of the “savior of the Agori” and focus heavily on other-worldly, angelic motifs. I imagine this version of Marendar being an unstoppable and harrowing force, an angel of death floating high above, inspiring hope into the citizens of Spherus Magna.

It’s an unconventional take, but one I’m quite fond of. I think it’s interesting to juxtapose Marendar’s physical appearance with his role as a killer and a villain. After all, everyone is the hero of their own story.

I decided to take that concept further and do a full illustration. There’s some obvious influences here, most notably the design sensibilities of Zenyatta from Overwatch, but I think that vibe really fits what I was going for.

Anyways, here’s your cookie: :cookie:

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Why isn’t this canon? Why isn’t this canon? Why isn’t this canon? Why isn’t this canon? Why isn’t this canon? Why isn’t this canon? Why isn’t this canon? Why isn’t this canon? Why isn’t this canon?

Great work as always pakari, literally everything you make is a work of art.


Fear not Agori…
Salvation has arrived.

I really like this, looks kindof angelic.


That makes much more sense to me than most of the “big brutal machines” Marendars out there. Some similarities with my own MOC for contest are there, coincidentally.
Though floating parts of the legs are both non-recreatble in physical form and feel a bit too heaven-ly.
But as a work of art, this is very beautiful, has very interesting-in-a-good-way colour distribution, has nice flow to it.


good art, but i think you’re going to have some difficulty building it.


I don’t like it…

Ghid, you don’t have to like it. You can be neutral about it…

I… don’t…

Doggone it, Pakari

Well, now I have to attempt building this. Again, I blame you for this.


Aww shucks, thanks a bunch!

Pass into the Iris…


I was going for angelic. Glad that comes through!

It does to me as well. At least, I am very fond of more unconventional takes on the character than what’s typical.

I actually think it could be possible, if only theoretically. By a builder who is certainly not me.

Would it make for a good action figure? No, but probably a really nice sculptural MOC.

Thank you! A builder I am not, but an artist I am, and through art is how I can best get my ideas across!

I agree. Good thing I won’t be!

Ghid might, though…and that I look forward to seeing.

I was secretly the villain the whole time.

Thanks all! Much appreciated!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


I’m your huckleberry.

also coincidentally good timing since I was having difficulty in another department

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Neat. This really leans into the “salvation” aspect of Marendar than most others I’ve seen, great job!


This is such cool take on the character. The golden shoulder armor mantle thing is a really great touch.


This is utterly amazing, a perfect interpretation of Marendar. The only thing I’d suggest is connecting his floating limbs fully to his body - no reason to expend excess energy on that when all it does is look cool. I love that this is a beautiful protector, not a terrifying murderer, as many in the fandom seem bent on depicting him as.


really getting the “be not afraid” vibes from this


If I ever make a Marendar moc, I’ll have to find a way to combine those…


Man, there really isn’t anything inherently wrong about executing visions that convey either of the concepts. Note that even the Sentinels from X-Men were also seen as a ‘salvation’ for humanity, despite looking like weaponized murderers. Both can look utterly fantastic when put effort into, very much like @Pakari 's art here-- be it a mechanical living weapon, an angelic godlike sentinel, or even a raging beastly Vault monster.

All we have to work with is “biomechanical humanoid sentinel with specialized weaponry”, and this iteration does just that and more.

Also @Pakari do you have an art page somewhere? I am highkey loving your clean, intricate art style, and your depiction of Marendar seems like a prime testament to that. Would like to support ya with a follow if ever :heart:


Great art style!

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Aww, really? Ah man, I’m flattered, thank you very much!

There’s a link to my Instagram in my profile (just click on my PFP!). Aside from here on the Boards, I mostly post my art there!


Did you have this in mind as a very liberal artistic rendition like the Miramax movies?
For example, did you have real/custom parts in mind, or purely as as a drawn form


This is a pretty great piece of art, there are no real flaws with it. (unless someone wants to build it)

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In theory, yes.

But also it can be really hard to make something identifiable as Bionicle unless you include recognizable pieces.

Or slap pistons everywhere.

Some of them, very clearly. The arms in particular are CCBS shells, albeit more detailed and stylized. Some of it wasn’t meant to represent any particular piece, but could easily be represented by some (i.e. his shoulder pads/mantle could very easily be made with some overlayed CCBS shells or maybe a ribcage chest piece, and his legs could probably be made out of smaller System pieces).

But at the same time, there are Mirimax sensibilities in it too, like the muscle strands on his shoulders. In general, though, my Bionicle drawings lean more into stylized depictions than literal LEGO piece ones.


I actually don’t think it’d be impossible to build, but not by me, for sure.


I want you to know I’m not doing that

I’ve tried this, and it doesn’t quite work to capture the feel. It’s gonna take some finagling to figure out.