Salvation: Part II

Oh. My name is Magneta. Maybe I could help you find her.
I’m looking for my sparkmate. His name is Bumblebee. He works with optimus prime.

Gronius continued looking for a think to do.

Ok I’m joining salvation…)

Magneta uses her telepathy to clean the ship. “May I ask that you check with me before you fire again?! You could have offlined any one of us!”

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IC: As his wings were getting tired, Gronius decided to go look for Delta.


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“Found Juliana!” she’s sitting on the bench. With…Bumblebee.

Steps over to Juliana and Bumblebee.

“Hi sweetspark! This is Jules.she’s a fan of mine.”

“Can we help you?” Epsilon asked the guards as he continued to run.

“Why would I even want to be split into two separate people?”
He further questioned,
“I hid as another to forget my past not to relive it!”

Actaeon sharply glares at Driftburn,
“Perhaps before you enter a rage, some thinking would do you good… before you make any rash decision.”

Driftburn snaps at the idea of a ‘rash decision’ and berates Actaeon,
“Rash decision? Rash decision? Sure I guess a seeker like you might think that! After all you must be so used to them!”

Actaeon reaches for his sword before stopping, his hand falling to a rest,
“Acting on emotions… is a very unwise thing… I’d suggest you do otherwise.”

Daria nods,
“Then let’s pick a random direction, any favorites?”

Delta was in her ursagryph mode, standing on one of the docks hanging not too far away by the rebuilding Salvation. She was trying to… “train” her new companion.
“So first you need a name. Got any?”
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“Well, there’s always something you can do. Maybe not in this circumstance, or the next, but that doesn’t mean you’re useless. It just means your expertise lies elsewhere. Wait, riot?”

“T-there was a riot in the prison sector, a-and t-there’s N-nn-nothing I can do-hoo” And she broke down again

“Is anyone hurt?”

Wildsong presumably, really depends on their positions eyed Juliana crying from a building in her dragon mode.
“If this is what we fight for then I kinda see Bludgeon’s point of view.” she said, turning away and sighing.

“I-I dunno, I don’t know anything! Just like I can’t do anything!” She stated

“Hey, hey!” calmed Blight. “You can sing! You’re really kind, and sympathetic, and… my only friend.”

Pixel didn’t look like his feelings were hurt.

“I-I am?” She asked, looking up at him.

“Yeah…” he whimpered. “I’m kind of a loser. Can’t even let my own sister like me.” His eye lit up. “But you didn’t care! See, you’re awesome, Julie!”

“Oh Blight!” she exclaimed. Then she jumped up, and hugged him.

Blight hesitated for a moment, and then hugged her back with an arm.

Pixel, wanting participation points, wrapped his arms around Blight’s head. The medic didn’t mind.