Salvation: Part II

It just so happened that those coordinates would be near the center of the mysterious continent.

He grumbled.
“Fine, I’ll find a razor myself.” he said as he turned around and left the group.
“I also need to wash myself. God, is this red paint, or rust? Or both?”

“Fine. Then how do you suggest we go there?”

“Come on now!”

“…Imma go with ‘both’,” says a prisoner.

“III, uh, think you’ve got your sights set to high, kid,” Salvo says.

“Think we’re gonna have to keep our travel destinations more ‘local’.”

He mumbled something before casually turning to car mode and driving away.

“Like where?”

The prisoners are quick to put Redstocker out of their minds. At the edge of the platform, the aging Autobot would run into two guards.

Salvo looks up at the many ancient towers rising out of the cliffs around Salvation.

“Probably something interesting in one of these…” she muses.

He turned to robot mode.
“Good be your day.”

“OK, choose one then.”

Zepar threw the lever and activates the ground bridge, “It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.” He said.

She jumped into it, not waiting for Zepar.

Zepar follows after her, motioning for the others to follow them.

Being the first time Song used a groundbridge, she quite awkwardly fell on her face.

The two guards hold their weapons down at their sides, and exchange confused glances.

“Uh… good be yours, too,” the Decepticon Guard replies.

Salvo chooses a tower to the left, and begins to march toward a ramp.

Topside and the two scientists are quick to follow, with their weapons at the ready.

The group had happened to materialize not far away from the forge in the center of the continent. It’s wide, conical shape and extreme disrepair made it hard to miss.

“May I have a beard razor?”

She follows her.

Song quickly turned to dragon mode.
“I go to search for it. Bye!” she said, leaving.

“Let’s try over there.” Zepar said, heading to the forge.

The Autobot guard shakes his head.

“No,” he declines.

“You’re _seriousl_y asking your guards if you can have a weapon?” the Decepticon guard comments.

The tower just so happened to be the control room, in which Salvo and Delta would encounter Driftburn


Topside and the scientists follow.

“Seems like an obvious place to start,” Topside comments.

Around the forge, Song could see tracks indicating that various parties of cybertronians had previously traveled here in vehicle mode. Of the cube, however, there was no sign.

■■■■■■■■■■■■, Shockwave, and Lurch had arrived on a different side of the facility. Shockwave and the Decepticon captain looked as stoic as ever, while Lurch seemed rather eager to get into a fight.

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In the main chamber of the forge, all within stand for a moment in an awkward silence. Thrift arrives on the scene, presumably with Laslow not far behind. Facelift stands in the center of the chamber, looking between the varying parties present in the room. In the background, many of the pilgrims were still at work on Nova’s armor, and two had taken the hot spot cube to an intricate device on the other side of the chamber.

“…Can I get back to work now?” Facelift asks. “I mean, unless you guys actually have a way to bring Nova Prime back to life, I suppose I don’t see the harm in putting together a shell for ya. A waste of some good parts, maybe, but last I checked, raising the dead was beyond the capabilities of mere mortal bots such as ourselves.”

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Back below the spaceport, Forcep looks around at Blight and Juliana, then up at Salvation .

" ‘A symbol of peace and a re-united Cybertron’," he quotes. “And we slap a three mile-long gun to its nose. I don’t know whether to take that as tragically ironic or just depressing.”

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“So? Why take the chance?” GC says.

“I don’t know what to say.” Juliana admits. “I mean, i understand the practicality, but I agree. It’s kinda sad.”

“Hmmm… a valid point,” Facelift concedes. “We are dealing with forces beyond science here, after all. Still, it’s a fantastic shell these guys have put together. Tyrant’s spark or not, it’d be a shame to leave it unfinished.”

“There are forces at play here beyond the petty schemes of some deranged fanatic,” Corona urgently cuts in. “Without Nova Prime, you are doomed to fail; I have seen it.”

“Well, what have we here?” Thrift asides to Laslow. “Do mine optics glimpse a hint of narrative tension?”

“I’d hoped we’d never have to use it,” Forcep says. “But with a fleet of rogue Decepticons on our tale, I doubt that’ll be likely.”

“Just offering my opinion ma’am. If we are not going to resurrect him, we should keep destroy any possibility of it happening. Whether we should resurrect him, I won’t say, as my opinions are insignificant in that matter. I’m but a humble soldier.”

“I believe so.”

“Why though? Why do they hate us so much?”

Zepar helps to steady Song, ground bridging left him a bit uneasy as well, as he tried to lead the group into the ruined forge.

Epsilon shrugs. On one hand. Nova Primd was one of the most hated, and probably holds a record for shortest time in office, Primes ever but the other hand was presenting a potentially strong ally. He didn’t know which one to choose.

“Weapon? Look, I understand that Redstocker really messed up my situation, and that I technically deserve to be here, but I just want to cut off my beard and maybe clean up my armour.”

“Who is this?” she whispered.

Song landed on the forge and tried to call Broadband.

“A soldier destined to do great things,” Corona says to Gatecrasher with a knowing smile. A smile that fades as he turns to point at the body in the center of the room.

“As is he.”

“Here’s a question,” Facelift proposes. “Does it have to be Nova’s spark in that body? What if we just took somebody we already know- somebody whose a good-enough soul- and do a transplant?”

Panels on Facelift’s chest opens as he bares his sparkchamber.

“I, for one, volunteer myself!” the mad doctor exclaims as he spins around on his heel.

Thrift watches silently- rather uncharacteristic of him.

Zepar and company are soon joined by ■■■■■■■■■■■■, Shockwave, and Lurch.

“No defenses,” the Decepticon captain observes. “Curious.”

“What’s up?” Broadband’s voice crackles through static.

“I can’t say; I wouldn’t know what goes on in Bludgeon’s mind,” Forcep says.

The two guards silently debate the matter.

“…You could use a wash,” the Autobots guard says, looking over Redstocker’s dirty armor.

“Dunno,” Salvo replies.