Salvation: Part II

Arthropoda nods.

“Yes,” she affirms. “He is… quiiiiite the character.”

Greasemonkey does follow; he had work to get back to, after all.

The Omega Keys were kept in the Conflux, a chamber which had replaced hangars thirty-one and thirty-two at the back of the ship. It was thus quite massive: a diamond-shaped room with flat sand-colored walls and a high ceiling, with a round pit in the center that threw up shafts of green and blue light from its depths. Above the pit hovered a circular dais, encircled by a pair of silver rings that slowly turned like gyroscopes around it. Both the dais and the rings were adorned with ornate filigree and greebling hearkening back to the architecture of Golden Age-era society, and statues of the original twelve Knights of Cybertron were carved into the rings.

On the dais was a platform around which were four more knight statues; two were on their knees, while the others stood upright with their weapons raised in a salute. They faced the center of the platform, above which hovered an arrangement of metal globes, depicting Cybertron and the nine colonies. A console of some kind rose out of the platform beneath the globes, and moat surrounded the platform, divided into two sections: one contained a shimmering blue liquid, while the other held green fluid. Strange techno-organic plants wove between the nooks and crannies of the Conflux’s machinery, adorned with colorful glowing buds and metallic thorns.

The angelicons Zepar and Grand of Protihex were in the Conflux as well, talking to each other in Ancient, along with a pair of guards who kept watch over the room.

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“I haven’t met the guy myself, but I’ve heard a lot about him. Where is he by the way? I need to talk to him.”

Broadwing walked back to the engine room, and looked for someone else he could talk to.

Brieg was astonished. Even to his cold scientific spark, the pure majesty of such a chamber could not be overstated. Its beauty. Its magnificence. It was almost too much.

But there would be time to appreciate the architecture and design later. Now there was work to be done. He approached the central platform, and tried to find exactly where the keys where, and how to aquire them.

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Arthropoda points to a small room branching off of the main chamber.

“A minicon came to see him recently,” she says, “looking for a hand, we think.”

Epsilon-5 had recently entered the medical bay, seeking repairs (@BlackBeltGamer98).

Greasemonkey heads back to Engineering himself to prep the transwarp drive.

“It’s a good thing you’re nest got cleared out in a way, sir,” he says. “A Decepticon named SideStep found a secret room that Bludgeon’s spy was using underneath it.”

The statues of the four knights around the terminal each stood on a cube-shaped pedestal. The two Omega Keys our heroes had acquired were plugged into the pedestals beneath the two standing knights. The Green Key was beneath the statue of a knight with sharp features and a draconic alt-mode, while the blue key was under a knight with sleek armor adorned with cyan trimming.

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Epsilon just lets the medics to what they needed as he was tired from the insanity of the recent events.

The guards would notice that, judging form Garand’s tone, Zepar was being reprimanded.

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Forcep quickly mends Epsilon’s wounds, working with precision and skill owed to thousands of years of training and hands-on experience.

The two guards, an Autobot and a Decepticon, listen passively, though neither one could understand what was being said.

Darkside finished his drinking, and left the Sunrise. He decided he needed to apologize to Salvo. Even if she didn’t want to speak to him anymore, he felt obliged to at least apologize for his actions.

So, he went to the mechanic’s shop, hoping she was still there.

“Really hope that its not a literal hand.”
She muttered under her breath.
“Well thank you. It’s good to see you’re doing well.”
She said pleasantly. Starchaser then walked over and into to the little hut chamber.

“Hello? Anyone home?”

“Good to… Know.”
Broadwing said.

OOC: His next was balanced on a steal beam. Is the spy an ant?

Brieg walked up to the blue key. Curious of its abilities. He looked to see if there was any plaque or tile with a description of the artifact.

Epsilon leaves the medbay after the medics had finished their work and looks to see if there was any imminent danger to the ship before he considered finding a place to relax.

Zepar tried saying a few things to Garand but the old Angelicon just glared at Zepar as he replied with a concerned tone mixed with his disappointment.

Garand was about to go on another tirade when he spotted Brieg, “Curious about this room?” He asked.

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Blight tried to wave at Juliana, letting her become aware of his presence without interrupting her performance. @ProfSrlojohn

Salvo was indeed still in the workshop, beginning proper repairs on her mech, first suspending its two halves in an antigravity field.

In the antechamber, Starchaser would see Facelift and Spectrum in the process of getting a gigantic three-fingered hand ready for transport.

Unfortunately for Breig, none of the Conflux’s architecture provided any clear information on what powers the Omega Keys held. There were cyberglyphic inscriptions scrawled into the ornate machinery, which the Autobot was unable to read.

The New Decepticon fleet had fled, their ships battered by Salvation’s weapons and now nowhere to be seen- except for the wreckage of the Death’s Head, which smoldered at the base of a nearby mountain. Salvation and her crew were in no immediate danger.

Greasemonkey nods.

“SideStep and I gave it a look-around a short while ago. Our mole’s been up to some quite worrisome activities, I’m afraid.”

OOC: I guess it was under the beam too?

Or maybe the spy is a really tiny insecticon.

It was Click all along! Mwa-ha-ha!

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“Oh Primus it was a literal hand.”
She said aloud.

“Uh, hey! Hope I’m not intruding. I need some help.”
She said to Facelift.

Broadwing scowled. Clearly thoughts of the spy didn’t make him happy.

“Stupid spy… Hate bots you can’t trust… Until now… Until Salvation… Could never trust anyone.”

OOC: Noooo! He was the one I trusted the most!

“I’m curious about this.”
He said, pointing to the blue Omega Key.
“I want to know what it does.”

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“Why do you want to know?” Zepar asks cautiously.

Epsilon just goes to a bar (Chrome’s choice) to get a drink and not be in any life threatening situations.

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“It is of the upmost importance I promise you.”
Brieg said.
“We are on the edge of a titanic scientific break through, and they key may be the, er, key!”

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She noticed his wave, and smiled slightly. After she finished the song, she got off the stage, and walked over to him with a bright smile. “Hi Blight!” She said cheerily.

Darkside decided to wait until she was done, he didn’t want to disrupt her work.

“Hey!” he greeted, scrambling to his feet. Pixel leapt onto his shoulder and waved.

“Oh, hi Pixel!” she said, noticing his wave. “So where have you two been? I haven’t seen you around in a while!”

Facelift transforms back into robot mode.

Always a pleasure to help a fellow Decepticon!” he says. “Unfortunately, I am in the middle of something right now, as you can see-”

He gestures to the giant hand on the floor.

“-so if it can wait…”

“I can’t say I know how that feels, sir,” Greasemonkey says apologetically. “I’ve lived a rather privileged life myself.”

Epsilon enters the Antillian Sunrise, just as captain ■■■■■■■■■■■■ does the same.

Salvo begins her work, crawling over the ruined mech with a small arsenal of tools wrapped around her waist. This could take a while.

Darkside was prepared to wait.

Blight sheepishly grinned while Pixel flung his arms into the air, playing recorded battle noises.

“Ah, got in the fray did you? You take out anybody big?” She asked.