Salvation: Part II

“So basically we just have to kill them the old-fashioned way.” SideStep said, scanning the notes quickly. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8269, topic:49995”]
“Great!” Facelift cheers.

Spectrum tried to pick up the hand.

“Just the others who investigated the Colony Ship, I think.” Epsilon said.

Garand looks for a console while Zepar feeds Shadowraker.

“Through copious amounts of ammunition, yes,” Shockwave asides, before turning back to Epsilon.

“I see,” he says. “Do you know if he is still on this planet?”

There were plenty of failed results recorded in the notes. Shockwave had first begun his research when Megatron had tasked him with creating a clone army to overwhelm the Autobots. He’d selected top-performing soldiers to serve as templates, extracting samples of their CNA for the hyperevolution tanks. At first, the chambers kept producing clones with horrible deformities: missing limbs, misassembled techno-organs, and uncased sparkchambers were common occurrences.

With some further modification, however, the chambers became more reliable. Still, the clones they made weren’t fit to serve as soldiers: they were brutish, feral, and largely devoid of higher intelligence. Shockwave couldn’t pinpoint the cause of this at first, but eventually discovered that the problem lay in the chambers’s attempts to create sparks. They simply couldn’t do it- the sparks they tried to ignite in the clones were weak, and incomplete in a way that Shockwave and his cohorts were unable to explain.

The hand was to heavy for Spectrum; she’d need some help to carry it.

“Need a hand?” Facelift asks her. “Ha! Hand!

“Yeah,” Thrift says. “Don’t think I have any of those, however. Most I got from that era are biplanes.”

Greasemonkey leads Broadwing into Salvation’s primary medical bay, where Forcep oversaw the repairs of many crewmembers following the battle.

“Doctor Forcep, sir!” Greasemonkey calls to him. “Have room for another patient, by chance?”

Barely,” Forcep replies.

There was a console in the center of the Omega Conflux.

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Pixel would give a friendly, inconspicuous wave as he sped towards Little Iacon, nearing the Antillian Sunrise.

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Epsilon shrugs, “I honestly don’t know.” He said.

Garand tries to put in a request for a security detail to be stationed at the Conflux due to the critical nature of its contents.

Pixel and Blight’s trip there would be uneventful, and they’d it find the place open for business.

Shockwave nods again.

Garand’s request is swiftly approved by Motherboard.

Garnad walks to Zepar and gives him a disappointed look.

“To be honest, I don’t really know what most of this stuff is.” Epsilon said.

“We will find out one way or another,” Shockwave says.

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Epsilon nods, “I’ll just leave you to it.” he says before leaving to get repaired at the medbay.

Zepar and Garand converse in Ancient in the Conflux.

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“Hm. This will be difficult indeed.”
Brieg mused. This would definitely take some time to work out.

Starchaser said. Sounding noticeably disappointed.
“Well those first two models will definitely be a nice improvement to my current set. How much do you want for them?”

Broadwing smiled and waved at the doctor. Still saying nothing.

Forcep is clearly glad to see Broadwing- it was always good to see a friend come back from the dead. Unless Dark Energon was involved, of course.

“Where’ve you been hiding?” he asks.

“Apparently he’s been in the maintenance tunnels for several weeks,” Greasemonkey explains. “Physically, he’s fine, but…”

“He probably just needs to spend some time with other people,” Forcep says. “So much time alone down in a place like that’s no good for anyone.”

A log entry made by Shockwave himself later declared that the Decepticons had wholly abandoned all attempts at a clone army, though the technology their scientists had invented would still be put to use in making replacement limbs and organs for medical use, along with producing war beasts like the predacon clones- savages made poor soldiers, but turning a frenzied mechanimal predator on the Autobots, augmented with additional weaponry and control implants, was more useful to the empire.

“Three-hundred shanix, or the equivalent,” Thrift says.

“Only company… Glitch-rats…”
Broadwing said.
“Make good food… Not good talk…”
It seemed he was indeed getting better. Albeit slowly.

Starchaser opens up a compartment on her hip and takes out the appropriate amount of currency, handing it to the junkion.

“Any idea where I can get these installed?”

Brieg tried to think of any possible way to work around the spark problem. How could a mortal possibly do the work of Primus? Then he suddenly had an idea. He tried to get Shockwave’s attention.

“Perhaps one of the omega keys could be what we need to solve the spark issue?”
He suggested.

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“I’ll bet,” Forcep says, quickly scanning Broadwing to confirm that nothing was wrong with him- outside the usual, that is.

“Hm… yep. Nothing physical. Just keep talking to people.”

“Facelift can do it,” Thrift says as he takes the shanix. “He lives with the insecticons now, ever since the captains found him back on OL-0.”

“Perhaps,” Shockwave replies. “They have already displayed extraordinary capabilities.”

“Thank… You…”
He said happily.
“Glad do… Be… Back.”

She said with a nod, before rocketing back off into the maintenance tunnels.

“Well then let’s find them!”
He said eagerly.

SideStep nodded. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8273, topic:49995”]
The hand was to heavy for Spectrum; she’d need some help to carry it.

“Need a hand?” Facelift asks her. “Ha! Hand!”


“Y-yes please!” Spectrum requested.

Forcep nods, a smile on the doctor’s face for once.

Thrift waves after her.

“Not even a good-bye, geez,” he mutters. “The manners of heroes these days…”

“A chamber was recently built in the aft section of the Salvation to hold them,” Shockwave says.

Facelift transforms into his tank mode.

“Hook it up!” he says. “I can drag it.”

Pixel finally releases Blight, allowing his captive to stand up and look around.

“Pix, I really don’t think I need a drink right now…”

The little robot blinked at him and shook his head.

Blight frowned and began looking around. Maybe Pixel was leading him here to meet someone.

He then turned to Greasemonkey.
“Go… Elsewhere… Talk to… Others?”

Starchaser raced through the maintenance tunnels. Making sharp turns and quick adjustments with ease. Before long she made it back to the hive. She would find Facelift, but first she needed to check in on the queen. She let Click out for some fresh air. The little bug happily chirped and scurried off, probably to find some of his bug friends. While he was doing that, Starchaser walked up to the beast quean.

“Your majesty.”
She said with a bow.
“How are you?”

He said eagerly. He stated to walk off, but realized Shockwave may still be preoccupied.
“So do you want to go with me or…?”

In the pub, a few Autobots were quietly celebrating their victory over a few drinks. Halfrunner and Darkside sat at the bar while Juliana sang, and Topside, Flyby, Brakeswitch, and Broadband talked at a table on the far side of the room.

Arthropoda turns her head to look at Starchaser.

“Your doctor has been mending the iiiiinjuries we sustained in the battle,” she says. “He is very skilled… though we feel it best to make sure he is supervised.”

Greasemonkey nods his head.

Shockwave was looking over the new devices Epsilon had brought him.

“Go on ahead,” Shockwave says. “Do not break anything.”

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“Are you talking about Facelift?”
She asked.

Broadwing smiles and walks towards the exist. Expecting the engineer to come with him.

Brieg scoffed at the thought.
“I’ll be on my way then. Don’t be surprised when I single handedly solve a scientific breakthrough that two generations of cybertronian science could not.”
He said with a notably smug tone. The scientist transformed into beast mode and ran off to see where the keys were kept.

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