Salvation: Part II

“Awesome. I’ll meet you there!”
She said eagerly, rocketing off out the door with blazing speed.

“I don’t know about that, Darkside responds. I’m just trying to figure out what the h*** this thing is.”

Thrift follows, though he was far behind. Starchaser’s vehicle form was considerably faster than his own.

“That’s why I’m here, too, actually,” Sprocket says with a short laugh. “It sure looks important, that’s for sure.”

“I mean, I got it to pull up some sort of map, as well as show upgrades it’s added.”

Zepar knocks on Shockwave’s door as Garand goes to find Broadwing.

Epsilon remains at the Sunrise, trying to eek out as much peace and quiet for himself as possible.

“Oh,” said Blight. “Maybe not. She’s just not overly friendly, that’s all.”

Pixel, hurt, dashed across the ship, searching for the only bot he felt could cheer him up right now: his sister. @Meepinater

When he eventually made it to the hanger, Starchaser was patiently waiting for him.

“Map, eh?” Sprocket echoes as he looks around the room at the holo-map in question. With the Blue Omega Key having been removed by Broadwing, it had changed shape again, this time looking even more incomplete than before.

The door to Shockwave’s lab slides open to reveal the cyclops writing a report on the Cortical Psychic Patch’s latest trial.

Thrift glides over to the refueling pad, transforming as he gently touched down beside his ship.

“Just 'cause you got here first doesn’t mean you win anything,” he jokes.

“Yeah I know. I’m usually the first one there where ever I’m going.”
She joked in return.
Now. Lets see what you have in stock.”
She said eagerly.

Zepar tries to see if he could spot the green Key from his current position, also noticing the report Shockwave was working on, “How did it go?” He asked.

“Right,” Thrift agrees, browsing through his full inventory of alt-mode schematics.

“Elegant, elegant, elegant…” he mutters. “Dragons can be elegant… eh, but those are kinda overdone, plus were fighting dragons now, so that’d get confusing…”

The Blue Omega Key rested on one of Shockwave’s workbenches, placed their by Broadwing.

“Unfortunately, SideStep and Lurch did not provide me with any useful data,” Shockwave says. "However, it appears that Lurch is not Bludgeon’s spy, as was originally believed.

“What about those kinds of earth dragons, the ones without wings? Like giant flying serpents. Anything like that?”

“Huh, there was more to it before…” Darkside pondered.

Zepar nods, “And why is the Blue Key here?” He asked, “the thief seemed like they were in a hurry about something.”

Garand, eventually finds his way to the engine room and looks for Broadwing.

The decepticon abomination was standing a ways away from the entrance, chatting and catching up with his insecticon buddy.

Garand takes a deep breath. As much as he wanted to verbally lash the thief for their actions, he had to be polite and wait for them to finish their conversation.

By the looks of it, the two would be at it for a while. Best he just introduce himself outright.

Garand walks up, listening to find a place he can segue into the conversation.

Thrift snaps his fingers at the suggestion.

Yes!” he hisses. “Oh, that is an excellent idea!”

With renewed vigor, Thrift paws through the datacards until he finds one fitting that description: a long, serpentine dragon with a pointed snout, two strong legs ending in sharp claws, and shimmering purples armor accented with ribbons of gold.

" ‘Antigravity micro-generators in the trunk allow for levitation and flight, eschewing the usual jet engines and plasma membranes’," Thrift reads from the specs. " ‘Whisper-quiet, while maintaining speed and agility, and considerably more eco-friendly.’

“…Y’know, if you care about that sort of thing. Which I do, of course.”

Sprocket points to one of the knight statues.

“Looks like someone took the Blue Key out,” he observes.

“The thief was Broadwing, back from the dead,” Shockwave explains offhandedly. "He demanded that I use the key to undo the results of my experiments, which I agreed to begin work on after SideStep finished with his interrogation.

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The conversation was rather one sided. At least as he would see it. Seeing as only Broadwing was speaking, while the insection spoke only in unintelligible chitter.

However the decepticon soon realized the newcomer standing before him. He turned to face Garand.

“Hello… Can I… Help you?”
He asked.