Salvation: Part II

“He could’ve asked politely to use the Key instead of just yanking it out of the Conflux and bolting.” He said with a disappointed tone.

“Yes.” Garand said, “I have a few questions for you, if you have the time to answer them.”

“Prickly then. I’ve met a few humans who were like that.” She said, “Tsundre they called them.”

“And that means… what?” He said, arms crossed, “what the devil is a ‘key’ anyway.”

“Amazing. I’ll take it. How much?”
She asked. Quite excited.

“His impatience is understandable, given his condition,” Shockwave says. “I do intend to mend him.”

Sprocket raises an eyebrow.

“Huh… guess nobody filled you in on that, eh?” he says.

“We’re looking for keys- five of them, actually,” he explains. “Each one’s a piece of the Omega Lock or something- we just found out about all this a few weeks ago.”

“Hundred,” Thrift replies. “I thought this beauty was never gonna sell, with the war on. All anybody wants in an alt-mode these days are guns, fire breath, and the occasional thermonuclear warhead. Nobody cares about style anymore…”

The junkion looks forlornly out the hangar aperture at the green mountains beyond, sighing softly as he holds the datacard in his fingers.

“Yeah, he definitely looked like he went through the Pit and back.” Zepar said.

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“Far from my finest work, yes,” Shockwave agrees.

“I’ll see if I can find him and Garand, before the old man gives him the verbal lashing of a lifetime.” Zepar said, “He got like that back at the Basilica when one of the trainees would pull a prank on him…or Low Key but it was usually Low Key.”

“I didn’t even know I was supposed to be on this ship until a day before it launched. I don’t even know why I’m out here. So… why are we looking for the Omega Lock?”

Starchaser hastily fished out the hundred shanix and put it down on the counter.

OOC: I imagine the new mode looking something like this. Though of course with her white and green colors, and perhaps a more sleek and pointed head.

“Sure… What do you… Have to ask?”
He said, sounding a little confused.


SideStep nods.
"Nevertheless, we’ve still narrowed down the possibilities of who the spy could be. We’ve got an optic color. I’m going to have Motherboard run a few more scans to see if there are any more likely suspects. [quote=“ToaNoah_Wafflemeister, post:8496, topic:49995”]
Pixel, hurt, dashed across the ship, searching for the only bot he felt could cheer him up right now: his sister.

Pixel would be found in a hangar bay, finishing her scans on Fortress.

“Why did you take the Key?” He asked.

Shockwave nods.

“Wow, you’ve really been out of the loop,” Sprocket observes.

“Ah, uh, no offense meant!” he adds quickly. “That big antillian who runs the bar in the main hangar? He didn’t find out about the Allspark until a few weeks before launch, too. Was off in human space for a few decades or something.”

In return, Thrift hands her the datacard.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ nods.

“Excellent,” he says. “Motherboard’s out on a reconnaissance flight at the moment, making sure we’re clear to take off.”

“I mean, I didn’t even sign up for this pleasure cruise. I just recieved an e-mail and was told to report for duty on this ship not lore than 10 hours before it was supposed to leave.”

“I need… Fixing… An abomination… Not animal… Not decepticon… A monster… I was told… The key could… Fix me.”

“Thanks! Now I gotta go.”
She blurted out before again racing off. Reaching Facelift’s shack in a matter of minutes.

Garand was quiet for a moment before taking a deep breath, “Next time you want to take a Key from the Conflux, please get permission and explain why you need it.” He said. “You gave this old Angelicon a Spark attack back there.”

He could tell that Broadwing’s condition was pretty severe and a verbal lashing wouldn’t help anyone.

“Ten hours?” Sprocket echoes, bewildered. “What in the Pit? Even when things were normal that’d be irregular.”

Facelift was talking with his crew, debating the prices at which they should place their recent acquisitions.

“People’ll pay an arm and a leg for this stuff, Red- literally!” Facelift insists. “I used to make a killing rooting through Kaon Tower’s waste-disposal units; one bot’s botched super-soldier is another’s new Riot Cannon.”

“We’ve still got that terrorcon in the back,” Clip reminds him. “The one that tank fella dragged in here. You gonna do something with that, 'cause I figure we can’t just keep it chained up in a stasis pod forever.”

“You got me. Not to mention that I’m a spy on what is primarily a combat mission. I mean, what the h*** am I supposed to do. My gun barely scratches those guys.”

“I… Apologize… I didn’t realize… They were guarded…”

“Excuse me.”
Starchaser spoke up.
“Hope I’m not interrupting anything… Again. I need a new altmode installed.”

“The security is something I only recently requested of the captains due to how important they are to our journey.” Garand said, he seemed ready to leave the conversation on that high note.

“Okay… Is there… Anything else… You want?”
He asked.