Salvation: Part II

SideStep nods.
“Sounds good, I’ll comm her when I get back.”
He turned and left the bridge, heading towards the Antillian Sunrise.

“No, there isn’t.” He said, “Good luck on your recovery.”

At that moment, Zepar arrived and looked at Broadwing, who probably seemed in higher spirits than expected. “Shockwave said he’ll let you know when he’s able to mend you.” He told Broadwing.

He said.

With that he transformed and flew off, taking Click with him, going to look for more scrap for his new nest.

“Drinks?” Zepar asked.

“Drinks.” Garand agreed as the two flew off to the Decepticon bar, hoping they’d be allowed in due to their order’s neutral state in the war.

“Sounds like you need a bigger gun,” Sprocket jokes, trying to imitate Salvo. That was definitely something she’d say.

Another one?” Facelift asks. “Primus, dude, slow down!”

Shatterpoints lets him leave, returning his attention to the pre-takeoff procedures.

Unfortunately, when they arrived at the Peace and Tyranny, the angelicons would find the door blocked by a large, four-armed Decepticon combiner.

“Is there somthing wrong with Angelicons wanting a drink from this establishment?” Garand asked.

“You’re not a Decepticon, is what,” the bouncer says, folding all four of his arms.

Garand cocks an eyebrow, “I mean no offense by this but, that seems bad for business considering around half to a third of the crew and passengers are Decepticons.” He says, “by that logic, this place will be making as much as the other bar at most.”

“Hah, you sound like Salvo!” He says with a laugh.

Sidestep relaxedly walked to the Antillian Sunrise, entering the bar.

Epsilon was at the bar, drinking Energon and listening to the music.

“Listen, this is the last one.”
Starchaser said .
“Literally. I can’t handle anymore alts. I’d have to replace one of my current ones if I wanted another after this, and there’s no way I would do that.”

The bouncer shrugs.

“Them’s the rules,” he maintains. “No badge, no service.”

Sprocket shrugs.

“I’ve been working on it,” he jokes.

“No, seriously, slow down,” Facelift insists. “I just rearranged your innards; you gotta give your body time to adjust to all your new parts and alt-mode data. Let yourself heal a bit before you go under the knife again.”

“Actually, that reminds me, you’re head engineer right?”

SideStep sat down in a seat next to him, studying Epsilon.

Garand takes a deep breath, “Then, please, let your boss know the concerns we expressed regarding his business and how much Shanix and business they are probably losing due to this policy.” He begins turning to leave the Combiner, “Good day, sir.”

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Sprocket shakes his head.

“Nah,” he says. “The tech I play with is over a hundred million years old and doesn’t work half the time.”

The combiner only huffs as the two leave.

“Shame. I was hoping you might be able to help me with my Chargers.” he said.

“Oh for Primus sake. Fine. How long?”
She asked. Clearly annoyed.

The two make their way to the Sunrise.