Salvation: Part II

“Give it a few days, alright?” Facelift suggests, starting to get annoyed himself. “No need to rush. Well, apart from the Bot Upstairs going critical, but that’s old news, isn’t it?”

Sprocket shakes his head again.

“Probably not.”

On their way their, the two would see Topside standing beneath the gigantic Allspark hologram in the center of Little Iacon, looking up at the flickering ball of light.

“Figures. Apparently no one’s good with microtech around here but Salvo.”

“That is her area, yeah,” Sprocket affirms. “Been involved will all kinds of cool stuff. I heard her mech’s even made from tech left over from Project Omega.”

“Topside?” Zepar asks as he approaches them, “Is something on your mind?”

Topside turns around. The medical data projected behind him reported that Primus had only a little over three weeks left to live.

“Nothing outside the usual,” he sighs, pointing a thumb at the grim diagnosis.

“The what now?”

“Y’know, the Omega Sentinels,” Sprocket explains. “As in, Omega Supreme? That guy?”

“Sounds… vaguely familiar? I’ve spent 90% of my life on Velocitron, and even then I was a spy. Didn’t get a chance to mingle much.”

“Man, I’ll bet,” Sprocket replies. “I didn’t even know that old research outpost was still operational.”

Zepar and Garand both looked worried, “The Angelicons are doing all they can to try and give Primus as much time as possible.” Garand said.

“They spend an awful lot of time focused on speed. A good portion of my time was spent breaking up race fixing rings that were messing up our race fixing operations.”

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“And for that, I’m grateful,” Topside says. “We all are, truly. But the fact remains that if we don’t get the Omega Lock put back together and haul it back to Cybertron, we’re done for. Gods and bots alike. And something tells me that ain’t near as bad as what Bludgeon’d do should he get the Lock, Primus forbid.”

Sprocket laughs.

“What’d they station you there for, anyway?” he asks. “Velocitron was something of a bad investment for us Autobots, wasn’t it? All that Red Energon research wasn’t going anywhere, from what I heard.”

“Then we’d better get the completed Lock back to Cybertron ASAP.” Zepar said.

“Alright. I’ll give it a few days, and I’ll come back then.”
She blasted off out of the chamber and raced through the ship. With roaring jets in her heels she came screeching into the engine chamber. It seemed wherever she went she couldn’t go without making excessive noise.

She stood by the door, tapping her foot, looking around for where Broadwing might have gone.

“To be honest, I’m not quite sure. Like I said, most of what I was doing was fixing races. I think they chose me because my Chargers make me the perfect spy on a planet obsessed with wheels.”

SideStep asked the bartender at the Antillian sunrise for a small glass of Engex.

“That… is the plan,” Topside agrees, turning back around. His gaze now shifts to the standing walls of glass, which displayed the endless number of names of crewmembers lost throughout the voyage and our many battles with Bludgeon.

Sprocket shrugs.

“I’m no expert when it comes to wetworks,” he says. “Though I’ve pulled a few relics out of Conventus’s oceans before, if that counts, heheh.”

Halfrunner complies, sliding the shotglass across the bar to SideStep.

Zepar and Garand give a moment’s silence in memory of those who had lost their lives thus far.

“Where?” He said confused.

The screens each showed over a hundred names, rotating through many more every couple of seconds. Zepar, Garand, and Topside weren’t the only visitors to this part of Little Iacon; other bots of every alignment had come to mourn and pay their respects.

“Hey, Zepar,” Topside says quietly, “you remember when I asked if you could plan something out, back on OL-0? Some kind of service for our… for our lost? Figure they’ve been due a proper goodbye for a while now.”

“Conventus,” Sprocket repeats. “Ocean colony. Broadband’s from there. Nice weather, popular spot for intergalactic tourism, shipbuilding capitol… that is, until the Decepticons bombarded all the cities from orbit.”