Salvation: Part II

Zepar nods, “Yes, I have written a general eulogy but given the high count of deaths, I was limited to honoring them as a whole and then planning to have a list go on in the background with some hologram pictures of each deceased crew member.”

Topside nods, grateful.

“Thank you,” he says. “That’ll do fine.”

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“We just need to set up a gathering time and place if we are to do it soon.” Zepar said solemnly.

“I’m… sorry to hear that” Darkside said, mildly surprised.

At the Sunrise, SideStep would tell Epsilon was here for the familiar and relaxing environment of a bar with music, the din of conversation from various patrons and a glass of Energon to help him recharge.

“Thanks.” Sidestep pays Halfrunner and takes a sip of the Engex, sighing contentedly after he swallowed.

Topside nods.

“I’ll leave you to it,” he says, beginning to walk away. “I have to make sure we’re ready for takeoff soon; 'less there’s anything more to do on this planet, I’m fixing to keep us moving.”


Sprocket nods.

“Yeah… won’t be habitable again for a long time,” he remarks.

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SideStep took another swig of his drink, before turning to Epsilon.
“So what brings ya here to the Salvation? I can’t recall seein’ you when we first took off.”

“Got pranked into stasis lock and woke up during the Insecticon attack.” He answered.

SideStep chuckled, but stopped quickly, not wanting to offend Epsilon.
“That’s, uh… Certainly one way to be introduced to the mission.”

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Starshot continued to wait. Eventually Brieg walked out of his lab. As he approached the exit, Starchaser stopped him.

“Hey. You’re a mechanic right?”
She asked.

“I am a scientist. There is a difference.”
He replied, sounding notably offended.

“Doesn’t matter. Can you install an altmode based off a scan card?”

Brieg thought for a moment.
“Perhaps. What do you have in mind?”

Starchaser quickly showed him the card. The holographic image of the serpentine dragon slowly rotating.

“Hm. I could do something, yes. But it will cost you.”
He replied.

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll be able to pay.”

“Alright then. Follow me.”
The two walked off to Brieg’s labratory. Starchaser eager to try the new form.

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“Ha,” mused Blight. “Humans. Never met one, myself. What are they like?”

“Well, this is quite the quite the place you got here.”
Starchaser said sarcastically.

“Yes yes I know. I do need to do some tidying up. But that will be later. Right now we have business to attend to.”
The scientist gestured to a cleared off work table. Starchaser climbed up and lied down. Brieg then approached her and prepared to put her under.

“You… Know what you’re doing right?”
The decepticon asked nervously.

“Of course! Just relax. Everything will be just fine.”
With that, Brieg induced stasis, and Starchaser powered down.

Much time later she reawoke. Feeling notably sore all over. She sat up and looked herself over. Everything seemed to be in place, with some welcome additions.

“Very nice. Now how much do I owe you?”

“We can discuss my fees later. For now I want to see my handiwork in action.”
Brieg said eagerly.

Starchaser transformed into her new beast mode. She crashed down on to the floor as her whole body was wracked with pain. She screamed in agony

“What’s wrong? What happened?”
Brieg asked, very much panicked.

“Everything hurts. Ahh! Everything really hurts!”
She cried out.

“I don’t understand! I did everything correctly! The only way this could happen is if your body was already recovering from a recent operation.”

“Well… Maybe?”
Starchaser said nervously.

“Well that’s fantastic! I hope you know this is your fault then. You need to wait for these things!”
The zebra scientist scolded.

Starchaser cried out again. Much worse this time.

“Oh what now?”
Brieg asked.

“Something’s… Happening… It’s getting hard to think.”

Now it was Brieg who was looking guilty.
“That… May be my doing.”

“What did you do!”
She shouted. Her eyes briefly flaring a bright red.

“I installed a behavior module. I figured the best way to break in a new beast form would be as authentically as possible right? Though I realize I may have made an error in calculating it’s power.”
He said nervously.

“You what!”
She snarled. Her eyes glowing red again.
“Do I look like a dinobot to you!”
She approached Brieg, teeth bared.

“Now relax. I’m sure I can fix this.”
Brieg said nervously.

Starchaser screamed once more. She began to thrash and flail around. Her optics changing and staying a fiery crimson.

She crashed through through the wall and into the engine chamber. Letting out a ferocious roar that would echo through the entire space. Now reduced to little more than an angry and suffering beast.


“That’s… atrocious…” he said.

If they commited acts like that… what else have they done…

“As varied and violent as cybertronians, but squishier. They are also alot more tenacious, and they have a hatred of captivity. I’ve heard of humans fighting out of benevolent containment simply because they’re confined. There’s an old prophecy about humans. ‘The universe will only end when the children of man have touched every star in the sky’. I don’t know if that’s true, but I fully believe they can do it.”

The Splitter brothers walked into the bridge, looking for something to do.

Spectrum began to search for Pixel after finishing the repairs on fortress.

Engineers within the vicinity are quick to back away, some deploying their weapons, which they held at their sides. Greasemonkey didn’t even look up from his control panel.

“Broadwing, please, do keep it down, will you?” he sighs.

Sprocket nods.

“Yeah…” he says. “But what’s a few million years to our species, huh?”


The Splitter brothers happened to arrive on the bridge just as Motherboard did, having completed her reconnaissance flight.

“I detected no New Decepticon presence within this region, captain ■■■■■■■■■■■■,” he reports. “The enemy fleet has fled to another part of the planet, if they have not fled the planet entirely.”

“Then we’re clear for takeoff,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ says with a nod. “Thank you, Motherboard, I’ll let Topside know.”

The Decepticon captain then takes notice of the Splitter brothers.

“I heard what you three did with the Death’s Head,” he says.

“Heard? Look out the window- you can see it plain as day!” Brakeswitch laughs.

“Excellent work,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ continues.


Meanwhile, in yet another of the Spy’s secret hideaways aboard Salvation, the assassin recently roused from stasis does yet another check on his weapons. He’d been out since before this ugly block of metal was even ready for her departure from Cybertron, and that left room for all manner of disrepair to befall his equipment. He fits his grapple cannon into an empty port on his right arm, flexing its claws to make sure they worked right. Then, he ran a diagnostic of the combat drone stored on his back. Systems were green across the board. Good. Now to see to his rifle…

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” comes the drawl of his employer’s voice, punctuated by the soft tapping of his footsteps as he entered the dark room, lighting up the space with his crimson optics.

“Nope,” the assassin says as he reassembles the rifle, fitting its power cell into the socket just above the firing mechanism. “Actually, I was wondering when you’d give me something to do. I was told you’d only wake me if slag started hitting the fan.”

“It is,” says the Spy. “Our enemies continue to elude our master-”

Your master; I’m here to put some extra ventilation in a few sparkchambers and get paid. Couldn’t give a glitch-mite’s exhaust port about your crusade.”

My master is growing frustrated,” the Spy starts again, “with our continued failure-”

Our? Pal, I’ve been in stasis this whole time. Don’t know what you mean by-”

What I mean is that we need to deal a serious blow to the crew of this d*mnable vessel!” the Spy snaps. “Check the list of targets I uploaded to your onboard computer; I’ve had to make some alterations to it in light of recent events.”

“Heard the fighting through the walls,” the assassin remarks. “Somebody bite the bullet out there?”

“Yes: the Autobot nicknamed ‘Laslow’. Along with the investigator and a few more who have been thorns in my master’s side these past two months.”

The assassin pulls up the list he’d been given upon his awakening on his HUD. Several names had been removed: Crossbike (alias “Laslow”), Gronius, Wildsong, Redstocker, Alterion, Delta, and Scorchlock. A new name had been added: Darkside, a Decepticon spy who’d been assigned to the crew at the last minute, under mysterious circumstances.

The assassin would have smirked- if he still had a proper face. That was one drawback of the mods the New Decepticons had given him. How did some bots live with such a reduced capacity for expression?

“Get to work,” the Spy commands, turning around to leave. “And be quick about it.”

The assassin scoffs; before snapping the last piece of his rifle into place.

Nothing like a good killing spree to wake you up after a long stasis-nap…

Starchaser quickly takes to the air, snaking and spiraling towards the closest armed engineer. She lunged forward, her rear end thrashing back and forth, inadvertently crashing and beating against the engines. Her jaws lashed and snapped at the engineer, but before she could hit them…

Broadwing comes soaring in, calling out with a shriek of his own. Claws reaching out, he collides into Starchaser’s side, sending then both crashing into the ground. Despite being at a significant size disadvantage, Broadwing fought without fear or hesitation.

Brieg came racing out of his lab in his beast mode, running as fast as his legs could carry him. He ran out of the engine chamber, intent on finding help.

She would likely run into him as he streamed through the craft, looking for her.

“Wow,” Blight frowned. “They sound weird.”

Spectrum skidded as she stopped, nearly literally running into Pixel.
“P-p-pixel!” She chirped happily.

Pixel would have to replace his detached arm. “SpppectrUM!” he exclaimed, leaping into the air.

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