Salvation: Part II

Spectrum spun around in a circle, her joy too much to contain.
“h-h-h-how is?” She asked, inspecting her brother for damage.

The Splitter brothers grinned appreciatively.
“It wasn’t anything.” Thrust said.
Vigor chuckled. “Some bounty hunter. He sure had a rough time taking us down.”

Greasemonkey raises his cane, which transforms into a electromagnetic rifle, squinting through the holographic sights, he takes aim at the invading creature- who he didn’t know was Starchaser.

“Broadwing!” he shouts. “Disengage; I’ll handle this!”

“Eh, maybe he was having a bad day?” Flyby spitballs, unaware of how right he actually was.

“With the stories you hear about that guy, you’d almost think he’s Nemesis Prime’s drinking buddy,” Broadband scoffs.

“I mean, he’s good, maybe, but nobody’s that good…”

Lightshift shrugged. “We all look similar, he probably got confused.”

This gets a laugh out of everyone on the bridge- except for Motherboard, of course.

“Anyways, is there anything we can do?” Lightshift continues.
“I know we’ve got a bit of a spy problem, do we have anybody on that yet?”

■■■■■■■■■■■■ nods.

“Yes, SideStep’s been making the most progress on that end. He discovered another one of the spy’s hideouts, and uncovered a clue as to his identity.”

“It ain’t much to go on,” Broadband sighs. "Y’know how many bots have red eyes? It’s practically a requirement if you’re a Decepticon.

“…Ah, no offense, anybody…” she adds awkwardly, remembering that she was currently in the company of several Decepticons, including the blue-eyed captain.

Vigor chuckles.
“Well, we could search the database for a list of all the likely suspects.” Thrust said, rubbing his chin.
“I’m assuming it’s a specific shade of red?”

“Affirmative, crewman Thrust,” Motherboard cuts in, nodding her head. “Ruby red. Several hundred crewmembers possess this eye color, including crewman Lurch, who was a notable suspect given his prior history as an infiltrator working under Soundwave. Crewman SideStep’s most recent interrogation, utilizing the Cortical Psychic Patch created by Shockwave, yielded no results, suggesting that crewman Lurch and the spy are not the same person.”

Thrust nodded. “Hm. Well, maybe scan for whoever has the ruby red eyes and wasn’t at any of the battles?”

Motherboard nods.

“Affirmative, crewman Thrust,” she says. “I will analyze records of all of our major engagements over our voyage: including our first encounter with the New Decepticon fleet, the battle at the ancient cybertronian culture ark, the encounter with the insecticon hive on the ancient cybertronian proto-colony, the incident concerning the derelict knight ship and the terrorcons, the battle on the planet designated OL-2006-0-C, and our most recent battle here, on the planet designated OL-2006-2-C.”

“Geez, we’ve been through a lot, huh?” Broadband remarks. “Thanks for the recap, miss personality.”

“You are welcome, crewwoman Broadband,” Motherboard replies in a monotone. “I can send detailed after-action reports of each encounter to the terminal in your hab-suite, if you wish.”

“Uh… no thanks.”

“Acknowledged, crewwoman Broadband.”

The Splitter brothers chuckled.
“Well, Motherboard, if you could send the results to my datapad when you’re done, that’d be great.” Thrust replied.

“Affirmative, crewman Thrust,” Motherboard says. “This may take me some time.”

“I suggest looking over that hideout I mentioned earlier,” says ■■■■■■■■■■■■. “We haven’t had time to properly investigate it like the one Blight and Juliana found in the main hangar. Maybe you’ll find something SideStep missed.”

Pixel paused for a bit, a buffering symbol lighting up over his face. “ppperFECT!” he finally grinned.

“Wait! You can’t hurt her! She’s one of us!”
Brieg shouted as he came running back. Treadquake close behind.

The autobot beserker transformed into his battle mode and charged at the raging beast. She in turn rushed forward, bending around him just before impact, and ramming Treadquake in the back, knocking him to the ground.

Broadwing flew to catch up. Trying his best to turn her attention away from anyone else.

“G-g-good!” Spectrum cheered. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8603, topic:49995, full:true”]
“Affirmative, crewman Thrust,” Motherboard says. “This may take me some time.”

“I suggest looking over that hideout I mentioned earlier,” says ■■■■■■■■■■■■. “We haven’t had time to properly investigate it like the one Blight and Juliana found in the main hangar. Maybe you’ll find something SideStep missed.”

“Will do.”
The three brothers make their way out of the bridge towards the mentioned hideout.

“Tell that to her, if you please,” Greasemonkey says coolly as he continues to try and line up a shot.

In Engineering, the brothers would come upon a hectic sight: Broadwing, Treadquake, and Starchaser were all fighting each other in the center of the cavern.

Treadquake gets up and leaps on to Starchaser, grabbing on to her with his claws.

The beast flies skyward, spiring and spinning in her ascent. Taking the autobot warrior with her. Treadquake tried to fire a missile at her face, though missed due to all the movement. It struck a nearby support beam. There was a conclusive bang and a cloud of smoke. A horrible shriek from the beast as the explosion startled her.

She thrashed and shook, managing to get Treadquake off of her. As he fell she dove down to meet him. Grabbing on to her with her claws, and diving down with great speed. Slamming the autobot into the ground, making a sizeable crater.


“…what” Lightshift said.
Vigor folded his arms.
“Hey, mongrels!” He shouted at the combatants. “Whaddaya think you’re doing, eh?”

“Tryin’ to keep this monster from destroying us all!”
Treadquak shouted. He got back to his feet and grabbed Starchaser by the neck, slamming her head into the ground. The back half of her beast mode rose into the air and lashed around, striking Treadquake in the back and knocking him down.

She lifted her head and prepared to strike. But just before her jaws could meet their target, Broadwing rammed himself into her midsection, pushing the dragon away from Treadquake.

“Stay away… I will handle this!”
The decepticon hissed.

“I don’t think so freak! I’m taking her down!”
The autobot shouted back.