Salvation: Part II

Gatecrasher nodded, before turning around to look at the others.

He notices quickly Spectrum’s struggle with the Earth Guardian, and grabs his spear in his left hand.

“Heads up!” he shouted, before hefting and throwing the spear like a javelin, hoping to impale the machine.

Spectrum tries to roll under the Guardian.

Spectrum succeeds…

…and as she rolls between the Earth Guardian’s legs, Gatecrasher’s spear grazes the drone’s left shoulder, shearing off a chunk of its rocky coating.


Spectrum popped up, looking for the obelisk where the orb belonged.

The obelisk was straight ahead, not far behind the Earth Guardian, but the port where Spectrum was to deposit her orb was sealed currently.

Spectrum looked back at the Earth Guardian.
She grumbled unhappily, before crouching and jumping up at its back.

Spectrum is able to latch onto the Earth Guardian’s back. The drone emits a low hum, sounding almost annoyed by this turn of events.

Spectrum starts up her saw, lowering it towards the Guardian’s back in an attempt to access its inner systems.

Spectrum’s saw cuts into the gemstone-laded granite over the Guardian’s armor, but the machine suddenly bucks in an attempt to throw the minicon off its back.

Spectrum grabs on to the Guardian’s shoulder, trying to stay on.

Spectrum is unable to find purchase on the glassy crystalline energon forming over the wound inflicted by Gatecrasher’s spear.

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Garand, Zepar and Epsilon move to help get the orbs to their obelisks.

Two more guardians appear by the other two obelisks. One was white, its armor coated in a thin frost as water vapor curled off its shoulders and back, while another sported green plating strange cylindrical devices over its shoulders.

The three grab the white sphere and go for the white obelisk (water element).

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The Water Guardian takes sight of the three approaching bots and deploys a nozzle from each wrist. Plates on its elbows slide back to reveal polished canisters containing a cryogenic liquid. It the Guardian raises its arms and sprays twin streams of the stuff at Zepar Epsilon, and Garand.

Zepar attempts to counter with dragonfire as Epsilon fires missiles at the canisters and Garand works to approach the obelisk.

Zepar’s fire meets the freezing liquid in mid-air, creating a burst of steam. The Guardian retracts his canisters as Epsilon’s missiles collide with its shoulders and forearms, hiding it in smoke.

Garand would find that the obelisk’s port for the sphere was sealed; the Water Guardian had to be defeated first.


Spectrum slips off, hitting the ground. She clumsily stands herself back up, before charging at the Guardian’s leg and trying to saw into it.

Spectrum cuts into the Guardian’s right ankle, disabling the functionality of its foot as it tries to turn around to face Gatecrasher. It trips and falls over.

Spectrum cheers, before trying to cut into its right arm.