Salvation: Part II

“S-s-1blings!” Spectrum said happily. Her head rotated to face Forcep.
“He is-is-is br0ther.”

Ahh,” Forcep reacts. “So I see.”

Spectrum nods excitedly.
“S3arch3d f-f-for h1m. Found!”

Daria watches the drone, though she spoke to Sprocket,
“I’ll take watch of Deus. Maybe I can teach him a thing or two… Plus… I just might be taking a shine to seeing him.”

Actaeon quips.

Forcep nods.

Sprocket turns around, prepared to make a joke, but he stops himself.

“Uh… okay…” he says awkwardly.

My lab!” Facelift suddenly blurts out.

Wait, no; I was thinking about myself…”

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Blight suddenly finds himself once alone again, but with nothing to do. He scratches his chin, his eye still worriedly twitching.

Pixel slumbers tranquilly in his pod.

Gronius would be seen passing nearby.

Spectrum continues to watch him.

Forcep’s attention is drawn to the door, as a team of security officers and Greasemonkey hurry through, carrying the unconscious Juliana.


At the same time, Thrift happened to be stopping by to drop off Zepar.


@Toa_Vladin The unconscious Redstocker is taken to a medical facility in one of the prison blocks, where the resident medic begins her work.

Topside makes his way toward the bridge.

Lurch and Halfrunner tend to their respective pubs. Salvo decides to stop buy the sunrise for a drink.

Grommet returns to his lab.

Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t react.

Spectrum watched as Juliana was carried through.
“I c-c@n hElp?” She asked.

“What is it?” Asked Thrust.
Vigor frowned. “Or who is it.”

Blight nods a friendly hello.

Gronius sees this and salutes him.

He awkwardly reciprocates the salute, a little shaken after the previous events.

This suited the medic fine, as she began to hook Redstocker up to her machines.

“Another gunshot wound…” she sighs.

“Sometimes I wish they brought me somebody dismembered, or maimed in a transwarp accident… something to break up the monotony…”

“Please do,” Forcep says. “I could use some extra hands.”

Motherboard’s visor flickers as it displays the recording:

As the lab filled up with water during the battle, the Omega Key was tossed off its antigravity pedestal by the waves and washed around the room. Then, the blue lights on its surface flared brightly, before a white flash of light enveloped the scene.

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“Are you OK?”

The medic’s machones might be able to detect a weird alien object inside Redstocker’s body, burried deep within the lower part of his back.

“Yeah…” he sighs. “I mean, yes, I am.”

He nodded.

She remained unconscious.

“Just passing through?”