Salvation: Part II

Thrust studied Topside.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked. “You don’t look well.”

Oh, I’m sure I’m in need of a doctor," Topside admits. “Just figured I needed to stop by here and congratulate our pilot first.”

The rest of the NPCs on the bridge do a double take, almost all in unison.

Thrust blinked.

“What for, he nearly killed us.” Vigor said, incredulous.

Lightshift muttered, “Someone call a medic, he needs one.”

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“I must agree with Vigor, captain,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ says to Topside. “Flight Lieutenant Flyby deserves an execution, not a commendation.”

“And I’m here to say that ain’t happening,” Topside asserts.

“Like any decent Autobot, you see, I like myself a crazy plan when it works, and I think we can say that Flyby’s maneuver did have its intended effect.”

Flyby nods his head proudly.

When the scan completed, it would show that much of the bleeding on the left side had been stopped, but the jostling had caused internal bleeding on the other side, and the hole on her side was obviously still there.

Vigor’s jaw drops open.
“Are you mad? The idiot nearly killed us all. If he were a decepticon, he would have blasted that creature to oblivion before it could even attack.”
“Call a medic.” Thrust advised ■■■■■■■■■■■■.

Spectrum switched her tools and began to work on Juliana, repairing the damage and humming a calm, cheerful song.

Though Juliana was still unconscious, a slight smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Otherwise, the operation should go off without a hitch.

After a short amount of time, Spectrum finished. She tidied up her workspace and left to check on Pixel.

“I am a Decepticon,” Flyby innocently points out. “That thing knocked out most of our weapons when the fight started, so I had to improvise.”

“Motherboard, alert-”

“Alerting doctor Forcep, captain,” Motherboard interrupts.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ grits his metal teeth.

“Anywho, good work there, pilot,” Topside summarizes, “Now I… could use some medical attention.”

“Will she be alright, miss?” Greasemonkey asks Spectrum, a hint of worry creeping through his usual calm.

Vigor growled angrily.
“A fake, then.”

Lightshift chuckled.

“0n the m-m-m-m3nd!” Spectrum replied happily.
“N3ed h3lp t0o?” She asked.

Topside gives a two-fingered salute to those on the bridge and turns to leave, when a console at Broadband’s station suddenly chirps and flashes a blue light.

“Primus alive, the pacing here is awful…” Broadband quietly grumbles. “Give us some room to breath, please…”

Greasemonkey chuckles and shakes his head.

“No, miss,” he politely declines. “I’ve been fortunate enough to largely avoid the aches and pains that plague most my age. Thank you for offering, however.”

At about when he finishes speaking, a groan comes from Juliana.

“What was that?” Thrust asked.

“0-o-ok@y!” Spectrum chirped, before sitting back in front of Pixel’s pod.

Greasemonkey looks over his shoulder at Juliana.

“An incoming message,” Broadband sighs, unsurprised. “From a MyStErIoUs source! WhoOoOoOoO!”

“Bludgeon?” Lightshift mused.
“Or worse?”

“Nah, not him,” Broadband says. “…Yet. This isn’t a Decepticon frequency.”

“Who, then?” Thrust asked.

“Like I said, I dunno,” Broadband says. “This isn’t a military frequency, and we’re getting some interference again now that we’re back in orbit.”

Thrust, if he read the screen by Broadband’s hands, could see that the message was coming from somewhere on Planet Omega.

“Oh.” Thrust said.
“I think i know who it is.”

“Yours is as good as mine, right now,” Broadband says with a shrug. “Who?”