Salvation: Part II

“W-Where… Where am I?” She groans.

“This… female… contacted Zepar and me and my brothers on Omega.”

Greasemonkey quickly walks over.

“Ah, good to see you awake, miss,” he says, relieved. “You’re in Deck Three’s medical bay, at the moment.”

“Funny; we just met a guy who’s also been living here for the past 7,000 years,” Breakswitch pipes up. “The two probably know each other.”

“Joy.” Vigor sighs.

“W-why? No… Wait, I remember. Captain Redstocker actually shot me?!” She asked in disbelief.

“I feel ya, man,” Broadband agrees, nodding her head.

“I just wanted a normal Fetchquest to Save the Universe, but noOoOo! Primus has to go and make his own rescue difficult.”

Greasemonkey nods, sighing.

“Yes, miss, he did,” the cyborg affirms. “I, ah… do believe I bear some of the blame, in that regard.”

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“Stupid conceited gods.” Vigor grumbled.

“What?! N-no you don’t! I do! I never would have been in that situation If I had just apologized!”

“Well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far…” Broadband says.

“We are going to get smited for that,” Flyby bets. “Or something.”

Greasemonkey shakes his head.

“Appealing to the delusions of an old kook such as him would have entailed other consequences, I imagine,” the cyborg wagers.

“And at any rate, miss, he was in the wrong moreso than you. That blow to the face was well-deserved, at least in my opinion.”

“But! But!” She protests.

“I’ve said it before, pal, and it hasn’t happened.” Vigor snaps.

“You are fine, miss,” Greasemonkey insists, laying a hand on her arm.

“…Morally, anyway. Physically, you might still need some rest.”

Flyby holds up his hands.

“Alright, alright…” the pilot concedes.

Vigor folds his arms.

Seeing that Juliana had awakened, Spectrum walked over and peered up.
“F3eling b-b-etter?” She asked.

“Probably, but I need to tell Mr. Halfrunner I won’t be there!”

“Yes, Thank you.” She said kindly, “you know what, you remind me of a friend of mine, Pixel, a lot like you, but in silver.”

“B-b-br0ther!” Spectrum chirped happily.

“Pixel has a sister? Blight never told me that! What’s you name?” She asked.


“Nice to meet you Spectrum! By the way, where is Pixel?” She asked, sitting up and looking around.


Gatecrasher walked back down the walkway, looking for Forcep.

Spectrum pointed to the pod.

“I imagine Halfrunner is being made aware of the situation,” Greasemonkey says reassuringly, going quiet as Juliana begins talking to Spectrum.

Forcep was in Deck Three’s med-bay, with Juliana, Pixel, Spectrum, Sprocket, Daria, Deus, and others.

“So…” Broadband breaks the silence, “We gonna answer this guy or what? Ooh! What if we rickroll 'em?!”