Salvation: Part II

“Yes.” All three brothers replied.
“Do it.”

Broadband’s face lights up as she breaks into a very, very wide grin.

Doin’ it!” she exclaims.

“What is ‘rickroll’?” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ asks. Indeed, most Decepticon NPCs on the bridge were in the dark, though a few Autobots were giggling quietly.

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Pixel, in his pod, is suddenly awake, laughing hysterically at something.

“Oh my goodness! From what?” She begins looking around more frantically.

“Wait! Is that Pixel?” She asked frantically.

Gatecrasher found Forcep and walked over to him.

Forcep looks up from his work.

“I’d ask if you need me fix something, but the answer to that question is always ‘yes’,” he deadpans.

“Actually sir, I came to see if you needed help.” He tells him.

Daria looks at him,
She sighs,
“If you were going to say something, I’d rather you say it.”

Actaeon looks at him, raising an eyebrow.
“To the bars then.”

Spectrum turns around.
She hurries forward and taps the pod.

Forcep raises an eyebrow, surprised.

“Well, that is a welcome change of pace,” he admits.

“Nah, it’s cool,” Sprocket says.

"To the bars!" Facelift heartily affirms, snapping his fingers.

“I try to make myself useful.”

Pixel looks outside, realizes who’s standing out there, and throws himself back, shattering to pieces inside.

Spectrum opens the pod.

He clicks back together, his eyes shifting to hearts. “S=PeeeeeeectruM!?”

Spectrum’s eyes flash.
“Yes! Y-y-yes!” She said excitedly, bouncing up and down.

“H-how?” he sputtered. “H0W R U HEAR?”

“F0lLow3d y0u!” Spectrum said proudly.

Pixel’s eyes flash to buffering signs for a moment. “hUh? W-w-why’d y0u show dn NOW?”

OOC: Read “dn” upside-down

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“G0t l-l-l-lost anD sC@r3d.” The pink minicon replied, her tone betraying her embarrasment.
“B-big sh1p!”

Pixel nods in agreement. “V3nts.”

“V3nts! G0od v3nts.” Spectrum nodded.
“Br0ther h3alt-t-thy?”