Salvation: Part II

Pixel gives a helpless shrug.

@re you w3ll?” Spectrum asked, scanning Pixel.

“Maybe it was some sort of divine intervention?” Epsilon said, “I hear some of those religious types back on Cybertron talk about it now and the but, until just now, I thought it was ridiculous.”

“Maybe they were onto something.” He said to the AI.

Zepar was still dead asleep as Thrift lugged him around; he had sustained a lot of damage from pushing himself the way he did.

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Forcep nods.

“Good man,” he compliments the Decepticon.

“You might be interested to know that Sidewinder’s doing well. Actually, save the energon loss, he’s in surprisingly good health.”

“It is possible,” the AI supposes.

Thrift drops Zepar off in the med-bay so that the angelicon can be properly tended to.


Well, aside from some interaction between characters, the Splitter brothers and Broadband are about to Rickroll corona, and it’s been discovered that the Omega Key was acting funny at the time Salvation was teleported.

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“That’s good, he’s our key to find Corona, who, according to him, is out there on the planet somewhere.”

Epsilon gives a chuckle, “You know, if someone told me a month ago that I’d wake up and find myself entangled in a quest to find the Omega Lock and run into Bludgeon’s fleet, zombies and giant jellyfish Mechanimals, I’d tell them they were crazy and should probably lay off the Engex.”

Forcep raises his eyebrow again.

“You don’t say…” he reacts.

The AI replies with an awkward laugh.

@meepinater On the bridge, Broadband finishes her work, and a small holographic rendition of an infamous terran music video materializes on one of her consoles.

Broadband and several other Autobots break out into howls of laughter, while most of the Decepticons look at them, confused due to their inexperience with human humor.

“I-… a-… wh-…” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ stammers, before sighing and resting his face in his palm. Topside allows himself to smirk at the display.

“Did-… did you guys seriously-… 7,000 years missing on this planet and the first- second, actually, my bad- second thing we send these people is a meme?” Breakswitch groans as her brother clutches his midsection and laughs.


The three Splitter brothers double over, laughing and cackling.
Thrust straightens up, brushing a tear of his face.
“Never gets old…”

“If you’re sure…”
Daria comments,
She sighs,
“Don’t hide from me. I can listen if you have something to say.”

Actaeon gives a thumbs up with a slightly defeated ‘yay!’ and begins his trek to the bars.

“Or at least, that’s what he tells me, and I’m inclined to believe him.”

“You’re d*mn right!” Broadband agrees between fits of laughter.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ continues to grumble under his breath as the rest of the bridge crew starts to calm down.

“Which I don’t,” Sprocket insists. “Really.”

Forcep nods.

“With what we’ve seen this past month, so am I,” the medic says.

Facelift assumes his tank mode and rumbles off down one of the tunnels.

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Epsilon seems to relax a bit, “Mind if I ask you something?” He inquired.

Though he was clearly exhausted, he appeared to be fine.

Spectrum nodded in satisfaction.

“Wh-wh@t n0w?”

“Not at all,” the AI says. “I do not have much to do, at the moment.”

“Do you have any memories of the time before the Salvation found you; like from when the Knights that were your crew were alive?” He asked.

Shadowraker landed near Zepar’s bedside(?), keeping watch for any signs of him waking up.

“Back to the matter at hand though, is there anything I can do?”

“Much of my memory core is irreparably damaged,” the AI says, “but yes, I do still have some memories dating back to my initial service aboard the Inquisitive Savant.”

Two diagnostic drones tend to Zepar as he slumbers.

“I’m afraid not,” Forcep says. “My staff and I have things under control here.”


“Okay then. One more thing though, about that youngling over there,” He pointed at Deus, “What is to become of him?”

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Lightshift, still chuckling, straightens up.
“But seriously. We should probably check it out.”
Vigor sighed.
“Can we not? Last time we nearly died.”

SideStep lay gasping on the ground. Water dropper frim his already rusted body and energon dripped from various cuts on his body and face, including his mouth. He slowly sat up, coughing up a bit of energon along the way.
“Frak.” He groaned. “I think I might injured my insides.”

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