Salvation: Part II

“What can you remember of that time?” Epsilon asked, curious to know what it was like back then in the mythical Golden Age.

Zepar’s most severe damage was primarily caused by him pushing his body far more than he normally did along with being dangerously close to his own crush depth.

Forcep looks over at the hatchling, who was still being tended to by two other medics. Deus didn’t seem to mind; he was looking curiously around the med-bay as the doctors sealed his leaking holes and removed extraneous pieces of armor.

“My first priority is getting him- he is a ‘he’, right?- stable. Right now he’s a literal walking trash heap. After that… maybe some testing.”

“Nothing invasive or harmful, mind you,” the doctor clarifies. “But his spark popped out of a cube and slapped a bunch of junk together into a body. That warrants some investigation, don’t you think?”

“We’re going to the coordinates Sidewinder provided, regardless,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ asserts, regaining his composure.

“Wouldn’t hurt to properly introduce ourselves, I reckon,” Topside comments.

No NPCs were currently in the area.

“I was brought online nearly a thousand years after the event you now call the War of the Primes,” the AI explains. “The twilight of the Golden Age, if you will. From the historical records I’ve been able to access, cybertronian society had not yet regressed too severely, though it was beginning to do so.”

One of the drones beeps, and medics come to place Zepar in a CR chamber. His injuries were more than what mere drones could repair.

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Epsilon nods, listening closely to the AI.

Shadowraker perched on top of the CR chamber to wait for Zepar to wake up and come out.

“After the tests?” He asked.

Thrust nodded in agreement.
“Now that the fun’s over, we probably should take this very seriously. Make sure it’s not a threat.”

SideStep groaned again and started to drag himself towards the nearest medical station, drops of water and energon leaving a trail behins him.

“The Inquisitive Savant was ordered to explore the star system you found it in last month,” the AI continues. “Our exact orders, I sadly cannot remember, nor the exact circumstances behind our destruction.”

Forcep shrugs.

“I have some educational programs,” the doctor says. “Might do him some good; we can’t have him wandering the ship in his current state.”

Broadband straightens.

“Yeah,” she agrees. “Just gimme the word.”

SideStep was closer to the science wing than any medical bay, though surely Shockwave or Grommet could do something for him.

“Maybe I can look after him? I have a lot of spare time when I’m not in a firefight.” he chuckles a little.

“I’m not opposed to it,” Forcep says. “You can’t raise a bot on just old vids, right?”

“Maybe it had something to do with that cube the crew found on the ship?” He asked.

Zepar seemed to relax as the CR chamber did its thing, sleeping more peacefully as he did.

“true, but he might need a mother figure, got any ideas?”

“Cube?” the AI repeats. “I will have to look through the Inquisitive Savant’s inventory: I cannot currently recall any sort of ‘cube’.”

Forcep puts a hand to his chin.

“A surrogate mother may not be necessary, but certainly interaction with multiple people would be good for him…”

“Yeah, one of the scientists cannot seem to shut up about it and I heard it manifested a hatchling out of scraps when the drones were attacking.” He said.

“well, I’ve got plenty of time, when would the tests be done?” He asks.

Actaeon transforms into his space-jet and goes ahead to meed Facelift at the bar.

Daria sighs,
“Well take care of yourself then.”
She looks at at Forcep and Gatecrasher,
“Huh…someone beat me to it. So, I’m guessing that Deus is doing all right?”

“As far as I understand ma’am.” he replies courteously.

“Oh, that cube,” the AI realizes.

“I cannot say whether it was behind the disaster, though I suppose it is a possibility.”

“I wouldn’t hold your breath,” Forcep advises.

Facelift was headed for the Peace and Tyranny, the pub Lurch ran in Little Iacon. Only Decepticons were allowed inside.

“So, a few weeks then?” he asks.

“Hopefully not that long, if I can help it,” Forcep says, “but I do intend to be thorough.”

“Beats me, but it does still make me wonder why you were out that far from Cybertron.” Epsilon said with a shrug, not quite understanding why anyone would go that far away from home like that.

Shadowraker watched the medbay’s activity from her perch atop Zepar’s CR chamber while she waited.

“as long as you don’t hurt… Him?” He ask, with slight confusion at the end.