Salvation: Part II

Actaeon was of a seeker build, with a rather dark color-scheme. While his autobot insignia was on his chest, nearer to his left arm than to his right. Actaeon crossed his arms and intended to go in there.

Daria listens, before speaking.
“Well, I should probably buy myself a new rifle, I’ll head down to get one then head back here. I’m sure haggling a good price will take some effort.”

“I’m hardly a captain.” Thrust replied.

SideStep made his way to the science wing.

“We were… scouting…” the AI replies with difficulty. “For what purpose, I cannot say, unfortunately. Something in that star system warranted investigation, I know that.”

Forcep nods.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he promises. “He’s in good hands; this is the best place on the whole ship for him to be right now.”

Facelift eventually arrives and reverts to robot mode.

“Oh,” he says, looking at the holo-sign beside the door. “You might wanna let me handle this one, chief. Ol’ Lurch doesn’t let Autobots in there.”

“…I’d say you’re missing out, but I don’t feel like lying to ya.”

Broadband shrugs.

“Alright,” he says, pressing a button. The video stops playing.

“Aww…” Flyby quietly sighs.

Shockwave and Grommet were in their respective laboratories.

Vigor chuckled.
“Ahhhh, it feels good to prank again.”

SideStep continued to drag himself into Grommet’s lab.

“Maybe, after we all get home, someone can scout it out to see what it was that made the Knights want to go there.” Epsilon said.

Zepar started to stir, his wounds healing rapidly due to the CR chamber.

A hologram of a cybertronian woman materializes where the visage of Rick Astley had been a mere moment ago.

OOC: she kinda resembles War For Cybertron’s Arcee, but the hologram is entirely blue.


“…Uh… hello, Salvation,” she says, clearly confused from the earlier Rickrolling.

The lab was a mess. The large window had been completely shattered (though an invisible energy shield kept the atmosphere inside), and water had strewn artifacts, pods, and equipment all over the room. A few puddles still lingered on the floor, and Grommet was working to get everything cleaned up.

“D*mn that Autobot hack!” he curses Sprocket. “This is his mess, too!”

The AI nods.

“If whatever it was is till there,” they say.

Epsilon nods and looks at the Savant, “You know, considering everything that’s happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if that thing was still there.” He said.

Zepar tiredly woke up, still feeling weary from before even though his Energon was being restored.

Thrust looks at the captains.
“You’re in charge.”

“Help…” SideStep moaned, struggling to stand up.

The AI’s holo-avatar shrugs its shoulders.

“I’m about to pass out from energon depletion, and my counterpart’s a horrible conversationalist,” Topside quips.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ glares at Topside. The woman in the hologram waits patiently.

Grommet quickly shifts his attention to SideStep.

“Oh my… yes, of course!” he acknowledges the bot, hurrying over to him.

Thrust chuckles.
“Still in charge. What are your orders?”

SideStep slipped and thudded to the ground.

“And my Seeker frame won’t be able to fool them?”

Daria heads off from the medical room to find where she might find a Nucleon Charge Rifle.

Zepar emerges from the CR chamber, transforming to his beast mode for the additional stability of being on four legs rather than two and looked at Shadowraker, “Hey, girl.” He said tiredly, to which the Cryo Condor responded with a little nip at his tail before landing on his head, “Yeah, I owe Thrift shanix for that Decimator and the captains probably are gonna give an earful for that stunt.”

Well, time to face the music. he thought as he walked out of the medbay towards the bridge.

Epsilon pondered for a minute before saying something, “What was it like when the Salvation found you?” He asked, wondering what was going through the AI’s mind at that time.

Pixel places a hand thoughtfully underneath his chin and slaps the window of his pod.

Topside shrugs.

“Don’t keep the lady waiting,” he says. “It’s rude.”

“That’s alright,” the lady in question says. “I’ve waited 7,000 years; a few seconds more won’t be too much trouble.”

Grommet picks him up and begins to look over SideStep’s injuries.

Forcep tilts his head.

"Seeker buil-… what are you talking about?’ he asks. “Just 'cause you look a bit like Starscream doesn’t mean they’re not gonna notice the Autobot symbol on your chest, man.”

OOC: the seekers don’t have a specific “build” in this universe.

IC: [quote=“Jcton, post:1354, topic:49995”]
Daria heads off from the medical room to find where she might find a Nucleon Charge Rifle.

Salvo likely had one available for purchase.

Salvation’s damage had only worsened in the last battle- many of the halls contained burns and carbon scoring on the walls and ceiling, along with more than a few dents. Crew members of every faction amble about, many helping the wounded find medical help.

“My higher functions were offline, at the time,” the AI says, “though now I am grateful for her arrival.”

“Mo@r sl33p?” Spectrum asked.

Thrust sighed.
“This is Thrust, hailing from the Salvation, because my captains are too lazy and my communications officer isn’t doing his job.” He deadpanned. “How can we help?”

SideStep had numerous amounts of lacerations, as well as internal damage and a lot of water in his lungs.

Zepar tried to use his medigauntlet on some of the injured he passed on the way in the hopes that they’d be able to pull through because he had helped; he didn’t want to see more people die so quickly.

He continues until he reaches the bridge, quietly and respectfully staying to the side and out of the way when he saw there was a call going on.

Epsilon nods, “Yeah.” He said politely, letting there be a quiet moment.

“Tr@PPPPeed!” Pixel screamed, pounding at the walls as his breathing became rushed. It sounded as if the air in his system was being sucked out.

“Thank you. That’s good to hear. too many young in this galaxy have been destroyed.”

Spectrum, concerned, opened the pod.

OOC: darn. was hoping for that to be the case. was mainly hoping they would have a similar aesthetic that was labeled as such

IC:[quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:1357, topic:49995”]
"Seeker buil-… what are you talking about?’ he asks. “Just 'cause you look a bit like Starscream doesn’t mean they’re not gonna notice the Autobot symbol on your chest, man.”

“I could cover my chest.”

Daria heads over to Salvo.