Sammy (New SelfMOC) and Sylris

It’s been a while since I’ve done a constraction MOC.

time to set the mood:

True colors:

Alt. Mask:

Mask active: (the only time i can accurately show a mask’s power)

Sammy and Sylris:


C&C welcome.


Really nice and I take the bigger arm has a shield. Great build and I really like it

On which one?

The blue one

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the larger arm has the claw. the smaller arm is just covered in a sholder-mounted pauldron,

kinda like this:

Ahh it honestly looks like a shield to me, playing to much destiny lately…

A solid build that appears to consist with mostly technic pieces for the torso (except the limbs). However the legs is a blob of mess, having 2 type of Bohrok shields doesn’t work and the Nuva shoulder is an eye-sore.

Suffer from side gap from the legs, the neck is relatively long, and the Rahkshi chest feels like a second face.


Yeah, make the bohrok shields the same piece on both side and integrate a different pad beside nuva shoulder would look good imo-

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OK, so

cut out some of the bohrok shields, and the nuva shoulders?

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These guys look pretty good! Some in-depth C&C:


  • I really like that shoulder pauldron. How flexible is it?
  • The light blue and regular blue work really well together
  • I really love that weapon you gave him
  • Proportions seem quite solid overall.
  • IMO, the Pakari works a bit better then the Huna
  • The colour scheme feels a bit chaotic (especially in the lower legs). How about trying to eliminate most of the silver and gunmetal?
  • The feet seem a little bit too thin in comparison to the really wide lower legs. Do you have any wider feet that you could use instead?


  • Accomplishes the “tall and lithe” look quite well.
  • Colour scheme is pretty solid overall.
  • As others have stated, the torso sticks out a little bit too much. How about turning the Rahkshi head around so that it’s facing upwards?
  • Do you have any black spike pieces to use on the back of the legs? I think they might work better then the silver.
  • Do you have any smooth tires you can use on the ankles in place of the textured ones?
  • Have you got any silver claw pieces to replace the trans-orange ones? And how about replacing the Bohrok eyes with black or red parts?
  • How about lowering the neck a little bit? It feels a bit long right now IMO.
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much better

Better coverage and upper torso, yet the neck is still lengthy; including the thigh limb. Still good-

Not much changed beside the leg armor placement.


maybe, or use a different build for the thigh

so, shorten the thigh back down?