Sammy Reviews: Titans Return Blurr

Because it technically can’t be a part of the “community reviews” section, it’ll be placed here.

anyways, onto the pictorial review!

Blurr in vehicle mode is based off his '86 rendition, in IDW’s colors, and I find the bugger to be quite nifty. Everything is pegged in together quite solidly, and overall, this thing just looks cool.

There is a cockpit, for his little titanmaster buddy, Haywire!
(apologies for the pictures; it’s hard as hell to focus on something this tiny)

This lil’ guy is actually quite nicely painted, considering his size. He’s got posability in his knees, hips, and shoulders, but his knees and hips are fused together.

And here’s a size comparison. I’m not exaggerating when I’m calling him tiny. Just look at that.

Here’s Haywire inside the little cockpit, all nice and snug.

This is a little “attack mode” shown in the instructions, which, honestly, just looks dumb.

the little nosecone jet looks pretty good, despite being a doofy little flying sled.



And with that fun n’ fast transformation, we get Blurr.

Dear god, this guy looks cool. As I’ve stated before, this is the G1 body in the IDW comic colors, but dang, thus guy looks cool.

With a miniature balljoint in the head, universal joints in the arms, bicep swivels, 90 degree elbows, a waist swivel, balljointed hips, thigh swivels, and 95-ish degree knee bends, this guy is great for posing, especially with his sled-shield and little rifle.

And a quick size comparison.

(Yes, that is Hy-Vee brand Dr. Pepper. I’m a Midwestener. Sue me.)

All in all, this figure looks great, poses well, and is overall fun to play around with. For me, this figure would be a good addition to your collection, if you can get past the 15$ price.

And that was my first ever pictorial review! C&C welcome and if this goes well, I might just do another! Anyways, I’ll catch ya next time!


Nice Review

Removed unnecessary promotional content -legomaster

Lel, I can relate. XP

Nice review, $15 sounds like a pretty good price, may consider picking him up, :slight_smile:

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yeah, meanwhile for me, he was the ONLY Titans Return figure in town.

kinda had to pick him up.

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Well if I wasn’t convinced before, I’m convinced now. I’ll probably pick him up next time I have enough money. After that I’ll do Percepter, Kup, and Hot Rod, in no particular order, just so I can get the full '86 Autobot crew.

Well you should definitely do more.

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i mean, i had another review’s pictures all done, just never posted it.

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What do you mean by had? Did you loose them?

no, just never got around to posting em

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Well why don’t you do so now?