Samurai Jack


A new 2016 series!!!

discuss about the old or new series!


on adult swim?
I feel this will only result in bad things

Someone edit that title btw

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Oh no I mean the series in general, Hold on

well, it's on Toonami so...

seeing as it literally states in the trailer, that its gonna be on adult swim
I assume adult swim

Adult Swim?...

I dunno if I'm supposed to be worried, I probably should be

I wouldn't say so

technically the title and who posted it suggests Toonami.

the Adult Swim thing seems to mean that the series will be outside the original's restrictions of censored scenes or oil/alien blood

see my problem with it being on adult swim
Is that it will end up like ren and stimpy
crude, disgusting humour for the sake of being crude and disgusting

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... I mean, sure there could be some humor, but it's not like they'll remove the character of Jack or anyone else or only have few sick battles


Wasn't able to watch the trailer at the moment, is Genndy T still in charge?

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I've yet to check who is involved in the project...

EDIT @Dr_Chronos it appears Genndy is still involved as Executive producer, so yeah

Man. Such a great show. Can't wait for the new series! :smiley:
I thought this topic already existed?

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Honestly I feel like the Adult Swim thing was done for two reasons.
1.The creators want to deal with less censorship.
2.The fan base of the original show is a good deal older, so the show is upping itself accordingly.
Either way, Hype!


I thought so too, but when I checked, nada...

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I'm excited

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I'll admit, I didn't watch any Samurai Jack when I was young, but I think Aku is a pretty cool character (probably because he was voiced by Mako).

And once again, the highlight for me is Aku, as his silhouette is quite epic and intimidating in this new promo.

It's a shame the actor died....


It's like it's 2001 all over again.

Two important questions:
1. Who will be the new Aku? Mako was amazing but I like the idea of a different voice in stead of an imitator.
2. Will it ever reach the actual ending?


I loved the art style of the original, but I've never watched it.

So for that reason can't say I'm excited for the new one, but man such an old show like that just came out from left field for me!

A part of me wishes it will be like Berserk.

Jack and his allies die when someone betrays them for Aku/some large force which kills them all horribly?

I just want Jack to go back to the past, destroy Aku then face the repercussions