Say Hello to Teridax! (version 2-3 only, !OUTADED!)

After attending weeks, WEEKS, of physical training and group therapy, Makuta Teridax is back once again to wreak havoc on the Matoran Universe!

Standing at 1 foot 10 inches (w/ the wings, 1 foot 6-8 inches w/o), this revamp of what was technically a revamp sports improved articulation, a new torso construction that allows for better shoulder movement, new legs that are 100% more supportive than the last and with 85% less gaps. The wings are a black vinyl cloth hand shaped by me and an Exact-O knife, the wings much like the rest of this MOC has gone through several changes. [EDIT] turns out, after digging through some posts on a page on Facebook, I've had this MOC in the early stages of a build since AUGUST of last year.

Beware coming toa, for the eyes of the Makuta are not behind the Kanohi Kraahkan, but within his chest, where he conceals his true form, an infected Kanohi Hau (callback to the MNOG)! The body of this MOC also holds 6 Rahkshi backs, one each for the primary Rahkshi.

More photos available at My Flickr. Feel free to take a look and give any critiques you have on the MOC as a whole.

Now Who wants to play some Kolhii!?


the head compared to the body is pretty small, but the body looks great


Yeah it does. But it doesn't bother me all that much, mostly because I don't have the resources to make one using system parts, nor do I have the cash to buy the movie version off of Shapeways.


Hello, Teridax.
Those are some neat-o wings.


isn't he kinda fat. cool feet and arms

Birthing hips and a beer gut. Huh. I guess being a father to 6 Rahkshi can be extremely tough as a single parent.


The red armor on either side of the lower torso are meant to armor some of the supports for the legs. They aren't actually part of the torso.

looking good, however the thighs sorta bother me. Other then that and maybe the hands he looks good

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well it's,
it's certainly something alright.

@JMP I understand. The thighs are pretty gappy, but that's only because I couldn't find a way to fill the space without limiting mobility or placing stress on the parts. As for the hands, I did a version of this MOC on LDD and found that the system version of the hands I had there looked worse than what you see now.

@Payinku I am detecting hints of sarcasm, what seems to be the problem?

you don't seem like the kind of person to freak out over criticism, so I'll be honest with you,

while the size is impressive,
it's doesn't look right.

-so many gaps,
-the arm construction is ugly, it looks like they can split like general grevious',
-the waist area is a mess, the red supports are bad, maybe if they were black I could ignore them but not when they're bright red,
-his thighs are almost literally nonexistant, it's like his top half is floating above his shins,
-he has less than no neck,
-too much red, even for the movie version, especially in the arms,
-the random silver armour on the insides of the knees,
-the toed feet, while not badly designed, end in open ball joints, making his feet look unfinished,
-the upper shin looks really broken up because of the use of the rahkshi leg,

-personally, I think the wings should be more bat-like.

honestly, this looks nothing like teridax to me.
I think you tried to build it on a much larger scale than you should have, as it comes off as messy, rather than imposing.

ofcourse, feel free to disagree with my opinion.

also, I think the tahtorak moc looks really nice actually.
the only thing I'd change would be to give it actual rahkshi feet.

you mean the part about tahtorak?
check your flickr album,
seems you have a stow away.

I think you mean Turahk.

Oh the Turahk? That was for BBC #69, kind of a last minute entry some people in a group on facebook told me to submit.

yes, why did I think it was tahtorak?
I must be tired.

but yeah, that's nice.

Well, thanks.

Hello Teridax stuck_out_tongue

Well Helllllllloooooooooooo Teridax...

Definitely not the cleanest MOC I've seen, but that's usually a given when you're building in his scale. I think the main problem he has is the gappinness caused by aligning two socket pieces parallel, which is especially evident in his legs and arms. It's impressive that you manged to stick with Makuta's basic color scheme in that scale, even though the legs seem to be using a different type of color layering than the arms and a couple of parts in the thighs are off color. As for the torso attachments, the added armor does give some undesired bulk to his torso. I think if you took the armor pieces off those and used a bare "piston" aesthetic, and gave the extra rmor to his thighs, it would look a bit better. And those wings are cool, impressive that you made those yourself.


Looks slightly mecha-ish
i like it.

Man, Makuta put on a lot of weight, didn't he?