My teacher wasn't bad last year, but she had a nasty habit of assigning tons of things without set due dates. She'd say read boatloads of pages in your book and do all of the margin review, big picture, and document questions within maybe a week or two. As someone who can't focus enough to finish most of the projects I start on my own accord, that was torture.

And then we had to study for the AP test towards the end of the second semester along with all that annoying book stuff.

It's never so much been that I can't deal with the concepts, it's more about the specifics that bug me. All those little details that I just sort of have to remember to deal with any given equation just drove me insane with chemistry.

What science did you take last year?


I started three weeks ago.

This has been a weird school year so far, because last year, I took and passed 8 AP tests. Because I almost died of stress last year, my parents made me take only three APs this year.

So yeah, it's been...better. I can now balance school and my hobbies a bit more, so I got that going for me. smiley

EDIT: Full explanation below because my wording here made me sound lazy.


Sounds like a good reason to stay away from APs.

Really not sure what the American equivilant (I actually ran into this same problem when I was guesting on the CHC and they asked me about Math). We call it something like "Grade 10 advanced ST and STE".

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And i still have more than a month without school q:

Okay, I worded that poorly. Here's the whole thing:

It wasn't just stress. I came from a more advanced school that offered higher level courses, which is why I took so many APs last year. This year, I moved to a regular public school--a school that offers far fewer AP classes, and has different requirements. I had to take certain other, non-AP classes in order to fulfill the requirements of the school.

And yes, I also consider non-stop studying and work from 3pm to 12pm to be hard work, and a reason to not take on 8 AP classes again, especially when I exceed the standards already.

It's not me being lazy, or not caring; I already meet most of the requirements needed to graduate, and I'm in 11th grade. So yeah....

Well I'm already in school. My school isn't that large but offers some great classes. This year I'm mainly focused on my two ap classes, ap language and composition, ap American history. Me and my friend have been deadlocked in the same GPA for 3 years and both are 2nd in class. However, I mainly good around and do better without stressing myself. I'm planning on going full force this year to make my family proud.


Holy crap man. 8 AP courses in one year? I don't even have 8 periods! XD

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Yeah, I took AP Language, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP World History, AP Economics (Micro), AP Economics (Macro), AP Government, and AP Chemistry--in addition to Spanish and pre-calc. no_mouth (Although, in all fairness, both AP Econ classes were just extras that I foolishly chose.)

As I said, I went to Most of those were requirements.

This year, the only APs I have are AP Calc, AP Lit., and AP Statistics.

Ya my school let's you take a max of 3 AP per year. Which never happens as there are 6-7 ap courses which are offered from 10th grade onward.

Sounds more like a gulag than a school then.
You should sue


Wow, a lot of people are going back soon, I don't go back 'till September 1st.

I like several classes in school of which being, English, History, Art, Astronomy, and Biology. However I am really not a big fan of Math, nor Physics. I'm going into 10th grade BTW


I go back on September 9th, meaning I have the rest of August to enjoy. smiley


I'm ready for school, except for the fact that I procrastinated and never started my summer work yet... frowning

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Probably a mix of choice (typically you choose to go to college rather than it being mandatory like high school), the "cliques" and such being eliminated as a method of "success", no fear of bullying, and partying.


I had my first class today, but since I'm homeschooled, my normal classes don't start until September. As today's was just an elective class. I think that's the right word?

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Two days from death row.
At least I am only taking one AP class (Français).
That procrastinated summer work though.

I'm er... graduated.
From Homeschooling.


I do online school....

and I still hate it.

Oh, hey, mine did too.