Schoolhouse MoC (Wekua's Self-Educational MoC Topic)

It’s been a good while and a half since I’ve been active in MoCing, and I’m trying to reignite that creative spark. Occasionally I’ll make an arbitrary combo model or force myself to use a unique part or limited color, just to exercise my abilities. I’d love some feedback from the community, if it’s available, but I don’t want to flood the boards with miscellaneous one-off topics, so I’m gonna consolidate them here, one at a time.

To begin, I did a combo today of these three:

And I created Eye Mongrel and the Turtlebird:

Opinions on the color blocking?

His hips and elbows have trouble holding the weight of his torso and forearms, respectively, but if you get the position right he’ll get by.

Tuyet mode is really easy to achieve, whether you want it or not:

Complimentary pics of Turtlebird, the Leftover MoC:

I think better overlapping will solve Eye Mongrel’s Darth Maul Syndrome, and I’d like to spend time in the future trying to double up on barclip and towball joints.

Turtlebird is perfect, of course.

Anyway, more later, at no particular time.


I like how Tuyet Mode is just a thing now



also these look pretty neat, my favorite is Turtlebird.

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Why does he have so many EYES?

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commitment issues

Alright tiny addition here, low stakes. I got three of those Creative Monsters kits just to screw around with the idea, but Eye Mongrel kinda spooked me into worrying about using the googly eyes too much. So I made some monsters without those, and that was my only little challenge: no googly eyes.

Here we got Bitey Frog and Cheese Monster

We also got Bug Animal and Arishem Eyes Ghid Teeth Eldritch Judgement Spider

And my person favorite:

Human Baby Larvae. A true monster


This guy was briefly pranced across the Custom Combo Models topic

The prop function is a bit fiddly, but I limited myself to the parts I had in the sets used so I’ll let myself off the hook.

Leftovers MOC: Bad Car.

Sets used:

Somewhere in the near future I will challenge myself from a different direction but for now, work and the remodel consume my every measure of strength and will


Nice. I like the hover car looking thing

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Thank you sir I was very loosely approximating something like this

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Neato. The Bad Car’s build doesn’t look that bad either

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For the 90th Anniversary Contest, I actually started building a temple thing before I moved into my final entry. It’s unfinished and I have very little to say about it, I was mostly just cobbling parts together. Still wanna document it here for reference.


Still looks cool.

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Thanks man!

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The tohunga head looks pretty cool with arch framing it. Nice


Thank you Atobe I was riffing off the MNOG style temples and statues so if anyone gets credit it’s them lol


Toa Metru Tarix only exists because I wanted to use Tow ball joint on a Metru torso

But I like the armor work too


Old Man Takadox

Just wanted to use El Toro Loco’s teeth to make a blind Barraki.

“Why don’t you come in and sit down, little Matoran? I’ve been feeling… starved… of conversation…”


old man takadox looks possibly even creepier than original takadox


Oldie I never posted, Toa Pala was a Bo-Toa made with the few metal blue parts I had. Not a great build but like the shoulders and the staff.

What if the Vahki were the heroes?

Also I was gonna do a combo of these boys

But all I made was this 2D burger car


Nice color scheme!

Also I think people should use those hockey stick pieces more often

What do you mean Wekua

The Vahki are heroes Wekua

Obedience is happiness Wekua

Might makes right Wekua