SCP Foundation

That one scary little site about a supposed, titular secret government organization deals and contains anomolous items from mythological creatures to universe ending/changing items in order to protect humanity and existence

Said items are catalogued on a site and created by users.

some creepy stuff, some of those file, sometimes cute stuff

There’s some stories and alternate continuities too

even has a game based on it


I love the ones that are so obviously referencing something while still making it look like they aren’t referencing anything.

Like the “Unstoppable force and immovable object” one, for example.



I persoanlly really like this whole thing. I find a lot of them are really cool unique and intereting. I’m honestly surprised this topic hasn’t cought on at all.

Cool. You should check out eastsideshow scp on youtube. He makes videos about them and they are really good

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what about sCp


But yeah, it should have stayed at that, it was obscure, you could take it seriously, then it went mainstream and now it’s awful.


I didn’t know about it until it went mainstream so i can’t say anything about that. But there really is some good stuff on there, both old and new.

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eh, really just the old stuff is good (imo), now it’s just flooded things like Roblox, people think it’s an original concept for them to do it but they don’t even seem to know what that means.

Obscure old websites are the best when it comes to telling creepy stories, they shouldn’t spread other than that.
How do you think we got the creepypasta fandom?


Recently I’ve been listening/watching a YouTube channeled called the The Volgun which centers around SCP readings and it’s really good.

Language warning and general other warnings on SCP

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I really like it. Most of the skips themselves are very interesting, and the tales range from creepy to absolutely absurd(like any of the Dr. Bright stories).

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I’m losing my mind over anti memes

scp 049-j is the superior scp

The best document on SCP site is SCP-001-j, The Broke God

He just want your money

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Anyone watch SCP Animated - Tales From the Foundation?

I’ve seen bits of it, but it never really grabbed my attention. I’ve always found the regular document reading videos more interesting. The Volgan, SCP Illustrated, those guys.

But seeing as this series has had a finale, implying a larger plot I didn’t realize was there, I might give it a try and watch the whole thing.