Scydrak - Guilty Sunset

So I made a thing without bland colors.

Colors represent the sunset, legs are black because night. Yes the swords are wings. =D

So yeah. Links should go to my Flickr, if you're interested in more pictures, including a back shot. Hope you enjoyed!


Hello, shin.


A- Good shin.

I really like his sexy shins. Are they kept shiny by rubbing them with chicken skins?

... The only pictures there are is of shins.

Sorry about that. The copy paste wasn't working...






if yall could kindly delete your posts.....

I fixed the pictures

Lol no this is going down in history Ekie boi.

But uh, as for the MOC, it's very good. I like the proportions and the colors. They work well together.



Why would you do this to me Bio

I thought we could be friends ;-;

I came late, so what happened to the shins?

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The copypaste on my laptop lagged and it ended up posting all one picture, which was the initial closeup on the shins XP



Is it male or female? I can't tell from the proportions. I'll assume it might be a girl or a guy then. The colors look like an off-version of Red, blue and green(or some other color like gold). Guy looks interesting enough, nice Slizer hand chest, alright hands and head, nice shoulder pads, dunno about the sword gimmick


@ColdGoldLazarus: Instead of different images, all 6 or so where the same image of just the MOC's shins. XD

@Ekorak: I like the combination of new and old pieces. The shoulder-pads are a bit to much blue-grey in one spot, so maybe switch them out with something black and a small yellow highlight?


It's a beefy male. I prefer my female MOCs to be more petite in size, not quite so bulky.

I'm sorry, but either you're colorblind right now....or the image quality is actually that bad. This colors are light blue, burnt orange, yellow/transyellow, and black. He has no green XP

Just throwing this out there, regardless of how it looks over the internet...these things look frickin epic in real life.

sheds a single tear

I only have one remaining of the part I need in black. I wanted to make it black, but it couldn't.


well, yellow could be counted as an alternate green depending on what color spectrum you see. Also yes I can tell the difference. I was just saying it's like a corruption/'off' version of the color spectrum, only yellow being kept along with black

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you prefer all your mocs to be petite in size.

gonna be honest, the color balance is kill, ek.


Pretty nice overall; I like the color scheme and what you were going for with it, but the Light Blue doesn't work quite as well with the others. I would say to replace it with purple, but of course that's something easier said than done, so I'm not sure what to say that would actually be helpful.

The shins look quite nice; as far as posting the same picture six times in a row, there certainly could have been worse ones. stuck_out_tongue I like the gimmick with the swords, and how the Slizer Heads lift for them to slot in. Probably my favorite part, though, would be the chest.


which is being said on a bulky MOC


On the images, or the MOC? I can see people not liking the color distribution of the MOC itself, but I honestly like them. I may try to fix the legs in the future, but for now at least, I'm happy with the colors and concept.

Well you see, as I have stated, this guy's coloring concept kinda came around when I saw a pretty cool sunset. I picked two colors that fit it, and those were light blue and burnt orange.

Why thank you! The swords were admittedly a last minute decision to have become wings, but hey, it looks cool and gets across the elemental air feel a bit more.

And yes, I do quite enjoy the chest. I just wish the arms were as good XP


by your standards,

both, the picks have a yellow tint, and the mocs colors clash hard.

ek, sunsets are a warm gradient, I don't know what kind of sunsets you're seeing.


I'm personally a fan of heavily contrasting colors, they make the MOC pop and seem more interesting. But, that's just me.

He's probably referring to the sky color above the sunset and the gold in the middle of the gradient. Many sunsets have that strange kind of blue above them if you look.

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yeah! Only burnt orange, red, crimson and yellow go in a sunset(unless you're looking directly up or away from the sunset