Secondary Kanoka, Part 1


Hello all! Been playing around with designing Kanoka for all the different elements besides the main six, wanted to show them off/get feedback as I work. In my own artwork, when I draw Matoran they have their kanoka design stamped onto their armor, so I kinda need them all, even if they’re not canon. Here’s the first five out of ten, in HD:

Gravity / Ba-Matoran

Sound / De-Matoran

Magnetism / Fa-Matoran

Plasma / Su-Matoran

Lightning / Vo-Matoran


Really feels like these fit with the canon ones!

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I really like the first 2, they feel the most close to canon, and the designs are just cool. The Fa-Kanoka is kinda grey-boring, those magnets a little bit obvious. But overall really great work! 10/10!


Out of all of them the only two that stick out are the third one and the last one. The others I really like especially the first two

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These are beautiful, really clever how you snuck in a lightning bolt in the Lightning Kanoka.

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I agree with what GX said the magnet and lightning ones are not quite as good. Maybe the magnet one could be a more ying yang symbol with the idea of positive/negative? As for the lightning one, I’m not sure. These are all really cool tho, I love the details like the speakers on the sound one.

These are really cool. The magnetism Kanoka is somewhat lackluster compared to the others, though, and I think the lightning one could do with… more stuff. I guess. Nice work, though, this is an awesome idea!

I’ve always wanted more of them and you’ve done a great job on them, but for me I can’t help but noticing that the originals, to me at least, picture depicted more of the power than then element, for example I will use the Onu disk which the power of returning back to the thrower
To me I see the picture on this like it’s leaving markers so that it will know the path back to the thrower (not that it actually leaves markers like that) So maybe you could make up powers for each one?


ooh, yeah, I like these

My favorite is probably the sound one. It looks really nice, and fits in perfectly with the official Kanoka.

I like the plasma one too. The lightning one is good, but I think the color should be a little brighter.

The magnetism one is okay, but definietley not my favorite. I think it’d be cool if you added a design element that represented things coming together.

I have mixed feelings about the Gravity disk. It looks really cool, and the solar system imagery makes sense, but it looks a little too… modern? I’m not really sure.

I look forward to seeing part 2!

I appreciate all the feedback, I’ll continue tweaking these designs as I work on the others.
Working on this I’ve noticed that the designs of the original six discs don’t represent the element so much as the architecture of the metru. The Le-Metru disc looks like the chute system, Onu-Metru is like levels of the archive, Ko-Metru like the knowledge towers, and so on. There’s no districts and so no reference for the secondary elements, so I’ve been trying to imagine what sort of buildings and functions a hypothetical De-Metru or Su-Metru or any of them would have, and use that as a baseline.


They look amazing!

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This is what I wanted to see! Now to come up with new flying patterns.

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I have some ideas👍:

  • Gravity Kanoka/Ba-Metru:
    Trajectory of Disk‘s flight is straighter, with gravity arcing its course less.
    (Or would this be considered a copy-off of Le-Metru?)

  • Sonics Kanoka/De-Metru:
    Deals knock-back to target.
    (At first glance, one might assume that this is a copy-off of Ta-Metru, but, if memory serves me correct, I don’t recall it being said that Ta-Metru disks knock-back the thrower’s target when they finally hit it,- but just that they can knock obstacles out of the way on their way to said target. This disk, on the other hand, stops flying the moment it hits something, and deals knock-back to whatever ended its flight.)

  • Magnetism Kanoka/Fa-Metru:
    Draws target (or maybe objects in general) toward itself as it flies.

  • Plasma Kanoka/Su-Metru:
    Homes-in on wherever the thrower’s stare is fixed (can change course mid-flight if thrower starts staring at something other than the original target).
    (This is different from Ga-Metru disks, as they change direction midair based on the thrower’s thoughts, whereas this disk’s course is based on the user’s stare, and gives a definitive advantage to Su-Matoran throwers if the target is particularly bright.)

  • Lightning Kanoka/Vo-Metru:
    Can ricochet, using its power on whatever it hits for up to several collisions. Skilled throwers can use this to get multiple opponents in one throw.

Also, great work on the Kanoka designs, @frigin!:+1:
(Despite others’ objections, I find the magnets on the Fa-Metru disk quite enjoyable.:slightly_smiling_face:)

I imported these Kanoka Designs to my laptop and, in the PartDesigner app, attempted to apply them as decals to the blank Kanoka Disk that came in either Swampykara’s or Galva’s parts pack, but, when I exported these custom decal-ed Disks into, they showed up as blank (and I know from past experience of making at least one custom minifigure in the apps that if there’s a custom decal on a part, it should show-up in after you export it there). Anybody know how I can troubleshoot this?

What it looks like in PartDesigner:

What it looks like in