Secondary self MOC Hrez'rak, Toa of Iron and rust WIP

Well, I have never done before, but now I just did, posting the WIP pic of my new secondary self MOC Hrez'rak here. As you can, he is totally a new character and has own build, but he is in WIP form. I'll do some minor adding and maybe some fixing. Mainly I will paint his right arm slightly into a rusty color and "repainting" the old boring silver into better silver coloring, some of the parts.


As an artist, the proportions are perfect the armor just enough without being over haul or to little. Using those Axxon heads on the arms carry the sharp lines that are in the rest of the moc well. Awesome moc I love it! 😍

I like the gun and the armor detail, except the Axonn masks on the shoulders while also wearing a Kanohi Rode.

Does this have a head? I notice a lack of eyestalk behind the kanohi and that's the one thing that bugs me.

Amazing. This is just. plain. amazing.

As far i have seen on Bolts DA, he has yellow-eyed mata head

+Unusual colourscheme
+Interesting techniques used throughout the body
-Gappy transforming gauntlet (as of now)
-shotgun is to thin/lacking
-preety wierd way to attach eyepatch thing
-little too much silver

So overall he is preety good moc and all...
What is his exact size?

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heart_eyes Excellent as always, BoltTron! I'm expecting lots of impressive poses!

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Thanks! :3

Well, those Axonn's masks were the only best choices what I have chosen. They might be weird, but they don't bother me so much.

Thanks your thoughts, althought the robot transforming gauntlet doesn't have a gap, I used those system round slope parts to "fill" up gauntlet.
I don't know about "little bit too (to is a preposition, not a quantity word, sorry for grammar :P) much silver, but the back of Hrez'rak has less silver than front of him. However, I was thinking about to fix some problem on Stelt's shotgun, if possible.
And the eyepatch, well now that you said it is weird, but I could put over the eye patch, but this may cause some frustration to me then.

Weeeeeeeeell Hrez'rak's height is 10 and half inches, by far the second tallest MOC I have ever built, yes he stands taller than my Onua.

Geez, thanks! :3


Amazing! love the eyepatch...and the torso....and the everything.......

will you review your newer MOCs on YouTube soon?

@haloblast Are you kidding me? This moc is fantastic!


I believe he expects the highest out of Mocs.... that or...

I love it, I'd totally buy it if it was a set.



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I'm still thinking..... I guess you have a Higher then average standard? Jeez I wasn't trying to be mean

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Hey, @haloblast, there's nothing wrong with disliking MOCs. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But you need to express those opinions politely if you want to be a member of this community. If you're in a bad mood, take a few deep breaths, let this sink in, and come back when you're thinking more clearly, m'kay?


but seriously
no you haven't been really polite
I mean, like john said, everyones entitled to their opinion

no insulting staff members



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You have not been polite. You have been confrontational and insulting. It is never acceptable to communicate that way on this board for any reason. I'm afraid you're going to have to change the way you communicate if you wish to remain part of this community.

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I would say chill out, but okay, I understand your personality, but I don't want that this will become a "fight". Don't give me wrong, I still understand why your opinion is yours. Okay I understand the others, because it is like "Oh you have to love this one", sure why not no, or something else that you're not interested. But I'm proud of myself because it is by far the coolest MOC I have done so far. But I don't personally want that you're getting trouble by a simple comment. I hope this isn't offensive to you, sir.


If it helps, I love it. 😄