This is my new self moc! It is highly, highly explored so if you see one of your designs in there it’s because I thought it was great. By that I mean The hands (Ventum, Thanks a lot :D) and upper arms (Venom!)

Now, though they look pretty good, the colors will change a bit at some point.

Constructive criticism is highly wanted.

Also: I will add more pictures tomorrow but it’s midnight and i don’t feel like taking more pictures with my crappy phone.


Not a big fan of those legs. Not just that it’s not custom, really I could care less about that.

No, it’s how weak they look, with no real armor of any type on the shins or thighs.

Shins is kinda forgivable, but thighs not so much. Torso’s unique, but the waist is really lacking in depth. Flat front to back, seems kinda bleh.

I recommend putting your Toa in a little Energized Protodermis. Perhaps some more armor for him would do some more good for him. I dunno, he just looks a little bare. Maybe a little armor would make him better. :wink:

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Yeah…I’m trying to get his color scheme to be completely lime and teal so that add some pop…His feet will be teal mata feet but I don’t know what to do with the thighs.

Onto the torso. Not to sound cliche, but it looks a lot better in person. I know what you mean, the picture takes away, but it actually isn’t that bad.

What do you mean by “waist lacking in depth”?

And he is supposed to represent me. This is preeeetty much my limit to creativity and the proportions are kinda like me, thin and lanky.

Thanks for the tips, though!

I don’t mind his arms but your right, his legs and upper body needs more armor.
Edit: As you can see, the picture detracts from his figure.

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Love the modern take on the Toa Mata

Like, what I mean is, that the Vahki waist is like, 2D. It’s rather thin, not from side to side, but from front to back.

As for the legs and adding more teal, I recommend trying to use lots of small technic elements to create frame work and stuff to fill that in.

His color scheme will soon be Lime and Teal so he won’t look so much like Lewa Mata. But that was definitely what I was going for xD

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Thanks. I’ll try to work on that for next update. The teal will just be the mata hand piece, miru, mata feet, and a bunch of nuva hands. The rest if the forest will be lime.

Good torso design. xD

Is that a joke to the crappy quality or…?

No, the design is cool because it is not the Inika/Mahri torso. It is a custom build and that is always great. :wink:

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Lime and Teal… like Kongu?

They make Vahki crotches in lime green?

Yeah…I’m kinda like a big Kongu. And I’m just using black. I kinda changed him

Is this a bit better?

Yeah, pretty good.
Why the extra technic stuff on the pike/spear/staff?

It does a surprising amount, for how few additions there are, good job.

Also, for future updates, I recommend taking two photos. One from the front, and one from the back.

@KyoryuYellow1138 It was too small, and I didn’t want it to be just a plain old staff. I personally thik it looks pretty cool

@Nyran Thanks for the advise. It does really help.
I usually do, I just for some reason didn’t for him

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I think I’ll nickname you…ValseVar. 'Cause alliteration. <3

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