Self-MOC Revamp: Cordak 2.0

Hello all you Bionicle fans out there. If any of you remember my good 'ole MOC topic, I used to have a little self-MOC there. He was big, stable...and a complete mess. I'm not going to lie, I was never really all that satisfied with his structure. Sure, he was huge, and still wonderfully balanced, but he just never looked right, even to me. For a while, I was fine with it, but one day, I decided to do the sensible thing.

Break him apart completely and start over from scratch.

"What do I do now?"

I took a few photos during the building process. Nothing in-depth, but it gives some insight.

Here's the legs.

And here's the frame for the torso.

After nine hours (five of them consecutive), the big guy is finally reborn. Now we've Cordak the Last Makuta 2.0, in all his glory!

"Miss me?"

Dramatic Pose #1

Dramatic Pose #2

"You maniacs! You blew it up!"

Back Shots (staff attached)

Back Shots (staff detached)

"I have the power!"

Dramatic Pose #3


"I hate you now!"


For his size and intricacy you did a very nice job keeping good color blocking and layering.

I think I'd call myself a fan.

It's like 2011 MOCPages, but better IMO.


That thing this epic on so many levels. Though I do say that there some parts of the MOC that need to be remodeled (Mid-torso section looks particularly clumped together), and some colour dispribution issues, this is still much better than what I could possibly make on my own. Great job! I'd love to see more MOCs from you!

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Addressing some of your points, here's a few slight alterations. In case you're wondering, they are reversible if you think they don't work.


wow you actually listened to me

Looks nicer! smile


I always try taking people's recommendations into consideration. wink

Are those trans green lightsaber pins supposed to be his eyes? Or are those just visor/goggle add-on things?

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Sweet Self-Moc man

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Very solid looking, and I really like the color scheme!

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Visor/goggle add-on things.

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For those unaware, this is what my self-MOC used to look like.

R.I.P. Cordak 1.0


This version is alot better.

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I love it.
its way better then the last one

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Congratulations. You've taken a messed up titan with a bad color scheme and made him into a smaller titan with a much better color scheme. In both versions, he has a lot of character, something a lot of MOCs in that scale and higher lack.

(I'm going to critique this based on the up-close images during the building process, with a few finished images for cross-reference. You can let me know if I got any part at the wrong stage.)

The feet work well enough. They don't look as good as LEGO's prefab feet, but they're not terrible, and if they can hold up his body weight, they serve their purpose. I don't like the shins, the use of the side-mounted Rahkshi legs makes it look abnormally thin in one direction and long in one direction. The white Slizer pieces really only add to this weird look. I'd recommend doing that part over. The thighs are a lot better (is that a TECHNIC-based kneejoint I see?), but they still have a large gap in the back. The torso works well enough, but has a look of clutter, as most MOCs at this size do. Removing or replacing parts like the white spikes near his hips, the grey turbines, and the inika thigh armor could benefit his image. I also see a randomly placed gunmetal part on his backside, please replace that with a piece in his color scheme. The head design is quite cool (S/O to me finding another person that uses a head design based on Sidorak's). The arms work well enough as simple builds, but the KKII armor attached to Kalmah's armor makes it too large in comparison to the lower arms. I quite like the claws. The staff looks a bit weird (the full-length liftarms are a bit large).


In what world is this a fair form of judging a MOC?

One in which it is easier to look at close-ups rather than overview images where it is difficult to see details, perhaps?

Except at the same time, you're missing much of the bigger picture.

In which case

was added.

That's fair enough I suppose.

EDIT: Back on topic, I really like the head design. The weapon looks odd, but I still think it's okay. As far as scale, you've certainly got me beat.


That's what I was initially aiming for, so that's nice to hear.

A strange process, but since there weren't too many changes to the legs in the final build, it's fine.

Other than falling victim to his back heaviness every once in a while, yeah, they work fine. :wink:

Huh. I actually liked how the shins came out, but I see what you're getting at. I can definitely see the Slizer piece problem (though I got those pieces from '08 Takanuva), but they hold the lower legs together, so I'll have to find a suitable replacement first.

Well that's good, though it should be noted the thigh armor was replaced with red four-toed Inika feet (even the Rockho image is a bit outdated at this point). As for the gap, this is something the final images clear up a bit, as the kusazuri (the skirt-looking thing) covers those gaps. Also sadly no, those aren't Technic-based kneejoints.

All of these are noted and executable, though I don't know of any white or Metru-red pieces with the little pins needed to replace that gun-metal piece in the back...unless I can fit an HF 2.0 upper-torso armor piece there. I'll see how it goes.


I was trying to give him some extra muscle, but I see what you're saying. I'll probably see about widening the forearms a bit or something. By the way, that armor's actually from Exo-Force, not Knights Kingdom II. Easy mistake. :wink: The claws are extended versions of the hand designs from Toa Mata Nui, and I love how they turned out too. Now the staff...yeah, it does look weird. Good thing I replaced the Nuurakh blades with Bordakh blades. As for the liftarms, I added them to give a more solid look. Also, it makes it easier to attach the staff to the back.

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