Self-Moc: Solus, Master of Infrared Radiation

Here's my second moc: Solus

Solus, just like Ultrio, was once a Matoran, but he is one of few that survived the great Ta-Koro cataclysm.

Tahu had been forcing the Matoran to work none stop for months. The Matoran of Ta-Koro decided to rise a rebellion against the powerful Toa, but they failed, and Tahu had began slaying them all

Solus was one of the few survivors that fled into hiding. He decided to run to his friends in Ga-Koro, and hid in the crowds as a Matoran of Ga-Koro.

While working under Gali, gathering seaweed and shells, he stumbled upon a strange translucent blue Kanohi. Solus put the mask on and suddenly his body transformed, and gave him the ability of Infrared Radiation (What he likes to call his Inferno ability)

Now mastering his new abilities and weapons, he can once again fight the Toa and try to free all of his friends.

Flow of inspiration( song that inspired the moc the most):

His name use to be Flect due to his greater articulation compared to Ultrio, but thanks to his new story his new name is Solus. This guy was an attempt to make use of an old torso I made a couple years ago and try to make a full figure out of it.

I will admit he came out a little more bland than I wanted it to (way too much black), and it's proportions are a little odd in my eyes, but I'm very happy to have the opportunity to try different building techniques.

Overall I had a lot of fun building him. I'm probably going to take him apart pretty soon to start on other fun projects, or maybe not, I'm not sure smile


This is a great MOC! Though I think the arms and legs look a bit short because of that large torso. Also, being a Master of Infra Red radiation made me think he was going to be red and not blue. Though I won't question your colour scheme because it's balanced well.


and the hits keep on coming! dang man your a natural i cant believe this is only your 2nd moc! keep up the good work!

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This is great!

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I will say that the Skrall armour on his chest juts forward a bit too much, but otherwise this is absolutely great; are you sure you're not "Corex11: the Master of MOCing?"

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Thank you so much! ^^ You know you want to hug him with that armor sticking out!

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Wow. Impressive.

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Here's a couple pictures of Solus with Ultrio wink

p.s. this is only proto-solus wink


The proportions bother me. Maybe shorten the torso a bit?

I would like to apologize right now for accidentally using this name for my Toa of Fire MOC. Should've known better than to use a bunch of Latin words for inspiration...

Hey ,@Artakha_the_Creator, I don't own the Latin language! Use the name as much as you want wink Latin words are pretty cool after all!

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He's right. I own it. smile

As far as the MOC goes, I like the color scheme, though I with agree with CGL in saying that the chest piece goes out too far.


I agree, the little inside story I made with him is that he hates hugs smile He has a lot of buttons to push, and he doesn't always know how to react(usually chooses rage) This is just a step his final form (which is what I'm working on right now) hint: almost complete body change. I guess you could say he's going through puberty!


UPDATE: Solus's Ga-Koro friend told him that there has been an outbreak in Le-Koro. There was apparently a pair of matoran that was creating a machine to fight the Toa, but they were found near the completion of their invention. Solus heads over to investigate, were he comes across Tahu wandering in the forest. Memories of his fallen friends enrage him as he stairs at the body of a killer. His hatred continues to grow stronger and stronger, to the point were he cannot wait another second. He decides to bring justice to the deaths of his companions! Solus swings his trident at the Toa of fire, but Tahu drops to the ground, dodging his swing, and throws his leg into Solus's ankle, dropping him to the ground. Tahu then quickly slices his fire sword straight into Solus's chest. His body trembling. Pain rushing through his body, he is unable to move. Tahu continues to slice through his body, and deforming his face with continuous, heavy stomps. Even though Solus has his new powers, he is yet to master them, unable to match the power of a Toa. He believes this is the end… Suddenly, bursts of lightning strike from the sky! The blasts of the brightest red cover the island. These bolts surround Tahu and Solus. One final strike hits Solus! The red lightning had stopped, and left there laid Solus's body, but something was different. His body returned to its original matoran colors, while leaving it sightly morphed, and his mask had vanished, but it wasn't gone, it had combined with his body. He had been infused with the souls of his Ta-Matoran friends, giving him the memories and skills of the fallen. Solus rises from the ground, glares at tahu with eyes of hatred. He is ready for round two!

Introducing… Solus' Primal Form!

(notice how I made the antennas move like eyebrows wink)

I wanted to do this since I started building Solus, and when I decided to make him my self-moc I wanted to do a version of him in my three favorite colors.

This is his Primal Form, or the mode that my characters reach when they are given more power than their bodies can handle.

While building him I wanted to make something that looked more like myself, skinny/boney, long-torso, and feminine figure. confused That's why there isn't much to him.

I put the white in those specific parts because thats where my bones are most well shown. Funny thing is, I actually based some of these poses off photos of myself laughing

The system head was mostly an experiment to see if I could use it effectively, and I think I did that pretty okay~

I do apologize for the black being so dark that it's hard to see whats there tired_face Still trying to get use to taking photos of my mocs

I don't plan on keeping in this form for long, I just need more blue parts, and I feel his trans-blue mask characterizes him more than the dog head wink


Great MOC! The colours and shapes flow VERY well together! And that trans Ruru is the icing on the cake.

My only real critique would be the torso. That Skrall armour sticks out a bit too much IMO.

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Thank you ^^ I really wanted to use that mask for awhile, and that torso is something I built a long time ago, so I decided why not use them both? His Primal form IMO holds less character, but it was a fun experiment!

I really like this guy. The colors are consistent and the trans-blue Ruru looks great on him.

Great job! smiley


I RELAY dislike the primal form of Solus. I mean its a Ok Moc but it doesn't look like Solus. Not in the build the colors and DEFINITELY not the face. I see what your going for with it just don't call it Solus.

That's why it's primal form wink It's suppose to be him pretty much being possessed by all the spirits of Ta-Koro. In short, the spirits energize him, but their rage controls him, so I guess you could say he really isn't Solus laughing

tru bit its still Solus so make it look like him. I mean primal Groudon and Kyogre looked like themselves yes but more powerful.