Self moc Sora toa/matoran of ice and creation

greetings this is my first topic and time on the message boards
so i think it be fair to introduce my self moc first
Sora toa of ice and creation and matoran of Artakha.

Sora is actually not my first self moc he’s my second after a series of events back when g2 arrived since my original self moc no longer felt like i was relating to it anymore.

As a matoran Sora was a ko matoran living on the island of Artakha and was the head scribe to Artakha himself. he wore the kanohi akaku on him at all times along with a scarf as he was a fan of toa Kualas of the toa hagah honor guard. as head scribe sora was in charge of what ideas where approved on the island when Artakha was unable to inspect the inventions his matoran made himself.

during the raid of Artakha sora was one of many victims who fell to the hand of makuta kojol while defending the avokii. Because of his sacrifice artakha began working on new toa bodies after isolating himself upon the island

9000 years after the final battle of the bionicle story line Sora was awoken in the ruins of Artakha now that the great spirt robot was decommissioned and shattered across spherus magna. His memory processor was shattered upon reawakening and his had the fused memories of multiple iterations of himself into one single body. he now walks across the planet looking for reason and purpose in his new toa form.

As a matoran Sora was never known for carrying any weapons but rumors across the island of Artakha say he’s one of the best shots with a disk launcher

As a toa Sora wore the mask of creation reshaped to fit his new body and uses it to control creation around him via a equivalent exchange (if anyone has seen fullmetal alchemist/brotherhood you know what i’m talking about). Sora’s primary toa tool are 2 frozen sickles that pop out from his wrist attached so a energy line that allow him to bring distant targets up close or keep them at bay. he is equipped with a wingpack that uses ice particles to help him move around and traverse rough terrian. Sora also wields an elemental conduit blade which allows him to channel his ice element into powerful snowstorms and acts as a focus point for ranged ice attacks.

feel free to comment on my self moc i enjoy hearing opinions on my builds as it helps me see through the eyes of other mocist


Welcome to the boards! Good to finally see Sora on here. Check out the Introduce Yourself topic if you haven’t.


thanks ill make sure to do so

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Oh I love the color scheme on the bigger guy, nice mocs.


Those wings on the big guy are funky lookin’

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First off welcome to the boards, second I like this, feels quite angelic, also not oven one sees two versions of the same self-moc coexisting, nice to see that.

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Thanks for the compliment i had huge focus on making both versions look identical but also different to each other. as for the “angelic feel” I’ve always enjoyed the idea of wings and the freedom of flight as it gives of the same idea as that both mocist and artist have when making something which is the freedom of creativity


Your moc looks so cool, especially with the cloth over the Ekimu mask!

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Thanks the primary reason for why I wanted to use the cloth piece was wanting to both give a rouge like feel and also look different to most mocs that would wear the mask of creation.