Self MOC: Stoax (update)

After having watched CliffHorse Crew's thoughts on Stoax, and absolutely horrific pronounciation of his name (ITS STOW-AXE!), I made some necessary, though very minor, tweaks to him.

The MOC in all his updated glory

One of the first modifications given to this MOC, was the addition of rubber tires. Not only do they help in fleshing out his arms, but they distribute the black in his color scheme better IMO.

I covered those exposed ball joints up to make the legs look less unfinished, and they too take part in distributing the black.

This mod I wanted to do for a long time, though never got around to doing, which was replacing those blue pieces with some Exo Force hands. Yeah they stick out, but at least its not as obvious as the blue parts. And yes, though MaximumWarp... or Nyran did not like the mini fig hand technique, I stuck with it since I liked it.

While less of a mod than the others, I replaced some broken parts with new ones.

Also, I only have one tan Vorox armor plate which is why the other is black.


I like the knees.


omg best critique evar 9001/11


Thin Ice ek, thin ice...


In my defense....

You spelled pronunciation wrong.

Nah, kidding.

But yah, sorry for the screw up. It's hard man, trying to determine pronunciation based off of solely words. I prolly butchered @StudentScissors and his self MOC's name too.

Fair enough. It's just an aesthetic thing anyway.

But otherwise, I think the MOC comes out better than before, good job em nine.


... tis a fine moc, but I wish I could see it's possability in action



looks very nice Stoax smile

Blame @MaximumWarp and @Nyran

Rest in peace.


If you want to know how to pronounce Ungerade just go into Google translate an translate odd into German stuck_out_tongue

Vegeta Prince of all Saiyans approves of this rating.

Seriously though he looks like Pohatu on steroids. 10/10


Visible Blue Pins 0/10 -Eljay

This is awesome! I really can't think of anything bad to say about this masterpiece of a MOC! Of course the black Vorox armor does stick out a bit, but meh...

I honestly don't see any resemblance of Pohatu outside the Kakama and Feet additions. If he were to have completely tan arms, legs, and a custom body that is completely brown, then yes he would look like Pohatu. However, the silver and amount of black here, not to mention the axe (I don't recall pohatu ever wielding an axe), don't really scream Pohatu to me.

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UPDATE: I added a weapon to Stoax's arsenal

The Arthakan High Explosive Cannon

Stoax will find this weapon later on in OPERATION: VINDICTA. It functions similarly to the Incineration Cannon in Halo 4, firing streaks of explosive particles in tight spheres towards a target


weapon seems... messy. And abit too small and clutered. Maybe make it longer and add more space for the handles and it might be better

Can you elaborate on "messy"?

handle feels off... cord might be unecessary... if it's a two handed weapon it's too small and if it's a small one armed weapon it might be to heavy if I take account of your pics...

The cord is actually essential to keeping the bulk helmet on the bottom, and I like the look of it, as though energy would be flowing through the cord. Also, in person, the gun is pretty light and Stoax doesn't have any pro. But I do agree that the handle feels a little tacked on.

So I've been deciding on modifying Stoax slightly. I wanted to modify his arms though wasn't to sure what to think of them.

The new arm allows for more outwards articulation than the arm with the stringer head. (Note: the blue pin will be changed to black once I order one, and the silver CCBS shell will be changed to brown).


I say go for the new one: You'll sacrifice some aesthetics and some of the design, but the positives outweigh the negatives