Self-MOC: Toa Carnox - Master of Air

...So, if you don't remember me, or my self-MOC, Carnox, then you should click Here to take a look at his "evolution" per se and get acquainted, or jog your memory just in case you have seen him before :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm fleshing out a story for him now and although nowhere near complete, I've got a few ideas I'm already pretty set on. For starters, he is a Toa of air, he isn't the leader of his Toa Team, but is the backbone/glue to the group. He is lively and childish and despite coming off as generally irresponsible and careless, he is highly intuitive and never seems to make the wrong move. His armour is streamlined and light to allow for great agility. He wears the Kanohi Kritann, mask of insect control and his Toa Tools are a jet pack with 4 wings that help glide and steer in flight, which can move and detach independently of each other and be used as blades which can either be thrown or used as swords.

Now that that's out of the way, here are some pictures!

His wings can fold up quite neatly into/under his jet pack.

And here are the updated photos: :stuck_out_tongue:

Close ups

Sp00ky Sc4ry Sk3l3t0n sh0ts

The waist connection is flimsy without the 4-length shell, but the piece fits perfectly in there and holds the whole thing together really well.

So that's Carnox.

Creator's comments:

He's green because he always has been (and that's my last name), and I added the azure because I fell in love with the way it looked in his LDD iteration. His mask is flipped like that because I "broke Lewa '08's neck" one day in play and thought it made a pretty cool looking face. I'm coming up with my own design soon to 3D print that I can use on a Metru head though to really add more of a personal touch to Carnox. I decided on insect control being his mask power partly because I used to have a passion for/be obsessed with bugs and have hundreds of them "frozen" in clear plastic rectangles, and I always have been fascinated by insects... and partly because of one of Chro's old Toa Rela MOCs used the flipped 08 Miru Nuva as a mask of insect control and I thought I should just roll with that, seeing that the boot fits - or rather, mask...

Anyway, I'll appreciate and look forward to your feedback everyone, thanks for your time.

(@Venom, Feature this in a MOC Spotlight, pl0x ;~; )


Nice! Looks like a Toa version of the Creature Of Jungle. I particularly like how you've crafted the chest.

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It looks so sleek, but when you take off the armor, he's filled with technic!

'Mazin :clap:


Amazing. It's so solid. A+.
Also I'm guessing the 3d printed mask will look similar to this:

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Yeah! Similar idea/shape to that - sort of like a fusion between the flipped adaptive Miru Nuva and that!

This is what I've got so far, but it needs work :stuck_out_tongue:


I like how sleek and aerodynamic he looks, definitely fitting for a Toa of Air.


I forget men can have nuva booobs

The shoulderpads and shins definately add well to it. I feel like he's a nice and great toa


This is amazing! I love it! Great color balance! Technic build but still doesn't look too clunky or anything! Also, I guess you should check out this topic here to request for the custom mask! :smiley:
10/10 IMO

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Only thing I dislike is the mask turned upwards. I've never liked it on any MOC I've seen or tired to make, but the rest looks completely awesome!

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This is great! The Star Wars leg pieces flow really well, as do the shoulder pieces, and I love the look of the wings in the first and second pictures! He really looks like an insectoid, but graceful Toa of Air.

I think the mask looks very insectoid! I've actually used the '08 mask that way for one of my own OCs (though the power it has in my headcanon is completely different) but I've always thought that the little fin at the top makes it look like a mosquito.

Overall, well done! The custom torso and beefed up arms and legs also flow really well.

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Holy Huna! Those legs are amazing! I love this MOC man! The way you used Lewa's mask is awesome! And you better post the designe for the head when your finished! This is a great self MOC man! I would give it a 9/10 cause some bits of it don't match up to well color scheme wise and the arms are a bit to bulky compared to the legs but otherwise this MOC is ,as the ninth doctor would say, Fantastic! Well then Alonzi! (Sorry I am watching Doctor Who and it is all I can think about 😆)


This whole MOC just flows together so well! Mmmmmm! Just gorgeous!

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This is incredible. I love this MOC, it's so well done. I love that last picture of him half-unarmoured. This MOC is amazing, good job. :smile:


This is by far one of my favorite MOCs I've ever seen. I have no words.

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Oh my god
this is frikin amazing

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[Tries to think of awesome thing to say]

I've got nuttin'.

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Armor is actually nice.
Good flow.
Like colors.

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i really like it
i would buy it if it were a real set

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Very great!

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