Selling Several Copies of 75119 Jyn Erso

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

No seriously, I happened to discover Jyn Erso for sale at my local Walmart for the obscene price of $5.00, plus tax.

In other news, constraction is drowning. :confused:

As you can see, I bought four of them, inspired by @Scarilian and his “mass buying” that he began in reaction to G2’s untimely demise:

I probably should have bought more…

Would anyone like one? Each is slightly more worn than a perfect MISB set, as they were sitting on a Walmart shelf for quite a while. Prices are starting at 6 USD plus shipping apiece - that’s 19 USD off of the MSRP, but I’m happy to negotiate. Thanks!

EDIT: @Mod_Squad Since these have been sold via other channels, I’m no longer offering these. If at all possible, it would be fantastic if you guys could close this one up - again, thanks!


I hate that you Americans dont put tax on the prices before the cashier, it makes it really hard for you to know the actual price this way.


I’m truly sorry, dude.

Nah, seriously,yeah, I agree; that’s a little weird. A bunch of our states don’t have a sales tax, though.

You know why they do that? Same reason things are always $#.99. You see $3.99 and think “Oh, it’s 3 dollars!” but it’s actually well over 4 dollars. It’s a trick to make you buy things by making you subconsciously think they’re cheaper than they really are.


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Yeah thats horrible, thank god that kind of manipulation does stand in Europe. By Law, you need to write in the tax for the item in its full price.

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Wow, I wish that the topic in which I’m actually selling stuff was as popular as the topic that I asked the mods to lock a couple of weeks ago.

It’s certainly not a huge deal, but I do find this whole thing a little funny, honestly.

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Closed by author’s request.