(SERIOUS) Why Solek isnt so bad as everyone says (NO JOKE)

Ugggh , I hope its not gonna be a long one.

Firstly , this ISNT AN ATTACK AN ANYBODY. Im not saying Solek is a gift from God, im just saying that he isnt that bad everyone and their grandma says. Also i have NO BIAS towards any side, ive personaly entered Bionicle during G2.

  1. The colors. Like almost every white set, his colors are mostly boring. But unlike the other white sets, he uses a diffrent eye color which people use as a con(?)


a) Isnt a bad thing. Breaking out of the norm isnt a bad thing, expecialy when EVERY single white set (exept 1 but we will get back on that) has. Like really, why does every single white set have light blue eyes?

b) A bit hypoctitical since NOBODY is bashing Matoro Mahri for the same thing. At least on Solek it kinda makes sense(he is a being of pure light) , but Matoro? The most pure and wholesome character has dark RED eyes? And the 6 barrel rocket launcher and the hunchback look with the Freddy Kruger claws arent helping.

2.The parts and the other contenders

Sadly, he uses the same part for all limbs which some may seem as a con. But he uses THE BEST PART . Basicly ALL the other Av Matoran have that stupid 90 degree part that severely limits articualtion. Kirop is the ONLY Av matoran that has the good limbs, BUT the poor soul has 90 DEGREE WEAPONS. Solek has the best articualtion out of all them. Also the “wings” break easily.

Now to the Agori. Sadly, they have the new finger mold which has a very stupid conection point ( seriusly, why???) They cannot point to their weapons in the right direction. There are a few of them who don’t have it, BUT they are on 4 legs which makes them harder to work with. So Solek prevails on top again.

Lastly the “Stars”. Takanuva, Gresh and Nektan are the main contenders this time. (Rahkshi has the God awful torso , Skrall has the hands and the 90 degree arms, Tahu has the 90 degree arms too). Gresh has ok weapons, but he has the new hand mold. Takanuva has the same problem AND he has the nuva armor that slighly limits the arm movement. Nektan has the SAME HANDS, but he has the best weapons. But sadly , like the Piraka, his spine limits his movement.

  1. Conclusion

Solek is the best out of the arm matoran, but he is FAR from being a great set. His colors may be boring but stopmotion and posing is far more inportant. Also Colors are subjective, ive tried to change the color of the limbs but it even looks worse. Just check out this absolutly jaw dropping edit ive did.

(pretty bad tbh)

Also Solek would beat Troglomorph in a fight and you know it.
Edit : OMG Eljay replied!

why did i make this


I don’t think most people seriously hate Solek. I think it’s more-so just a meme.


You would be suprised. But fortunaly the hate has died off nowdays


why does this topic exist

Unsubscribed, get out of my house, you’re not welcome here anymore

his limbs now blend in with the background and he can now mentally control his hands like rayman

also my headcanon for the limb thickness and awful appearance is they represent muscle and Solek is absolutely ripped

overall this just seems like a massive rant piece, with a lot of seemingly personal jabs at other sets, and honestly nobody gives two troglomorphs about the stop-motion factor of a given set. I’m just wondering why this needed to be a topic at all.


Because now when the meme is dead we can actuly have some sort of discussion.
and yes, Solek being ripped is cannon. They are supposed to be the strongest and most durable matoran , they even have small elemental powers. And Karda Nui is a dangerous place. And NO ,i have no bias since ive entered Bionicle in G2.

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So far this isn’t a discussion.

Canon. We do not launch projectiles with the word of Greg Farshtey.

Also, MU beings don’t have any evidence of becoming more muscularly competent based on surrounding or level of physical capability, but tend to be solely due to what element they are. So if Solek is one of the strongest Matoran ever, there’s no evidence that he would show it visibly, especially since the other two Av-Matoran (and the Shadow Matoran) don’t have limb symmetry of that piece like Solek does.

I was making a joke with the headcanon thing.



if you mean the metru head, yes, I prefer the metru head to a massive featureless green blob with a garbage socket.


you seriusly dont see the skull resemblance? I maen even the ability of the mask is pretty f up. I don think im the only one beacouse me an my freinds where just talking about it few days ago.

Definitly. 100% agree

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I don’t see a skull at all. So far I agree with pretty much everything Ghid has said.


I wasnt serious, I mean they are a bit more bulky then regular.And finaly we have some Matorn with normal proportions, also why do most matoran have gorrila arms?

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Firstly, I like Solek, I don’t like meming around him, he is a good character and a, well, bad set, but not the worst one.
Also, I somewhat agree with Ghid: you say Glatorian fists are bad because of limited motion, but ~half of other pre-2009 sets have hands in that orientaion in instructions and on pictures. Most of the time, they are not supposed to rotate their hands all the way down or all the way up. While Glatorian fist is actually something very cool and beautiful.
So, I partially don’t agree with how you prove Solek being nice, but I agree that he is nice.

EDIT: side thing, but Matoro is totally supposed to have red eyes, skull-shaped mask, wierd Mask power, and creepy weapon. That what Ignika did to test him, his purity. He worked with Terridax that year. Check his page on BS01 for details. Or maybe on a different page.


Some are, but some are orianted the diffrent way. also the OG “hand” has more conection points. Personally i like the Hero Factory one more

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If anyone here has Metus, you’d know how much worse he is as a set. You can’t get him into any pose without making him look like he’s perpetually bracing for an attack.


probably cause he didn’t know when his fraud would be exposed.

I think the criticism with Solek is/was an extension of the criticism of the Av-Matoran and the Phantoka/Mistika in general, which is the dulling of the vibrant color schemes of the Toa Nuva by adding in dark grey and/or silver. Tanma and Photok were considered marginally better by their colors having a proper hue, unlike Solek being entirely grayscale/metallic sans the eyes.

As for why every ice set had blue eyes: It’s an ice motif. Ice colors have traditionally always been white and blue, and blue wasn’t available as a primary. Solek is not a Ko-Matoran (and neither is Takanuva), thus they don’t have blue eyes.

As for Matoro’s “skull face” Tryna, I can vaguely see it in the eyes, but other than that, it looks like scuba gear to me. Onua’s Pakari can be pretty scary looking in isolation as well.


no? like that’s hardly skull-looking and even then there are other masks in that same year that look more like skulls than that one does.

Like, y’know…


You’re definitely the only one I’ve ever heard and I’ve been in the community for… Wow, it’s been a long time. Pre-G2 for certain.

You weren’t serious about what? Quote me, man.

That’s hardly indicative of a better set. Inika builds tend to have the most human-esqe proportions and yet the Metru build always wins as the favorite build wherever it is polled.

Quote me on that because I am definitely literally right

With a horrific design flaw that renders them completely useless after Hero Factory remade the piece (and did it a lot better). It was never a good piece and was begging to be redesigned.

I feel like we’re distancing from the original topic. Except this was brought up in the first post, so I guess not?


Solek is a contender for favorite Bionicle character due to his, well, character being pretty much perfect for the story. Naive, brave, hoping in the arrival of heroes to rescue him and his friends from impending doom… He’s essentially the new Takua, except unlike Takua he’s trapped in between two horrible community stigmas - one of utter revile and the other of toxic memeing.

Also unlike Takua he isn’t a kleptomaniac

This, plus the criticism that the Nuva look absolutely nothing like the Nuva. The design team did whatever and the marketing team called them the Nuva and let Greg attempt to make sense out of it.

Solek’s Akaku looks nothing like an Akaku because it was never meant to be one. It was meant to be an oversized mask to match the oversized head, to match the oversized body and the fact that the mcdonald’s toys had more intricacy in their designs than the Av-Matoran did. He’s a slap-together set with nothing new to offer except a new limb piece that breaks after you put it on and a mask everyone despises. Oh, and a worse version of the Toa foot.

This idea that Solek is the worst of the AvToran build sets, regardless of origin, is irrevocable and irreversible because Solek has no redeeming qualities outside of comparison with other AvToran sets. Pair him against any other set and see how he fares. Every other AvToran build has something going for it, but Solek has nothing.

This puts Solek in the unique spot of being the Galidor of Bionicle; something so bad that it’s only appreciated out of irony. It would be wonderful if Solek could get to thepoint where revamps and redesigns were made en masse to take advantage of a character everyone’s already familiar with, much like Galidor’s popularity boom in recent years, but I feel the band of degenerates who associate with the character would put a stop to it.

And at this point I don’t feel there’s anything left to discuss. This topic began with a disjointed rant and was answered and retorted to competently by everyone’s posts here. What more is there to say?


not trying to cause an argument here, but the nitpicker in me needs to be fed.

why does the fact that Matoro (mahri) having red eyes matter? plenty of other heroic characters from Bionicle canon have had red eyes before (tahu and pohatu mata/nuva, vakama and onewa (turaga), matua (metru and hordika), and keetongu just to name a few. in bionicle canon red eyes never means the character is evil.

that’s because (in canon) the Tryna is considered an immoral mask that a Makuta would most likely wear.


I like the mask, I think it looks cute with its puffy cheeks. Works well on female characters.

Ok now that’s kinda bull-■■■■, while Solek isn’t great by any means, I’d hardly call him the worst of the '08 Matoran. In fact I don’t even know why the idea of Solek being the worst set became so widely spread (I mean, I know it’s because Eljay said so), while his colors are pretty boring they’re at least distributed evenly and he has fairly normal proportions, which can’t be said about Photok (seriously why on Earth did they give him grey legs?)

I will never understand how people can unironically call Solek the worst set when Kazi, Klakk and the infamous '06 polybags exist.


I never said that. Read what you quoted:

“Solek has no redeeming qualities outside of comparison with other AvToran sets… Every other AvToran build has something going for it, but Solek has nothing.”

In technical specifications, Solek is objectively best for having the correct combination of limb angle, weapon type, and yadda yadda. But what does he have going for him as a Bionicle set? Nothing the other AvToran builds don’t have in spades. Unique mask? Large amount of people utterly revile the mask, and every other Av Matoran in the year (and every other AvToran build ever) comes with a mask people generally accept as good. Unique weapon? Not to him. No flashy colors, the build reuses the limb mold four times, and all the unique aspects every other AvToran does with more flair.

Solek is the most boring AvToran build. He’s not the worst, but he will never be acclaimed as the most interesting.

It’s hard to mess up color blocking when the limbs are all one piece and the torso is one piece. Photok, as you may have noticed, was the deviation of the status quo - every other Av-Matoran build that year color blocked accurately except for him.


He’s not the worst set. I never said that.


I’d say Solek deserves a good deal of the hate, though ofc the hate was definitely amplified by his unwilling association with the dread memers. Like the other avtoran builds, he takes the bad posing of the mata, while having neither the gear function or parts pack value of the mata. He’s the most boring set in a wave of other small, boring clone sets.

Further, the avtoran themselves are the weakest wave of avtoran builds. The Agori, while all still clone, all try to be a little different and usually included interesting recolors. The Stars are even better, I’d go so far as to call them great for what they are; they took the avtoran build and did creative things with them.

Solek is just the least ambitious set in the least ambitious wave of small sets. The avtoran aren’t even interesting for being uniquely terrible like the Rahaga, they’re just bland.

. . .

As a character though, Solek is definitely one of the more memorable ones, though he never rises to Gavla levels of depth.

Edit: also gotta stand up for the kardatoran noble masks, they’re pretty good imo. Though, I am an ignition zoomer, so, the nostalgia may be clouding my judgement a bit.


I am going to straight up say it’s clear you’ve borrowed the bulk of your argument from the one who shall not be named, an eldritch entity of the biotube community.

I do agree somewhat, he’s not super terrible. It’s just human nature to go extremely one way or another e.g. Absolutely despising Solek or Meming Solek

Also @Mod_Squad idk might wanna keep an eye on this topic :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


there is no other option.