Sidorak Revamp

So, shortly after I made my Roodaka revamp, I decided to make a Sidorak revamp. So, here he is.

You can see more of the MOC here.


Nice revamp! Looks just like Sidorak from the third BIONICLE film!

Awesome! Love the build. I think you couldve done something with the head though :/

I love all of your revamps, they really look like their counterparts from the Movies.

Thanks, guys! Yes, these two were greatly inspired by the movie.

@sebjbow Yeah, the original head isn't that great looking, but unfortunately, laziness gets the best of me. stuck_out_tongue The only way for me to make a new head would require dark red system, of which I have little.

I understand. There aren't very many pieces in dark red you couldve used

Really cool but I think the blade is a little bit to short. ^^

Body, arms, and legs are all amazing. Still never was a fan of that head, though. I feel that if you could make something that used the Bohrok eyes, and the Slizer foot still, without the metru head, it'd look much better.