Silent Fire, the Hellhunter

Once a proud line of demon royalty, the chains that bind Silent’s family legacy haunt her generations later. Cursed to never speak, she is bound to Entropy and can be conjured to the plane of Reality at will.
Front shot.
Back shot.
Random pose.
Comparison with her charge, Agent Entropy.
Final up close shot.
Been working on her for a while now but she’s done! The revamp of my first ever MOC, now reimagined and genderbent. Quite happy with how she turned out.

Again special thanks to Zach, EMMsixteenA4, and Ventum for helping me get this to where it is.

See you next time!

EDIT: Don’t know what happened with the spacing, but it’s fixed.


A bit skinny, but really good

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I really like her design, the head and torso especially.

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That’s an… interesting use of Skull Grinder’s head. Great MOC!

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Kinda my thing I guess. She’s even bonus skinny because story-wise she’s made partially of living fire. Thanks!

Much thanks! Head took a WHILEEE to get right but I think I pulled off “Flame Atronach” pretty well.

Well…yeah. That part is admittedly a little inspired by D3 Diablo’s shoulder-heads, but there’s only one and it’s on her chest instead.


Its so straight forward but so nice looking, specially like the arm axes and the skull chest.

And the more I look at entropy the more I see greninja…

Can we get a shot of the torso without the skull?

You pull off the demon look really well…

Only if you want to see how bad it looks without armor :stuck_out_tongue:

Much thanks my friend!

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Really cool. The pointer finger is a bit odd tho. the pictures also seems a bit blurry.

Thank ye! Pointer finger is made out of two things, a lack of parts, and an attempt to create a more demonic shaped hand.

Pictures…clicking on them will take you to the Flickr post, which is slightly better quality, but otherwise there’s not too much to be done about it. Probably could get partially better pictures out of my phone, I guess. Might have to try that.

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I love that torso! I just wish that was the gunmetal Kulta mask, cause the silver sticks out a lot. Those horns are great too.

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Gunmetal would stick out a lot as well just because there’s no other parts of it on her. I do see your point though, I’ll have to add more silver come V2.

Thanks though!

My bad at first glance those shells on her arms looked gunmetal to me.
Anyway, I think you’re right adding more silver would remove the problem.

Your characters always have the most enjoyably depressing backstories :stuck_out_tongue:

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They only get worse from here :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, maybe not worse.

but they certainly don’t improve.

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Looks pretty cool!