Silmeria: the Red Baron

So this is my best friend’s self moc Silmeria. He’s a psychopathic warrior who means business. He has a short temper, multiple personality disorter, OCD, various phobias, he’s a pyromaniac, and just straight up crazy!

He is trained in various martial arts and knows several languages. He carries around a retractable scythe weapon that can move faster than air. He has no elemental abilities but a gaze from his large green eyes brings out your deepest darkest fears. He has three robotic limbs, his lower right arm and both his lower legs.

He also carries an arm gauntlet with a retreactable blade.

And of course, the stare…

Well that’s all for now! I hope you liked this moc and please tell me what I can do to improve him and my other mocs. Until next time!


reads over backstory


anyway other than that backstory(sorry, I’ve seen too many ‘original characters’ with those traits so I can’t take it seriously) the guy looks packing and somewhat nice! don’t know if I can give improvements

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I like how you put those shoulders together.

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The feet rather stand out as an interesting design, interesting to see the CCBS shells used like that, the reversal of the HF helmet makes for a neat head and the weapons do just what they need to. Only fault I can see is that the shoulders are a little bare though they look like they have crazy articulation.

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Oh, if only you knew what was behind that face…

@thefallenfell Yes, the shoulders have more articulation than needed. But it was something I really just…well…I don’t even know what I was doing with the shoulders!

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yeah sure, tell that to the eldritch abominations with masks

still can’t get over it though

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Don’t worry, you’ll see… oh you’ll see…

red and black color scheme

Original the character
donut stel


the moc is alright, I’m not really a huge fan of it, and it feels generic, but it’s decently built.

there’s only one red baron I recognize

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Well the backstory has been done numerous times before and-

You, sir, have just earned my immediate respect.


where is snoopy?

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What do ya mean?

Me likey.

There was a Snoopy game with the red Baron

Looks pretty good, but the legs look a tad short!

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This MOC is very cool!

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Ohhhhhh! No, that’s not what I meant with ‘Red Baron’, it’s a nickname I gave him because of his red armour.

@PakariNation99 Yes, I’m going to fix that.

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Yeah, nothing wrong with having a crazy character but…

[quote=“Fearhax, post:1, topic:16330”]
. He’s a psychopathic warrior who means business. He has a short temper, multiple personality disorter, OCD, various phobias, he’s a pyromaniac,
[/quote]…really? That was the most creative you could get? I could bring up a list of mocs with that personality with no trouble.

Yeah, you’re gonna need to be more specific, as there are multiple kinds of insanity. Angry, sad, happy, insanity comes in a ton of different forms, and “straight up crazy” isn’t a good descripition. Right sorry, that’s my rant on overused insanity trope #636.

Now for the build!
Well the arms and torso are interesting, but the legs kind of ruin in because they’re so stubby. If you want him to be, and I quote,

[quote=“Fearhax, post:1, topic:16330”]
a psychopathic warrior who means business
[/quote] it may be a good idea to make him look the part. The legs look too small for him to be a warrior, and he probably won’t be too fast of a runner with them. unless this dude is straight up coldsteel
The arms give him a simian appearance due to their lankiness, and I don’t think most chimpanzees mean business except for monkey buissness now that I have this power, I will never stop abusing the spoilers. You need to work to read my reviews! Mwahahahahahahaha!
Now the weapons are cool, the color scheme, while overused as heck is still a good and cohesive one, and the mask configuration isn’t the most original, but it isn’t used often enough to be considered an unoriginal one.
Overall rate 7/10: Needs more originality


I can improve on the actual moc, but his personality I can really not do anything about. If you didn’t read the first sentence, this is my FRIEND’S self moc. He picked out all his characteristics and such. He wrote out that entire first paragraph explaining who he is. I just built the darn thing! So I’m sorry for the unoriginality, but I honestly can’t do anything about it. I’ll improve the moc, but he’s remaining who he is.

so you can’t ask your ‘friend’ if you can tweak the story a little? Did you build this for him or is it based on his own self MOC/character? I’ve seen guys who created other’s self MOCs and characters, tweaking their stories alot with acceptance