Site censoring titles without curse words

it’s just the logic behind whoever designed the page, it should just say

“Your tittle contains a word which is in our black list”


“Your tittle has the word: [Insert cuss word here] please remove it”

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Neither do I, it seems what’s used to find swears in titles is completely different from what is used to search for them to censor them out in posts. The title searching setup is just immensely more thorough in all of the wrong ways.

If I had to make a guess, it was intended to give you an idea of what the site doesn’t allow, and advice you to NOT put an of the following in the title. Sound idea I suppose, terrible execution.

Or, maybe they just know how broken the system is, and instead of fixing it they just have it say “Uh, yeah, these words aren’t allowed in titles under any circumstances, so, uh… Yeah, remove what ever is in this sequence that could potentially spell a swear word, or something.”.

I’d like to hope it’s not the latter.

Right back @Asriel again (heh, puns)

That second one is far better, it flat out tells you only the word that you are using which you aren’t allowed to rather than playing “where’s waldo, mature edition”. Even so, we’d need a functioning system first before that would do us any good.


I think this one would work the best. Definitely more practical than “You have a swear word in the title. Here’s a list of literally every single word we censor. Figure out which one your self.”

But what I still don’t get is why would they use two different censoring algorithms in the first place.

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Edited Title to be less long - Skeletor
This is a problem. This needs to be fixed. Really soon.
(talking about the bug, not the title ;))


What’s really confusing though is that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a fair amount of moc topics with salvage in the title.

Who can fathom the wisdom of Mata Nui TTV?

Also, really?

Um, e-heh… Thanks, sorry about that.

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Yep. In fact, I’ll check to see how many.

Three different moc topics.

Huh, one thing I’m noticing is that they were uploaded before this year. If I had to take a guess, they are still around because they were posted before this flawed algorithm was added to the site, hence they cannot be censored due to existing before it could ever search the titles.

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Well I do remember seeing a pop up thing about the site being updated a day or two ago.

This change is that recent? Well, then that would explain the issue being so major at the moment if it’s that new, though still, given the problems I’m noticing others saying they have with this particular issue, it’s not unreasonable to expect a fix within the next day or two.

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Though I think we might want to bring a mod into this to ask, just to be sure.

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Very good idea, I didn’t know the names of any mods, so thanks for doing that, we can hope this thread as a whole will help solve this issue by bringing it to their attention, if it hasn’t already.

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i see you are catching on.



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You flag something when you see a post that brakes the rules. That is not the case. No one broke any rules. This simply a site issue that I feel should be brought to a moderator’s attention.


Not necessarily, you can also flag something if it warrants our attention.


Well, hey, at the very least attention was grabbed, so I’d say we’re on the right path, regardless. You’ve probably gotten the idea of what this whole hullabaloo was about from the title alone, if you haven’t read the whole threat, I presume.

So, if I may ask, what can we expect as far as a fix, and/or when might a fix be implemented?

I mean, assuming this is an issue, rather than a feature.

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The admins are looking into it.