Skarta The Matoran Skeleton?

uhh, ok. Since nobody knows pretty much any of my story(seeing as how I still haven’t made a topic about it over the past year I have been here), I am just going to say some stuff so this makes sense, Skarta used to be a matoran, but then he became evil and stuff. My guess as to why he has a skull for a face is he got infected by meso or some crap.

Name: Skarta
Titles: The Skeleton, Mesonak, The Bony Sandwich(don’t ask)
Species: Matoran?
Gender: Male
Element: Iron
Personality: A more angry version of papyrus.
Equipment: Iron Armor, A Better Hat Then A Dermis Turtle
Weapons: Some Fancy Sword Thing I Haven’t Named Yet
Mask: None(wait does a hat count?)
Story Stuff: I think I already explained most of this.

And here is a pic of him next to his bigger version.[quote=“The_Hervibore, post:1, topic:29307”]
The Bony Sandwich


It’s Bizarro solek…
Anyway, I like this.


Its bootleg meso?

No, I just really like skeletons. Also why are people saying he is a bootleg meso now?! I have had this moc up here since February! Look!

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Cause you constantly call him meso.

Meso would be proud.

It looks like Meso and Solek signed a contract with the devil, in exchange for their souls they get to have a child of their own, and they named it Hatred.


huh, yeah I guess you are right.

Who’s that big guy in the last picture?

that is also skarta