Skidawkie (MU Race) Pt 1

Name: Skidawkie

Class: Sentient Species

Appearance: Skidawkie are incredibly similar to Toa in appearance, being a bipedal humanoid. The only noticeable physical differences are that the Skidawkie have fewer gaps and holes in their grafted armor; most of their pistons, other mechanical parts, and organic pieces are hidden by the armor; longer, more skeletal fingers; generally six feet tall; and their faces look a lot like the masks of their power.

Physiology: Like most Matoran Universe Beings, Skidawkie are biomechanical beings, mostly machine with various organic parts that help maintain the mechanical parts. Despite their similarities to Toa, they’re slower, weaker, and less durable than the Toa, but they are physically more powerful and faster than Matoran and Turaga. Blows that would otherwise just knock down a Toa could easily severely injure or kill a Skidawkie, only able to survive due to their incredible healing abilities. Their bodies can heal incredibly quick, repairing damage as it’s being taking and pushing out physical items hitting/in their bodies and even repair their armor. Though to help them even further, they have greater senses than Toa possess: better sight (can see farther and nightvision on par with Toa of Earth), hearing (close, but not quite on Toa of Sonics level), smell, balance, flexibility and reflexes, acrobatics (better than Toa of Air), response times, accuracy, and sense of danger. They have great kinetic senses, able to feel and sense the changes of energy (I.E. able to feel a pillar of earth/stone about to rise underneath them or a blast of energy coming towards their back). While having about the same intelligence level as Toa, their minds can process information faster and break out of illusions or tricks quicker as a result.

Powers: For their powers, it is separated into three categories: Mask/Disk powers (Primary), Metru Kanoka powers (Secondary), and Elemental (Tertiary).

Primary: Their primary power is that of Kanohi, Kanoka, or Krana. Originally they were only able to do the same as these masks, but have since evolved and become more powerful, something more akin to Toa Elemental Powers. At base levels, they can create, alter, and even absorb whatever power they possess, but it is not always guaranteed that they will be able to do all three. For example, a Skidawkie who’s primary power is that of the Great Hau can create force fields that can protect against all physical attacks, even against unknown or unseen attacks. He can form the energy into weapons or whatever construct he can imagine and deactivate the Hau shield and other similar force field energies. Or as another example, a Skidawkie could have the Kanoka power of Weakening and thus able to greatly weaken structures, but unable to remove/absorb weakness.

Though there are some minor limitations to their primary power, or at least what a Skidawkie might get as their primary power. Legendary mask powers are impossible for them to have and the rarer the mask, the rarer it is for a Skidawkie to have that power. So Skidawkie with the power of an Olmak are near to nonexistent. Skidawkie could have the power of Nuva masks if they are Destined to become Nuva and changed by Energized Protodermis, but do not exist naturally. Ones that receive a Noble version of the power instead of a Great can result in having different abilities given that some Noble masks work differently than their Great counterparts instead of just being weaker versions.

Skidawkie are able to use Kanohi, but not all of them can use Great and Noble masks. Some can only use Noble while others can use both, depending on what power they received. While Skidawkie do not grow physically weaker when they lose their Kanohi, they do lose access to their primary power. If they wear a mask that does not have the same power as their own, they can still use their main power, but it will be halved. Hence why most Skidawkie wear the mask that is the same as their own power (i.e. have the power of a Great Hau, going to wear the Great Hau).

Secondary: The secondary power Skidawkie possess is based upon the Metru exclusive traits of Kanoka disks and can affect their personality, powers, and physical traits. For example, one that has the power of Ta-Metru will be physically stronger and have an easier time moving things out of the way. Or the Ga-Metru power, able to do physics defying stunts by being able to suddenly course correct jumps, spins, etc.

Though unlike the primary power, this one isn’t nearly as random. It is usually determined by what element the Skidawkie has, so a Skidawkie of Fire is more likely to have the Ta-Metru trait. However, if they are a secondary element (like Plasma), then what Metru trait they receive is whatever is closest in similarity to the main six elements or their personality. If their personality is strong or different enough from the personalities Toa of that element would have, it’s entirely possible then that the Skidawkie will receive a Metru trait unrelated to their element (such as a Skidawkie of Fire having the Onu-Metru power instead).

Tertiary: The final power of the Skidawkie is that of their elemental powers. Though like the Matoran, this elemental power is inaccessible to them and only benefits them as physical traits. However, it is far greater than the Matoran’s level or even the Turaga, almost to a Toa’s base level of inactive power. So a Skidawkie of Fire can withstand great heat and work in environments that would otherwise be too hot even for Ta-Matoran.

How Skidawkie get their element is not by a random process. Instead, their element is chosen by either a Matoran or Makuta. Prior to their element being chosen, their armor is a dull, lifeless silver and have only their primary power. Whatever element they are given is what their armor colors will become. The only Skidawkie who don’t have their element chosen for them are the ones who’s primary power was that of an elemental Kanohi or Kanoka. While it is possible for there to be Skidawkie of Light or Shadow, none exist naturally and those elements can’t be chosen for them. Skidawkie would have to purge their moral shadow to become Light or have a Shadow Leech to make them Shadow.

Weapons: Skidawkie tend to use unusual weapons in comparison to other species. Due to their better center of gravity and balance, their weapons are designed to be purposefully unbalanced and disproportionate. And with their long, thin fingers, the handles on most of their weapons are both too wide and short for others to hold. Should anyone other than a Skidawkie try to use their weapons, it will be incredibly unwieldy and so off kilter to the point of being useless or breaking in various places. Leading most to believe that Skidawkie can actually manipulate the strength and balance of weapons, but how they use them as properly made weapons is unknown. Not all Skidawkie weapons are this way, as their thin fingers allow them to do delicate mechanical work and can create complex machinery weapons.

Other: Skidawkie’s faces resemble what mask power they have as to make it easy for Matoran to identify what mask the Skidawkie needs. The Infection power of Kraata and Makuta are especially devastating to Skidawkie. If not cured in time, they mutate into Rahkshi-Toa esc monsters, growing spines and their faces able to split open and screech like the Rahkshi in Mask of Light. Their element becomes Shadow and the Metru trait is replaced by the level one Kraata power of whatever power the Makuta prefers/represents them the most. Most of their organics rot away, with the interior become just a husk of armor holding a larger Kraata. The Kraata is more intelligent than the Shadow Kraata, can wear and use Kanohi, and can enter empty robotic shells to use as bodies (Exo-Toa, Bohrok, etc.).

History: The exact origin of the Skidawkie has been of some debate by various researchers and scientists, due to a number of different tales. Even the Skidawkie themselves do not know their origin, so discovering it has been difficult. However, those within the Order of Mata Nui believe they have pieced together the puzzle of their creation.

Whereas most beings in the universe are either created by the Great Beings or Mata Nui, Skidawkie hold none of the trademark designs of either. Rather, two other races entirely are responsible for these beings; Makuta and Matoran. Makuta made their being, Matoran made their body, and together they formed their spirit. This is how it was believed to have gone about.

In times past, before the Makuta’s jealousy grew so large as to rebel against the Great Spirit, the praise given to Toa and Mata Nui gnawed at their hearts. In attempts to prove that they could give the Matoran better heroes than Mata Nui, one of their brothers was tasked with creating their replacement. For those who know this Makuta, they simply refer to him as Equinox, for he appears just as often and in such great showing. And so Makuta Equinox got to work, quickly creating a the race as he did not want to spend much time on that project. Though even in his haste, he created what he thought Matoran would greatly enjoy, focusing on Kanohi due to Matoran’s own reliance on the masks. And when he had finished, he placed them on an island called Miyrt, down in the south away from others. Leaving them there under observation to prove if they were ready.

And in the time he was gone, two significant events happened to the Skidawkie. The first was being discovered by Matoran. A large group of Matoran had unfortunately been lost at sea, tossed about in the Southern Islands when they finally were able to stop on one within eyesight of Miyrt. Without Toa of their own or any other protectors, they were quickly attracted to the Skidawkie for their resemblance to their heroes. Though it was not long for them to realize that they were not Toa, not in power nor in skill. And being naive beings at this time, who were also taught that Matoran should be trusted, the Skidawkie did not put up a fight against the Matoran altering them. In the end however, the Matoran considered their efforts a failure and were ashamed of what they done. They left the Skidawkie, having used them to get a means for a rescue, never mentioning these events to anyone. The only record of this account is from some of the older Skidawkie.

The second event however is one all Skidawkie remember well. Sometime shortly after the Matoran had gone, a fiendish Makuta known for tampering with other races stopped by. Despite his own great failure, he had learned of his brother’s pet project and decided to see for himself. In which he was so disappointed in what he considered to be crude Matoran craftsmanship, decided to make his own alterations. After his tampering, he had Visorak unleashed on the island, killing or mutating much of the species, leaving the survivors scattered to the universe. And for this, the next time Equinox would rise, it was to punish his brother.

Since then Skidawkie have evolved into the powers they are known for today. Some have become local heroes, others mercenaries, some inventors, and others into various jobs. Though where ever they go, their move into the north has caused quite a disruption. Accusations of being false Toa or assassinated by Dark Hunters mistaking them as such, others trying to mutate them into Rahkshi nightmares, and so on. It has been a great strain on the Order to try and relocate, kill, or recruit such potentially useful beings.

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Character Examples:

Agegis, the poster boy of Skidawkie.

Infected: Although this has not happened to Agegis in particular, here is a quick, possible infected version of him. Using the Rahkshi head in this instance to make it more obvious.


Name: Agegis

Species: Skidawkie

Element: Iron

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Hau

Powers and Weapon: As with all Skidawkie, Agegis has three different powers. His first and primary one is his evolved power of the Hau, able to create, control, and absorb force fields and similar energy shielding at a basic level. With this, he can create domes to protect large groups, platforms to ride on, cages to contain enemies, etc. His second is the Po-Metru Kanoka trait, allowing him to home in his attacks on targets and allow his shields to deflect other attacks more effectively. His final power is the inaccessible element of Iron, which increases his level of endurance significantly.

For weapons, Agegis uses an unbalanced, disproportionate longsword and a Fikou web designed shield. Both are capable of channeling his powers.

Personality: Diligent, tough, and alert; Agegis will do whatever it takes to protect his people and others under evil oppression.

Background: Agegis was created some time ago by Makuta Equinox and left on an island with his brothers and sisters. Gifted with the power of the Hau, Agegis was one of the more common types of Skidawkie, but considered the most important as the Skidawkie society quickly developed. The Hau Skidawkie were shields, heroic protectors representing what all should strive to become. As such, they were the main guardians of their island, the first line of defense against all threats.

Later, a Makuta came to the island and tried to train and alter them. Either due to his tampering or Equinox’s original intention, Agegis, and other Skidawkie, powers evolved beyond just simple mask powers. When the Makuta had finished his fun, he sent the Visorak hordes onto the island. Agegis clashed against the life stealers, but the walls of shielding were shattered and overcome by the monsters. While Agegis managed to survive, he was left mutated by their venom and went searching for a cure. In his travels, he found another Skidawkie who claimed of someone named Kaatonga had cured him of the same mutation. With a hope and direction, Agegis eventually found Kaatonga and was cured.

Purified of his curse, Agegis left to search for others under the same fate and bring them to Kaatonga. When Kaatonga finally decided it was time to eliminate the Visorak and end all this suffering, Agegis was one of the first to join her cause. He has since become Kaatonga’s right hand, one of her most trusted and fiercest warriors.

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Name: Wanebb

Species: Skidawkie

Element: Earth

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Mask of Weakening

Powers and Weapon: Like many, Skidawkie, Wanebb has three different powers. His first and primary one is his evolved from the Kanoka of Weakening, able to send blasts of energy that severely weakens the physical structure of whatever it strikes. Ranging from making weapons brittle to causing entire structures to collapse under their own weight. His second is the Onu-Metru Kanoka trait, manifesting as an ability to allow his weapon to return to him or whatever object he throws, should he desire it to return. His final power is the inaccessible element of Earth, increasing his strength and additional night-vision enhancements.

Wanebb’s only weapon is a re-purposed Staff of Absorption, altered to fit the Skidawkie weapon design. It can be used to channel his powers.

Personality: A harden old cynic, while Wanebb has a strong desire to defend his people, even others to an extent, his methods are usually not welcomed. Looking for the weak links on the inside, destroying those not worth saving and strengthening those that could be. The kind that will do away with both tradition and new ideas if they can’t hold their ground.

Background: In another age, Wanebb was one of the many Skidawkie created by Makuta Equinox, left on an island to live to themselves. His gift, as others would call it, was that of Weakening, able to bring the world down around them. And for this gift, he and other Weakening Skidawkie (as well as Jutlin) were relegated to construction (or rather, demolition), mining, and other tasks that would otherwise require hard labor. Though not despised, they were not looked upon too fondly by their kin.

Perhaps for fear of their powers, or finding it dishonorable, they were rarely regulated to defend the island. Leave it to the Hau, Crast, and other such heroics, not to Weakeners and Rusters. Though if things were ever desperate enough, they would be called upon to destroy the invaders.

One of the few that remembers the day the Matoran arrived to their island home. He was taught that Matoran were wonderful little workers, serving the great wills of Makuta and Mata Nui with gladness. And when they finally go to the Matoran, they would cheer and hail them as heroes. When they did arrive that destined day, they were certainly joyed to see them! Only to waste into disappointment and discontent. These were the beings to server and protect, only to betray and alter them. From then on, Wanebb would no longer trust the Matoran.

It did not help when that fiendish Makuta arrived to the island. For here was one of their lords and he too betrayed and altered them. Unleashed vicious spiders on their land, left them all to die. Wanebb would not be so easy to break that day and dusted dozens, perhaps even a hundred of the Visorak before having to escape.

In his following travels, he ran into a Rahkshi and almost became a Son of Makuta himself. Though he managed to fell the monster in time before it could infect him, he took its staff as a reminder of how close he came to failure. Though his wondering the universe would finally end when one of his brothers called for him. The Skidawkie lived and were coming back together again, many under the banner of someone called Kaatonga. Seeing it as a chance to help save his people from another potential destruction, he joined and has gone out wiping Visorak hordes with the rest of them.

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Name: Actsiom

Species: Skidawkie

Element: Magnetism

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Rode

Powers and Weapon: As with all Skidawkie, Actsiom has three different powers. His first and primary one is his evolved power of the Rode, which allows him to see through all lies and deceptions. Unlike the normal Rode, this power is on at the highest capability of that mask, making it impossible to lie and hide from Actsiom. Though if he actively uses his power, he can learn truths behind falsehoods that not even the being telling them knows to be wrong. His second is the Ko-Metru Kanoka trait, allowing him to better dodge obstacles and reach his target. His final power is the inaccessible element of magnetism, granting him a good sense of direction.

For weapons, Actsiom only uses an unbalanced, disproportionate great sword.

Personality: Truthful, honest, discerning; Actsiom believes the best way to protect people from evil is to be truthful. Also uprooting lies and deception, Actsiom won’t stop until the truth is revealed for both sides. Though it seems his Ko-Metru trait manifests here as well, dodging pitfalls and distractions in arguments to get to the answers he’s seeking.

Background: At some point in time, Actsiom was created by a Makuta known as Equinox, sent to live on the island of Miyrt along with his brothers and sisters. For reasons he has not been able to determine, he received the gift of the Rode. Fairly uncommon, the Rode Skidawkie were highly respected in the burgeoning new society. For with their powers, they became the judges and philosophers, constant seekers of truth and understanding, even that which their power would not let them see.

Yet even as truth seers and seekers, they were blind both when the Matoran came and then that other Makuta. Like the others of their kin, they were altered and evolved, but before they were ready that Makuta decided to have one last bit of fun. The attack of the Visorak was devastating for any Rode Skidawkie, for they were already few in number and now fewer remained, with many twisted.

Actsiom managed to get out alive, but not unscathed. The venom poisoned his thoughts and distorted truth, yet he pressed onward for a legend of some kind being to cure him. In his seeking, he would find someone known as Kaatonga and was restored. He too would go out seeking other brothers sisters who were transformed by the Visorak, trying to save them before it was too late. When Kaatonga’s call to war came, he joined her readily.

And what a mighty pair they make; for she can see into the hearts and morality of beings, and he can see into their lies and truths. Between them, who can hope to escape the judgement of justice?

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Sooooo… basically fatter Toa? Interesting mocs by the way. Hope to see more of them.

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They are all pretty well done!

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Not really. The only ones I would give you as being “fatter Toa” are Agegis and Wanebb, given they’re more brutish warriors. Though outside of build, they are certainly more than just “fatter Toa.”

Though I doubt you want a small essay comparing the Skidawkie to the Toa in physiology.



Actually I DO want a small essay comparing the Skidawkie to the Toa in physiology!