Skull Minion (Skull Villain Combo)

so almost two years ago, I posted a combiner that I called Skull Minion

skull minion was a combiner of smol ekimu and kulta

skull minion was not a good combiner

i’ve thus decided to reuse the name on something better

skull minion 2 is a combiner of Skull Warrior, Skull Basher, Skull Slicer, and Skull Scorpio

back to the shaq

closer shot of the mystical blue axe of blueness

closer shot of his other weapon that can absorb energy from golden masks or something

overall the color scheme isn’t that spectacular
and the shoulders are held together with nothing but spit and prayers

let me know what you think
i appreciate any cc

oh and i forgot to mention that he can do this:

okay thats all bye


Wow that looks good, good job Slimo.

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and what is this supossed to be


Well doesn’t look much like a minion, more like an evil overlord.

I think you mean warrior judging by the lack of a lime ribcage and trans light blue.

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whatever you want it to be

fair enough, though we’ll see.

Nope. As I stated in my post,

I didn’t use any trans-lime because it got waaaaay too messy for my tastes. I wouldn’t have used any trans-blue if it weren’t for the weapon.

Okay I just failed to read skull warrior.

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I see where skull scorpio pieces went, atleast one of them, its there on the weapon holding the two transred claws, but other than that cant tell where more of his pieces went into

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They’re scattered around. IFB claws and joint pieces in the shoulders, technic bits here and there. The only things I didn’t use were the trans-lime parts, the legs, and some of the larger technic pieces.

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The new one is way better, but it doesn’t fit the term “minion”. Still, nice.

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Clearly a mating call. Those of us who study spooptacular biology always know a mating call when we see one.


I feel the trans purple and blue kinda detract from the otherwise nice color scheme, but his design overall looks more interesting than the prior MOC.

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Yeah I totally agree about the trans-purple. I would have done away with it entirely, but I needed to use those joints in the upper legs. There wasn’t any alternative without reworking the entire leg design.

This looks pretty cool.
The axe is really awesome.

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He’s amazing. The colors clash a little. But it’s still amazing.

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Lots of pretty colors.

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i got instructionsssssss