Skylanders Imaginators

So as some of you might know, the latest game in the Skylanders series is Skylanders Imaginators, the game in the franchise that now allowes one to create their own skylander.

Players would have the option to chose from ten different battle classes:

then you have the different elements which are: Light, Magic, Tech, Water, Fire, Life (plants), Dark, Undead, Air and Earth,and the vast creation ability of the Imaginators that you could create.

so if any of you people where to get Skylanders Imaginators, what kind of Imaginator would you create?


no but seriously who came up with that name, a five year old?


is there a point to your post? if you just to say “no” to the question and to then complain about the name, why did you post the reply then?

eh, every one have their own opinions, i though you just wanted to drop a negative comment on the game, like what some Youtubers tends to do.

i was actualy contemplating on flagin your reply but was not sure about it.

its funny how Skylanders introduced a create your own figure idea before LEGO did it, LEGO Dimensions only allowed one to alter the vehicles, and even then it only worked for pre made models.

I was expressing an opinion about the game. However in answer to your question trust me anything I would make is way too dark for the source game.

My opinion on the game has already been screwed over by the name. They’ve ruined themselves by the cover. I remember playing some of the original games with my friend, but they’ve gotten progressively worse and pointless. Ironically by the time they named a game “Imaginators”, the series reached a low point for creativity.

I’m sure it works well as a fun action game for kids, but to me it now seems like nothing more than a cash-grab, with absolutely no story, and very little innovation in core mechanics since the first game.

But hey at least it only took them what, three games to implement a jump mechanic, right?

######just gonna end the rant there before I get too out of hand

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Played the first one, didn’t find it very engaging.
The lack of characters I was attached too also made it not worth it to buy them.

######rip crash bandicoot

While Crash and Neo Cortex are going to appeare in an adventure pack, they are only guest characters, like Donkey Kong and Bowser. Crash is getting the HD remakes of his original games, so he is not a permament part of the Skylander games.

Well I say that cause they didn’t announce a new game for him yet.

Crash, come back to the light

Please, Crash. You deserve better.


**>**tfw this is the first skylander topic

Well at least Crash and Spyro both can suffer together.


its close to his original design:

and lets not forget Neo Cortex himself:

looks pritty close to his original design too:

It’s not the design that I’m not a fan of. It’s the character itself being in the game.

Skylanders is just one of those series, where they try to add something to bring in a new demographic, but fail horrifyingly. A good example of this can be seen with Spyro’s inclusion in the first game, which turned off most fans than lure them in.


Ah, Skylanders. It’s been a cash grab from the start, but it used to be a cash grab I could enjoy.

I thought the first two were good, so sue me but it’s been a while since I’ve played them, so maybe they suck, I dunno. I skipped Swap Force, but when Trap Team rolled around in 2014 I thought it looked interesting, and gave it a whirl. It was okay. Nothing exceptional. I got Superchargers for Christmas and I honestly don’t like it. It’s just really boring, and the vehicle sections are dumb. Let’s not forget the pressure to buy toys…

In the first game, the only reason you needed toys of other elements was to open gates that led to stat-boosting hats and side quests (There were level peices too, but let’s not get into those). You could beat the game with the three figures it came with and have a good time (I made it to the last level with those three toys, but couldn’t beat that stupid hydra without forking over some cash). Every game beyond that point had a gimmick:

2 was Giants, bigger and stronger figures. You needed one to beat the game, as there were parts only they could pass by lifting a boulder or something. You got one with the game, though.

3 was Swap Force, figures you could mix and match. There were parts of levels you could only access with certain figures abilities or something, but I never played that one, I dunno.

4 was Trap Team, you can trap bad guys in crystals called, and I wish I was kidding, Traptanium. and you thought “Imaginators” was bad. :stuck_out_tongue: There were bigger figures called “Trap Masters” and only they could open the elemental gates, rendering your old elemental collection worthless.

5’s gimmick is vehicles, and it sucks. There are land, water, and air vehicles, but you only get a land vehicle with the game. In order to get three stars on a level, you need one of each. NPC’s say things like “Oh, no! There’s a monster underwater that you need to defeat for me with your water vehicle! Or you can just go around the fun part and take the boring path if you don’t have one, y’know.” It used to be “Want cool loot? Give us money!” Now it’s “Want to enjoy your full priced video game? Give us money!”

That wasn’t supposed to turn into a rant, but I got a little carried away. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’m just salty because of all the money I’ve spent on the toys.

Traps aren’t pictured, but I only have two. I also bought some Swap Force toys on clearance for really cheap a while ago, so I have a few of those. A lot of these were birthday/Christmas gifts I didn’t pay for, but still, I have too many. The worst part is, they’re getting nostalgic for me, and now I can never sell them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I completely forgot to mention the local multiplayer mode. It was the best part, but they got rid of it in Trap Team.

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i own all of the games, all of the skylanders from Spyro’s adventure (just so you know, i don’t own like three cynders or anything i just own one of the characters, which means that those i who are upgraded skylanders from later parts of the franchise like Voodood, Dino Rang and Boomer are all part of the elite group from super chargers) all of the figures from giants, not all of the figures from swap force, though i have all of the main swap force skylanders, not all of the trap team figures and not all of the traps, and not all of the skylanders or vechicles from super chargers (all though i pre-orderd the dark edition, which means that i resived a water craft early on).

and also, i have dark spyro because i bought the 3ds skylander game from the used section of a Gamestop store.

Yes, but you still like these games. You still have a purpose for the toys. I don’t.:stuck_out_tongue:

but still, if you ever got interested, what kind of imaginator would you create?

Quickshot, maybe? Sounds like fun, at least compared to the other mostly generic-sounding ones.

They’re making another Skylander game? The first one wasn’t even that good.

how and why does this series keep making money


Do you know how bad the last one they made was? Do you think they would risk making a new installment, until seeing if Crash is still wanted, and if they should use the old formula?

I actually like the Skylanders series.
Superchargers sucks tho

If I were to make an Imaginator (besides the fire one in the starter pack) I’d make a Dark Knight probably

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