Slender Man (2018)

Hey do you guys remember that really cool and unsettling Creepypasta introduced nearly a decade ago called the Slender Man? Do you remember how it spawned acclaimed web series’ like Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, Dark Harvest and TribeTwelve?

Do you remember how it spawned dozens of video games that caused many to need a change of pants after playing? Do you remember how the fanbase kind of died after two girls nearly killed their friend in Wisconsin four years ago?

Well, Sony, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to revive the Slender Man in the form of a film, and ho boy does it look really bad.

Slender Man follows three girls who summon the entity in search of their friend, whom I’m assuming was abducted by the Slender Man in the first place. And lo and behold, the three girls are also stalked by the Slender Man after he arrives.

It is set to be released August 10th.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve always loved the Slender Man mythos. He is easily my favorite Creepypasta, and I love Marble Hornets. But reviving the franchise just feels in poor taste, especially since this movie looks like it’s going to be a flop.

What are your thoughts?


If I liked horror movies, and wasn’t a coward, I would watch the trailer and maybe even watch the movie. I love Slenderman because he looks cool, and he doesn’t seem that scary. He’s just a tall crash test dummy in business attire! Who teleports… and has tentacles… and tries to kill you… Okay, maybe he can be scary depending on the depiction. Not going to watch it for the reasons above, and, even though I’m not scared of him, I don’t want that to change. He’s like, the only horror villain I like.

I mean, the trailers aren’t that scary imo. Of course, I may be immune to being creeped out at this point in my life. For the most part they’re just generic horror movie trailers. But I see your point.

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I don’t think we should ever see the full Slenderman entity. Kind of like how we can see the hazy outline of a humanoid figure just within the fog, and other stuff like that. We don’t need a hyper realistic close up of Slenderman.

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I hope they go the resident evil route

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Slenderman legit used to be my greatest fear when I was much younger and didn’t realize it was from the internet. A bunch of kids told me about it at a lock-in, and I was terrified. The movie looks eh. I don’t really watch horror movies anyway, so I’ll probably stay away from it.

I’ll be honest.

I still really don’t like Slenderman.

I completely get where he came from, how he got popular, why he’s not really scary, all these things, but for some reason my mind continues to be extremely averse to anything with him in it. Heck, I can’t even bare to hear the static sound from the games that plays when he kills you.

Despite my irrational creep-out, I watched the first trailer a while ago. Haven’t seen the second, might watch it now. I really can’t tell if it’s going to be good or not, most likely it will just be average. The story doesn’t seem at all unique, so beyond that it’s really just the visuals that will be the selling point.

I do think they did a good job adapting the parts of the mythos people are familiar with, though, like the pages. However, it looks to me like he’s just going to end up being “big, scary, CG monster.” The real terror in Slenderman is when you don’t see him.

I don’t plan on watching it really unless it somehow comes to be in my possession or on Netflix, but I’ll probably watch reviews on it. Horror movies never were my thing anyways.

I do agree it might be in poor taste though, especially after what happened a few years ago.

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Sony why. The story dates all the way back to 2009.

How have you not learned from the Emoji movie or the Angry Birds movie.

Anyways, having watched the trailer, it probably won’t be good. At first it almost looked promising, thanks to some great use of psychedelic imagery. It had a fair amount of “show, don’t tell”, setting up the monster well.

Then they threw that all out the window by saying that he “gets inside your head” as an excuse for the characters to do dumb things. Then there was the obviously obvious jumpscare that marks every bad movie, and it all went downhill from there.

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If this was by another Studio I’d have higher hopes.

I don’t trust Sony at all.


I know your pain.

I’m intrigued by this movie for the meme alone, but I’m personally going to wait until more reviews are out.


Just watched the trailer, wasn’t scared. Slender-Man is an absolute beast, but the movie doesn’t look very interesting besides how much I like him.

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The trailer gave me a Lovecraftian vibe, so I’m quite interested honestly

It doesn’t look bad but at the same time it’s Sony; they suck at anything non Spider-Man related.

I don’t think I’ll see it, not a horror guy, but I like how the slenderman looks. With Sony behind it, it’ll probably be crappy unless Spider-Man comes and saves the day

It looks like yet another generic bland horror movie. The only thing significant about it is that it’s about a horror game that lost relevance about 10 years ago, and are trying to make a quick cash grab.

The Slender Man didn’t start out as a horror game lmao.


I know it originated as a German Boogy Man, but let’s not kid ourselves. This movie is happening because of the game.

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I’m fairly certain the German Boogy-Man thing is a myth.

Slender Man was created from a photo-editing contest on an online forum. He got popular, some games were made, he became an internet icon, etc.

But I don’t think the movie is happening because of the game. It’s happening because the incident that happened a few years ago brought Slender Man into the public eye, and some studio executives thought he’d make a good horror movie.

I’m a little surprised he doesn’t have a movie already, considering how popular he is/was. Which also supports your arguement, @PakariNation99.

Alright. So there are really two ways this can go. The source material will be handled properly and we’ll actually get a good movie out of this


It’s just a quick cash grab. They’ll just do whatever, show some disturbing imagery, say its all because of Slender Man, and call it a day. The titular monster probably won’t even be in all that much.

Having seen the trailer a good amount of times, I feel it’s leaning closer to the second. Especially with that whole “He gets into your head like a virus” line. That just seems off to me. It also reminds me of that other horror movie that came out a while ago. The one where everyone was screaming “don’t say it don’t think it”. Though that could be coincidental.