Small things that bothered you about Bionicle movies

This probably has to do once again with Krekka’s prototype model. We do not have very good pictures of it, but it can be seen in this promo poster:

Ok, it’s time for me to unveil the thing that bothered me the MOST out of all the movies. It caomes from the MoL and it is sort of a mixture of bad continuity and nonsensical physics.

During the attack on Ta-Koro, two Ta-Matoran are hiding in what seems to be an alcove or a Kohlii stick closet:

The Guurahk comes searching and he bursts through the arch creating an extra opening (because bending your head a little bit more is too much work apparently):

Guurahk then continues to dismantle the opening to the closet including the little piece of stone he left there when he burst in.

But wait, what is that? He is throwing away the last three chunks of stone making up the upper portion of the “exit”, but what are they resting on? If you think about it they are just floating there because nothing should be beneath them (it is the upper portion of the exit after all). But if you look even closer you will notice that the stones are resting on what seems to be a random bar of glitchy texture, which then dissapears as soon as the stones are removed. But logically there couldn’t have been anything there because Guurahk was just about to strike the Matoran which was the whole reason he dismantled all that was blocking his path.
This is the number 1(silly) bothersome thing in the movies and I found it bizzare ever since this movie came out in 2003.
Was it really necessary to sacrifice spatial logic and continuity of two shots going right after each other, just to make a scene of Guurahk removing some stones? How about actually showing him using his disintegration power for the FIRST time in the movie?!
He is the only Rahkshi who doesn’t use his powers even once…


This is an extremely common misconception. That figure in the back is not Krekka, but instead a prototype Vahki, which is why the arms are symmetrical. It’s the prototype version of this poster:


I know which poster it preceeded, but maybe Vahki was not there from the beginning. Also Greg said it was supposed to be Krekka and it does look like his movie version. Then again Greg could have been mistaken.

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I just can’t see why it would be Krekka. He’s not a particularly significant character at all. Greg says that he “believes it was supposed to be Krekka” which is hardly concrete evidence. I think a Vahki makes much more sense here, especially considering the final poster.

Of course, I could be wrong, but I think it seems far more logical for it to be a Vahki.

As a side note, this isn’t just something I’ve come up with, I definitely did hear it somewhere, and I remember the source was reputable. It’s been years since I last heard about it though, and I can’t really remember where. I’ll see if I can look into it.


He seems to be more titan-scaled than a canister set, has similar proportions to Krekka, has the same mata arms as Krekka, and has the same mechanical circular red eyes


That’s often the case with these very early kitbashed prototypes. Just look at the Toa Hordika:


The Krekka/Vahki thing is so different from anything we actually got that it’s hard to tell what any of it is supposed to be. It appears to have a Bohrok head plate on its back and cut up Rahkshi shoulders.


Notice the shoulders of that Krekka? prototype are the same as the Krekka in LoMM. It also has the red circular asymmetric eyes.


The hordika model also seems to be much earlier in development. It has very little resemblance to any 2005 set, let alone the Hordika

Perhaps this prototype was a “common ancestor” and inspired the designs of both krekka and the vahki? Or maybe it was originally the vahki design before they began to modify it to be Krekka?


Not to mention there is this:

  • The BIONICLE 2 movie design for the Vahki appears to have been created before their building sets, with their earliest visual appearance, in Comic 16, using the silhouette of the on-screen design. Several changes were made to the head and legs of the finalized movie model as compared to the original concept art, so as to bring the design slightly closer to that of the building sets. The Stun Staffs from the BIONICLE 2 design, shared by all Vahki in the movie, were used for the Vorzakh set, with the other Vahki sets receiving newly-designed Staffs.
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How Tahu’s kanohi looks like a flesh mask.


Oh my gosh someone finally put it into words.


Flesh mask with its own gangrene :ok_hand:

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Maybe he was supposed to be? Maybe back when they made that poster Krekka was going to play a larger role in the story, before they decided to use the Vahki instead? Maybe Krekka was going to be a horde enemy like the Vahki?

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That sounds more creepy than extra Nidhikis.


Well Krekka did eventually become a horde enemy, in contrast to Nidhiki who is one of a kind.
By the way, did you know Nidhiki set initially had a unique glow in the dark Vahki head?

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No. I wish it still did.
And where was he a horde enemy?


Me too :unamused:
I am referring to the fact that we later found out he is a part of steltian bruiser species, while Nidhiki is a unique mutated being.

Ok. I had wondered if Kremlin was a Steltian.

I have a positive note to add today. I have found something I am glad the movies did without and that is random mask swaps.
This is present in one of the comics, Tahu Nuva has red Miru Nuva in these two panels just shortly after his transformation:

That is not to say the movies didn’t have their share of animation errors, but it has never gone as far as swapped masks.

Well, I think in this case it was representing him using the power of the Nuva masks to use any of the original Great Kanohi powers, but yes, it doesn’t make much sense for him to be using a Miru, especially when he should have a Hau.