Small things that bothered you about Bionicle movies

But they weren’t using any mask power in this moment only after that. And Nuva masks only have one power each (and they have not yet collected the other Kanohi Nuva).
I think this might have originally been Lewa Nuva, but the colorist made him into Tahu Nuva.

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Oh boy I have just found a big one I have never noticed before! In Legends of Metru Nui around 50:30, right after fake Dume says “too late Toa” and laughs, his head is visible from behind. If you look closely at his robot head, Dume’s tongue splits open like a xenomorph and it is super disturbing! :nauseated_face: :scream:

I don’t know if this is an animation error (probably) or if it was deliberate.


It disturbs me that it’s never explained what the thing was that was chasing Whenua in the Archives at the start of the quest for the disks in LoMN. It looks to have been a recolored Nidhiki model, but all you see of it is a pincer trying to reach around a massive door to grab him.


Wasn’t it supposed to be a mutated ussal?

I never looked. It didn’t say in the movie what it was.

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Just to update this, I forgot to include one more panel above these two with red Lewa.


After a long time I have to add this thing, which I have blissfully forgot about, but now I was reminded. In the first movie Ga-Koro wins the Kolhii championship, beating Po-Koro and Ta-Koro. However, when you actually follow the course of the game, you would notice that both Ga-Koro AND Po-Koro scored 2 goals each, while Ta-Koro scored zero. The match should have ended in a draw between Ga-Koro and Po-Koro!