Sorano, the Empty One (New Self MOC)

Well, there’s a bit of context to this, but not much. It was originally going to be a Stand for the Stand MOC “trend,” but I decided against it. I didn’t know enough about Stands and wanted to do something more with this guy.

He also filled in the empty spot for a Self MOC in the process!

This guy’s shoulder joints are extremely poseable. They look messy and hard to use, but with positioning them in certain ways, they can achieve poses few other humanoid MOCs can. They are a tad gappy, but I think it’s worth the range.

Overall this is the most articulated MOC I’ve ever made.

He also has two energy-esque blades that are created from his palms.

Also, here’s a brief look at his general torso construction…

I’m still working for a full story, but here’s what I have (by the way, he is not a member of the Bionicle Universe).

Sorano was originally part of a biomechanical race of beings, each containing personality and sentience. It was rumored that when any of them dies, their personality is carried over to the next born of their species. Well, Sorano one day had been exploring a mountainous area, and was doing well until he slipped. He tumbled down the side of rocks, the blows slowly killing him. At this point, he was far from any civilization. He had died. The personality left his body like expected, but had nowhere to go, and his body remained animated. His empty body continues to tread the outlands of his planet, looking for a way to fill his hollow soul.

That’s it! Any constructive criticism is much appreciated!


Looks good.

The background is great, but the MOC itself needs work.

Especially that the textures seem to clash.

Good work.


I’d like to know why?

It’s completely covered.

My bad, I must’ve looked over the second image. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Not bad. But, like it’s name, it feels a little empty.

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It’s intended to represent a body after it lost it’s personality, so I’ll take that as completing my goal :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like this, but
He will not be forgotten.


He will be very forgotten.
He died in the most cruddy and boring way possible.


Being torn apart for MOCing pieces


To be honest, I’m not a huge fan. Don’t get me wrong, his build is pretty good, and the textures are fairly consistent. However, something seems missing. Nothing really made me think wow.
But that’s just my opinion.
It’s still an ok moc, but mabye not as a self moc

To each his own.

Personally, I find the idea of a “hollow” character interesting, but it did mean I needed to stay somewhat utilitarian with the design. Just a part of the concept’s nature.

I can understand why one would want more character in a MOC (part of the reason I gave him so much articulation was to allow for poses that could make up for that).


Mhh, fair enough. You do you man. I do look forward to seeing more from you!

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I think it was a bad idea to take pictures of this dude with a black backround

My other option was a white background, which I think would have arguably been worse.


I could also have done no background, but my wall is kinda cluttered.

Heeey, I fixed it


Thanks, Spacey - could not bear to look at that ugly thing until you fixed it.

Joe seriously tho, really odd and cool MOC at the same time - seems very lanky but I suppose it was intended design.


Yes, I took inspiration from some of the more “out there” anime robot designs, a large impacting point of the stature.

hence the