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Achilles, the Sunbringer, chosen of The Everlasting, self-proclaimed God King, is dead. On the cusp of greatness, the verge of world dominance, a band of intrepid heroes rose up against his tyranny and ended his iron-fisted conquest.

The death of the God King created a vacuum of chaos and strife. The nations he had already subdued were quick to reclaim their freedom, despite their crippled states, and the last remaining true nations were equally swift to seize the opportunity to take new land.

That was all three years ago.

In the time since, the nations have been quick to form new alliances, factions, and treaties. Now that they have reestablished some semblance of cohesion, they look to the ramifications of the coming age.

Gravesbane - once called Ligrav, the greatest city in Granis, Achilles’ homeland. When he first began his world campaign, Achilles somehow found the technology to cause the city to take to the skies, becoming an impenetrable fortress from which Achilles could reign his terror. With his death, the massive city fell to the ground on the edge of the western wastes, burying its inhabitants - and its secrets - beneath the wreckage.

The three most prominent factions in the land have come into agreement - collaborate to send an expedition into the depths of Gravesbane to uncover its secrets, which may be pivotal in the coming age.

Enter the protagonists.

You are one of those sent to accompany the expedition into Gravesbane, sent by your organization, country, or faction.

It is doubtful that you are a hero—far from it. Chances are you are a soldier, political agent, or exploratory expert of some sort - archaeologists, geologists, engineers. Many of you will be scoundrels, traitors, murderers, or rebels. Some of you will be wanted criminals, for the factions desire all different skillsets in this expedition.

And some will be those who should not be there at all.

The New Alliance - composed of most of the nations formerly under Achilles’ rule. Only viable because of their unity, the Alliance has sent a mix of explorers, mercenaries, and criminals, many of which are those that rose to prominence as rebels during Achilles’ reign.

The Old Kingdoms - composed of those countries never subdued. Outwardly, the Old Kingdoms are the strongest faction in the land, but everyone knows that the individual kingdoms are in a cold war of political intrigue, on the verge of all-out war amongst themselves. They have sent a force of skilled warriors and soldiers, some of which hide a dangerous secret.

And the Scholars of Sulgent - a widespread organization, outwardly a scholarly institution of some of the most learned sages in the land, but in reality the largest spy network in Graveslor. No one knows what stake they have in the secrets of the city, but their healers, scholars, and engineers are a welcome addition to the expedition. And it is rumored that they have access to an ancient art of magic long thought lost to time.

Each faction has sent a leading Representative and teams of soldiers, explorers, scribes, and other individuals of varying skillsets. Each faction has their own goals, agendas, and relations. And each faction hopes to uncover Achilles’ secrets before the others.

So yeah I’m running an RPG. I’ll be maxing out the number of slots eventually, but I’m not putting a hard number on it and I also don’t want to assume the number of players I’ll get. General rule though: the more the merrier.

Because of the nature of the RPG, signups will remain open for the first parts, and then receive a hard close.

I will not be linking my worldbuilding document, mostly because it isn’t finished, so setting notes will be shared as they are needed. I will also not be sharing a map for quite a bit, since that’s nowhere near complete, and it’s not that applicable for this specific RPG.

Genre is pretty general fantasy/low fantasy with some steampunk and sci-fi tropes the further you get into Achilles’ old city.

To sign up, read carefully and fill out the character sheet template below and post it in this topic, or PM it to me. Once it’s approved, your name will be pinged at the bottom of this post.


Respect the GM. You got that right. Winger’s in charge in this topic.

Keep it PG/PG-13 - hard no on graphic content.

No metagaming, autohitting, or autododging - don’t ruin the fun.

PvP (Player versus Player) combat is allowed for the purposes of drama, but don’t be a murderhobo. Maiming or killing of other PCs is only allowed with player consent.

No villainous characters - a morally … vague … character is completely acceptable, so long as their goals align with that of the group. Your characters are the protagonists - do not be the antagonist.

Normal boards rules apply to OOC discussion. Suspensions from the RPG will be handed out judicially.

Players are currently limited to one character only - quality over quantity. If you have a character concept that involves another individual, you are encouraged to collaborate with other players. Exceptions can be made to this rule.

Please keep characters balanced, and avoid creating any Mary Sues. OP characters will be modified as the GM sees fit. You are all the main characters of this story - not you specifically.

Character Sheet




Appearance - Either a portrait (give credit for any artwork that isn’t yours), or a brief text description, such as eye color, hair color, build, notable features, etc

Faction - The Alliance, the Kingdoms, or the Scholars. Your faction will determine what information you are privy to, as well as a specific Faction Secret you will receive before the start of the RPG.

Equipment - Like the genre, technology and weaponry is pretty general fantasy. PM me if you have anything in mind out of the ordinary.

Biography - Include a brief description of the character’s past and background. This should also include insight into the character’s motivations and personality. Secret bios are allowed or even encouraged (PM me), but no one likes edgelords/Mary Sues.

Dark Secrets - You must include at least one secret about your character, which you will PM to me. This is something about your character fears. Something that they would not want others to know, and that they might not even know - or accept the know - themselves.

Major disclaimer: you are -not- one of the heroes who brought about Achilles’ downfall.

Artifacts - starting out, you will have none. “Artifacts” counts as more sophisticated technology, magic items, etc.

I understand you may find these rules may be limiting, and I am totally willing to work around some of them. Go ahead and PM me if this is the case.

I am eager to be able to work with players regarding your character, so please, take your time. There’s no rush.

Other Topics

Death and dying - If your character dies, they’re dead. Capiche? You can however (if you so desire), still create a new character to play in the RPG.

Roleplaying - You are expected to RP your character, not yourself. “Yeah, duh, Winger”. No. What I mean is, if you say your character is shy, then you RP them as shy, not flamboyant and outgoing.

Activity - At this point in time, I can be as active as necessary within the RPG. That said, I cannot keep the RP going with no player interaction. What I mean to say is this: the RPG will be as active as you make it.

NPCs - My goal is to keep NPCs as engines to drive forward the story, and nothing else. In my eyes, my role as the GM is to tell the story, not be a character in it. Basically I promise not to have annoying GMPCs.

Anyways that’s enough of my ramblings go sign up I need the validation.

Pertinent Vernacular

Graveslor (GRAV-ess-lore) - The Eastern Continent

Gravesbane (GRAV-ess-bayne) - The Floating City of Achilles; the impenetrable fortress

Ligrav (LEE-grav) - the original name for Gravesbane before it took to the skies.

Granis (GRAN-is) - a country on the northeastern coast of Graveslor; Achilles’ homeland; in the years leading up to his conquest, it was embroiled in wars that ultimately turned it into a wasteland and allowed Achilles to create such a firm hold in northern Graveslor.

Sulgent (SOL-jent) - A large city on the coast of Granis. At one time - before the nation was shattered by wars - it was the capital, but over time it fell out of power, especially after it was conquered overnight by Achilles. In recent years, it has become more prevalent again as the Scholars’ information market becomes a commodity.

Rhaske (ROSS-kuh) - The largest nation in the Old Kingdoms, situated on the eastern coast in the southern half of Graveslor. They have supplied the majority of the members from the Kingdom expedition.


Achilles’ Ascendancy

The rise and fall of Achilles has been a phenomenon like no other.

It began with the wars in Granis, where Achilles, assumedly, was a political official for the Ligrav city-state. It is said that he may have been the instigator behind the wars in the first place, but one thing is for sure: he was the mastermind behind their end. Using the developing technology from each of the different city-states, Achilles created his impenetrable fortress, ending the wars within days of it’s first flight.

The small vassal states - Esur, Vanisir - were the first to fall. Days later, the entire Ceséran royal family were assassinated under mysterious circumstances, allowing Achilles to launch of coup to oust the chaos-stricken empire.

This momentum was nearly unstoppable, as Achilles conquered the entire northern half of the continent. It is by only miracle that he was stopped at the Vellum Sea, and even then it would not have lasted if not for his death.

The Old Kingdoms

The Old Kingdoms are the countries that were never conquered by Achilles. Before his rise to power, they were all at tentative peace, living in the shadow of the Ceséran empire. In the chaos during and after his campaign, they rose into prominence - treaties were rewritten, alliances reforged, as the new dominant faction rose to stop the wave of Achilles’ army.

The Shards of Lusier

When Achilles’ momentum was thwarted by the joint Rhaskan and Madrisi navy, he sought out other ways to gain access to the southern lands.

Lusier - the small but powerful nation that controlled the bottleneck of land on the western edge of the Vellum Sea, and the only land passage between the north and south. It was in Achilles’ way, so it was removed. Permanently.

Using never-before-seen technology, Achilles obliterated Lusier, turning it from a strip of land to a grouping of broken plateaus, or islands near the coast. This would have signified certain doom for the southern nations, if not for Achilles’ timely demise.

His city fell near the center of what is now called the Shards of Lusier, on the largest remaining segment of land.

The surviving inhabitants of Lusier have retreated to the east as refugees in Madris, although a small group of locals have stayed behind, with bolstering from the Old Kingdoms, to begin preliminary rebuilding.

The New Alliance

What is in modernity the New Alliance were once a collection of discordant nations dominated by the Ceséran Empire. When that superpower was toppled so disturbingly easily by Achilles, the Empire’s vassal states never stood a chance.

After Achilles’ death, many of the countries were quick to reclaim independence. Led by New Cesére, the crippled nations formed a conglomerate - The New Alliance.

In the three years since the formation of this faction, many have seen and taken opportunity. Factions that never existed have been pushing to form new countries. Borders are still disputed, and between areas of precinct, there are strips of unclaimed or disputed wilderness.


The one constant has been Granis, a country on the northwestern coast of Graveslor; Achilles’ homeland. In the years leading up to his conquest, it was embroiled in wars that ultimately turned it into a wasteland and allowed Achilles to create such a firm hold in northern Graveslor.

Despite inherent mistrust brought about by this, Granis has become a haven for many refugees. No one knows who is really in charge there, but they have remained the most cohesive state in the northern territories, refusing to ally with any other nation.

The Scholars of Sulgent

The City of Sulgent

Sulgent (SOL-jent) (colloquial); The Red City (formal, decoratively); The City of Ignorance (pejorative)

Sulgent was once the capital of Granis, in a time that seems to many like it is beyond memory. When the country was fractured, Sulgent became the largest city-state taking part in the civil war, rivaled only by Ligrav.

After Achilles rose to power, Sulgent was quickly subdued. It was, however, the hosting site of a resistance that allowed the small window for Achilles’ literal and figurative downfall.

The Scholars

Chances are, the Scholars really were once just that - scholars. However, it is common knowledge that they began amassing power during the wars in Granis, first as researchers and engineers of technology for the Sulgenti city-state, and later as spies and informants for any nation willing to buy.

The Scholars are not warriors. If they aren’t scribes or engineers, they are spies, well versed in the ways of espionage, sabotage, and political manipulation, but not combat.


This setting is adapted from my D&D campaign so bear with me

For years, modern scholars and sages have settled on a system of categorical classification of what the layman calls “magic”. This framework has evolved over time. In modernity, there are five classification of magic.

Arcane Magic - the most common form of magic, Arcane magic is the type of magic that is learned. There are few people who actually wield Arcane magic as an individual; it is instead infused into devices, weapons, and machines.

Blood Magic - Blood Magic is rare; it is magic that is inherited, that a wielder commands naturally. Once, Blood Magic was just as, if not more common that Arcane Magic. However, over the last century the Bloodmarked Families have nearly all died out or dwindled out of prominence.

Divine Magic - Divine Magic, sometimes called the Lost Magic, is - or was - the magic of the gods. The power to heal and to bring about radiant destruction; to exorcise devils and obliterate the undead. Such magic has not been seen in the last hundred years; nor have the gods.

Natural Magic - Natural Magic is an art from an age gone by - the magic of the earth, of nature: growth, decay, and the weather. Very few still know the skill, and those that do guard it jealously.

Ethereal Magic - Ethereal Magic is a hypothetical - a postulation. Sages propose that this fifth type of magic would come from the dimensional rifts between the hypothetical different worlds. It is proposed that this magic would have strange, disturbing effects: warping time, bending space, and mutating flesh.

It is possible for a single individual to command more than one type of magic, although the rarity of such an occurrence varies depending on the type of magic. For example, it is common for someone born with Blood Magic to go on to learn much Arcane Magic. It is, however, very rare for someone learning the technology of Arcane Magic to be accepted into an enclave of practitioners of Natural Magic.





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PM me your character concept. I can’t make any guarantees, but I’ll see what I can do.


Bit of a buzzkill ngl. PvP combat is some of the most fun and forces you to think in the mindset of the character if you’re going to win. But, I’m too desperate to play an RP to let that stop me.

Name - Iosif Tolomei

Age - 13

Gender - Male

Appearance - Iosif is 4’6" with blonde, scraggly hair. Thin, almost skeletal build. Attire is styled around being as form-fitting as possible and dark in appearance. Leather gloves and soled shoes. Aside from a scarf, he has nothing out of the ordinary.
Exoskeleton cage is affixed to the wrists, waist, and ankles, with padding against the ribcage and back for stability.

Faction - Scholars of Sulgent

Equipment - I would PM this but it’s literally in his appearance so
Iosif is outfitted with a very exposed exoskeleton, consisting of a steel frame around his body, a circular plate on his back which makes contact with his skin, and little else. It slows his movement somewhat and tends to make a hefty amount of noise, but the benefit is extraordinary: By rubbing a catskin against the back plate, the cage causes Iosif’s skin to glow, making him a living light source for explorers venturing into the ruins of Gravesbane… Or so he’s been lead to believe.
The cage has tracks directly next to the affixed points and next to joints, filled with ball bearings, allowing him to turn his limbs to the theoretical full extent of motion. However due to the size of the cage he is just barely unable to reach the backplate, rendering him incapable of applying a charge.

Biography - (Secret info will be PMed to Winger for secret reasons ooOOOOOoOoooOOOOOo)
Iosif is hardly a fan of the idea of venturing to the depths of Gravesbane, or of wearing the cage - the process just so happens to slow a rather painful disease - but being outside of his usual home is good enough. Plus, Iosif is hardly opposed to the concept of helping people, but he is a bit afraid of the dark, and due to the constraints of the cage he can’t charge the plate himself.
Prior to his endeavor with the ruins of Gravesbane, he was noteworthy among his younger peers for being obnoxiously naive of formal appearance, and while he can read he is horrifically incapable of writing. Picked up the term ‘my joker’ from another immediate peer and hasn’t stopped using it to describe someone who irks him.

Dark Secrets - Bada bing bada boom I send this topic to its doom

Artifacts - :money_mouth_face: 1000 BOBUX

I’m going to enjoy this


Name Kanei

Age 27

Gender Male

Appearance - green eyes, light brown hair , tall and wiry, blind in his left eye

Faction - scholars of sulgent

Equipment - grappling hook, khanda

(either of these can be changed if they cause problems)
smithing equipment.
EDIT 4/3/21: Kanei now has a crossbow.

Biography - Kanei was born into the old kingdoms, but was cast out due to the (vague dark secret) when he was around 16, fortunately he was welcomed into the scholars’ with open arms due to Kanei being able to weasel his way in due to his prowess as a weapon smith, Kanei will do almost anything to not let his secret get out.
He is also a bit of an alcoholic, and caries a canteen of the good stuff with him wherever he goes
Personality: Headstrong, tends to not think through things as much as he should, gets distracted easily but if the situation is of extreme importance he will try to stay focused.
edit: oh yeah he’s also paranoid.

Not the best character I’ve ever made but it’ll work

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This is the also the topic for random OOC discussion, questions, and announcements regarding the Sovereign: New Age RPG.

I will also eventually be adding some of my worldbuilding as soon as I can get that finalized and readable. Until then, if you have setting related questions, I’ll answer them freeform in this topic.


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